Spring is here, the flowers are blooming, and the hateful hay fever is about to be committed again.

Spring is a wonderful season, everything is revived, and nature becomes colorful. Without the fetters of heavy clothes when going out, the whole person was a lot easier. The sunny days began to increase, the days began to stretch, everything began to become every second. However, the only flaw in this beautiful season is hay fever. The editor remembers that when I first came to Maoben, I was very strong, and I was fragrant to eat. But after staying here for a long time, I started to suffer from all kinds of hay fever. The eyes are red and itchy, it is common to practice a dozen sneezes, the nose and tears keep running, and the skin starts to grow small red bumps. In addition to discomfort and helplessness, there is no solution. I have seen a doctor before, and they have no cure. Statistics show that in Australia, about one in seven people is a hay fever patient. Seeing that spring is coming soon, the editor inevitably becomes anxious. Now I have collected some suggestions and remedies from netizens, hoping to have some effects, and share them with you here. If the content is wrong, or any judge has a useful prescription, I hope to correct it and share it with everyone.

1. Yogurt.

The results of a study published by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare research group several years ago showed that if people eat lactic acid bacteria food every day, they can relieve symptoms of allergic rhinitis, including hay fever, to a certain extent. Drinking yogurt has this effect. Because it is food, it is cheap and safe for long-term consumption. But because it is not a medicine, it seems that it cannot be expected to be effective in the short term.

Take advantage of the arrival of spring for some time, quickly drink the yogurt, not to ease it somewhat.

2. Beconase Allergy &Hayfever

A strong-acting emergency medicine that can be bought in major Phamacy, looks like spray and tablets. Because it is a hormone medicine, it is not recommended to use it if it is not serious. If it is really serious, it can be relieved twice a day. It is recommended not to use it continuously for more than three days, it can be used for three days, stop for a few days, and then use.

3. Telfast Hayfever Allergy Relief & Claratyne

One slice a day, this is the more commonly used one. Many friends tried it and said that the effect was good, calling it a "life-saving straw."

4. Grape Seed

Grape seed is a relatively mild health product, available in major pharmacies and duty-free stores. Some friends reported that after taking this for a period of time, hay fever was significantly relieved. But because it belongs to the category of health care products, of course the effect is relatively slow. When your symptoms are already very serious and obvious, it may not be able to help you quickly.

5.Allergy and Hay Fever Relief with Natural Remedies

This is also recommended by many pot friends, and is a mild health product. It can effectively relieve symptoms, but it cannot be cured quickly.

6. Salt steamed oranges

Since coughing is easy to occur during hay fever, you can try the following prescriptions to relieve cough:

Method: ①Wash the oranges thoroughly, soak them in salt water for a while; ②Cut off the tops of the oranges, just like an orange cup; ③Sprinkle a little salt evenly on the orange flesh, poke a few times with chopsticks to facilitate the salt Infiltrate; ④ Put it in a bowl, steam it on the pot, and steam it for about ten minutes after the water is boiled; ⑤ Take out the skin, take the fruit pulp and eat with the steamed water.

7. Move to Sydney

This is what some friends said on the Internet. Some people say that they are fine in Sydney. Cats have hay fever. It is also said that hay fever is severe in Maoben, so it is fine to go to Sydney. Does it mean that our big cat village has a better environment and spends more money? ? ? Should we consider a mass migration, encircling the city from the countryside?