The Salvation Army (Salvation Army) put forward a new radical plan on the 13th-to provide help and support to drunk people on Melbourne streets, send them home to prevent them from being taken to the police station overnight. The Salvation Army stated that the move is aimed at saving police resources and curbing the violence caused by people's drinking in the Melbourne CBD.
Relevant statistics show that about 29 drunk people in Melbourne are sent to the police detention room every day. The Salvation Army Major Brendan Nottle said frankly that he hoped that this new plan would eliminate the "disgraceful journey" of frequent party guests in Melbourne. "Alcohol can paralyze people's brains and nerves. Therefore, drunk people may embark on the road of crime or become victims of violent acts. In addition, every drunk person needs about 4 police officers to deal with, which is for the police. The bureau has put a lot of pressure. Today, we will help these drunk people by sending them home or to friends.”
Nott revealed that the Youth Street Teams will patrol the CBD every weekend to provide drinking revelers with drinking water, lollipops, rubber belts and other supplies. He also revealed that the team is composed of 20 volunteers. As long as the drunk does not act violently, the volunteers will return them safely. In addition, the Salvation Army will open a 24-hour crisis number: 1800 COMMUNITY.
Nott said: "Some people may just be drunk. We don't want these people to be sent to the police station."
In response, a Victoria Police spokesperson stated that the move “provides some assistance and other options for the police and professional service organizations.” But the spokesperson also said that even with the help of the Salvation Army, the CBD’s There should also be no reduction in detention centers for drunken persons or punishment notices. "If the drunk is drunk or completely incapacitated, then the police must issue a penalty notice to him or take him to the police station for custody."
According to relevant laws, drunk in public will be fined A$577, while incapable drunk people will be fined A$722.
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