The National Day holiday is coming again on October 600. Do you want to take this opportunity to meet in Australia with your friends who have not seen each other in China? Or is it finally possible to meet the long-awaited parents? A tourist visa will bring them to you. The following editor will bring you a detailed interpretation of Australia XNUMX tourist visa, and how to prepare application materials, and send them to relatives who are still looking forward to meeting you on the other side of the earth. Last real National Day greetings.



What is Australia 600 visa?

Australia 600 visa is Australia's latest visitor visa (600 category). Those who want to travel to Australia for tourism, business or visiting relatives need to apply for an Australian visa category. Australia 600 visa is a temporary visa.

Australia 600 visa applies to four groups:

1. Travel series: plan to go to Australia for vacation, leisure travel or visit relatives and friends. When the applicant applies for the Australian 600 visa in Australia, the applicant must be in Australia to get the visa; when the applicant applies for the Australian 600 visa outside of Australia, the applicant must be able to get the visa outside Australia.

2. Business visitor series: planning to go to Australia for business activities. Such as business people going to Australia for short-term business visits. This includes attending meetings, negotiations or meetings. Applicants must be outside Australia to apply for and get a visa.

3. Guaranteed family series: guarantee to visit relatives. The applicant must have a guarantor who meets the conditions, and the guarantor may be required to provide a guarantee. Applicants must apply for a visa outside of Australia. Persons sponsoring family visit visas are not allowed to apply for any other visas in Australia.

4. Approved tourist destination visa series: ADS group in and out. (Commonly known as ADS group sign). Applicants must apply for group tours of travel agencies in the People's Republic of China outside Australia.

Things to note

﹒ Passengers holding a 600-type visitor visa cannot work in Australia;

﹒ Visitor visas can enter and exit Australia one or more times, and each stay does not exceed three months, six months or twelve months;

﹒ Applicants can specify in the application the number of times of entry and exit and the length of stay, but the visa officer will issue visas according to the applicant's personal circumstances;

﹒ Under normal circumstances, a 3-month visitor visa can meet the needs of most visitors to Australia. To issue a longer stay visa, you need to meet certain conditions. For example, the applicant is the parent of an Australian citizen or permanent resident, and has submitted an immigration application, but the immigration visa has not been approved.

﹒ The visitor visa is a visa category set up to satisfy applicants for short-term visits to Australia. Therefore, under normal circumstances, this visa cannot be used for staying in Australia for more than 12 months; nor can it be used to achieve the purpose of long-term residence in Australia.

All kinds of application materials to be prepared:

For the new Australian tourist visa (tourism category under the 600 visa), the applicable materials for the first application are as follows:

The outcome of your visa application may depend on the information and documents you provided when you submitted your application. In the process of processing your visa application, you may be asked to provide other documents.

Please make sure:

· Provide email to contact you;
· Except for the original passport, do not submit any original documents;
· Keep a copy of the first page of your passport for the health check;
· Please attach an English translation for Chinese documents (no English translation is required for the proof of funds). If you provide a notarized document, please attach a translation from the notary office.

XNUMX. Fill in the form

Complete Form 1419 in English—please refer to the post for filling out the template=》
Permanent and effective address:

Australia visitor visa (600 visa) tourist category 1419 CHS form filling guide | template (attached to 1419 form download)

Fill out Form 54 in English and Chinese
Permanent and valid address of the family member form

Australia tourist visa (600) application materials-family member form, 54 form filling sample

XNUMX. Visa fees

For the latest visa fee payment and standards, refer to the post:

XNUMX. Personal materials

· My valid passport and old passport (original)

· Two copies of the first page of my passport (including my information page, such as name, date of birth, etc.)

· A recent passport size photo, which needs to be pasted in the corresponding position on the application form

· A copy of the entire account book

XNUMX. Proof of funds

Documents to prove your financial status and your ability to support your stay in Australia, such as:

· A copy of the bank passbook that can reflect your deposit history or salary income;

· Personal deposit and income certificates with historical records;

· Credit card statement and credit limit certificate;

· Proof of other assets.

If your friends or relatives in Australia will provide financial support for your trip, in addition to providing your personal financial proof, please provide their invitation letter and proof of ability to provide financial support.

XNUMX. Proof of work and proof of enrollment

Incumbents need to provide a leave letter from their work unit, which should indicate:

· Your position and salary;

· Working time;

· Approval of vacation;

· The name and contact information of the person issuing the leave letter.

Private owners need to provide a copy of business license

Retirees need to provide a copy of their retirement certificate

Current students need to provide proof of enrollment

XNUMX. Other materials

1. Your Chinese mailing address and phone number

2. Applicants visiting relatives and friends in Australia should also provide:

3. The name and contact information of the inviter;

4. A copy of their passport or Australian visa.

Other requirements for specific applicants

1. If you currently hold or have applied for any other Australian visa, please provide details

2. If you currently hold or have held other passports, please provide detailed information and passport number

3. If you are applying for/holding a visitor visa-business visitor series applicant’s spouse or dependent child to Australia, please provide details of the applicant/holding business visitor visa series applicant, as well as you and him/her Proof of relationship

4. Note: If you already hold a valid Australian visa, please make a declaration. Any new visa to Australia may automatically terminate your current valid visa.

If you need a health check, we will notify you after you submit your application. Please arrange to go to the hospital designated by the Immigration Bureau for a health check.

Children under 18

Documents to prove the relationship between parents and children:

· The child’s birth certificate, indicating the names of the child and both parents;
· A copy of the parents’ marriage certificate (if applicable)
If the information in the above supporting documents is incomplete or inconsistent, other official documents will be required.
School attendance certificate (if applicable)

If one of the parent or legal guardian of the child, or both parties are not accompanying, you need to provide:

· Copies of ID cards of all unaccompanied parents;
· All non-accompanying parents’ written signature authorization (or Form 1229, see link below), and indicate:
· Allow children to travel to Australia
· Approximate travel date and time
· Agree to single or multiple entry
· Contact information of unaccompanied parents

Refer to: Form 1229-Australian Visa Consent Form for children under 18 years of age:

If a child is taken care of by someone other than a parent, legal guardian or relative while in Australia, a support statement signed by the person responsible for taking care of the child must be provided.
See: Form 1257-Warranty Statement