At 9 p.m. last Sunday, residents of Carnegie in Melbourne's southeastern district saw a mysterious object hovering in the air for more than an hour with red, green and blue lights flashing, suspected to be a UFO. However, experts say that what looks like an alien object may just be the play of local young people.

Toni Koromilas, Carnegie's mother, told 3AW Radio that the unknown object looked "very strange".

However, Perry Vlahos of the Victorian Astronomical Association said he had spotted similar lights three weeks ago, which looked like drones or rotorcraft with LED lights.

The unknown object was only a few hundred meters high, and Vlahos said he could hear the whirring noise. "I'm sure that if you stand under it, you can hear the laughter of some teenagers taking pleasure in watching others make a fool of themselves."

On average, Melbourne receives one report of sightings of UFOs every week.

Vlahos said that when bright planets come into view, or astronomical events such as Venus drooping to the west or Jupiter rising from the east, reports of sightings of UFOs will increase. "Every year, people may mistake these things for seeing UFOs."

Vlahos said that when holding a long lens with a mobile phone, the movement of the camera will also record something that looks like an alien. If the experts know all these variables, they can explain the so-called UFO witnessing incident. "If there are intelligent life forms in the galaxy, I don't believe they have visited the earth. However, if anyone wants to make a particularly bizarre statement, I want to see what is particularly bizarre evidence, not just shaking with a mobile phone Video."

(The article is reproduced from the Internet)