Whether it’s a small partner who goes to school returning to China on vacation, or a big partner who goes to work to visit relatives, after going back and forth several times, it is inevitable to encounter such entanglement: when flying from China to Australia, I don’t know what to bring, and the necessities are brought before. After that, maybe some are also sold in Australia, but leave the 20kg suitcase empty? So let me count the various items that are suitable for bringing from China to Australia, and see if I can give my friends some inspiration.

1. Books.
It’s not that easy to buy the Chinese books you need in Australia. It’s not so comfortable to read on a computer, mobile phone, or Kindle every day. Especially for older friends, paper books are the most intimate. With. Of course Amazon is also a good choice, but if you remember to bring a few favorite books from China, it's not a bad idea.

2. Small kitchen appliances
2.1 Soymilk machine
Said that the domestic soybean milk machine is really cheap and easy to use, much cheaper than many Australian shopping malls. Soymilk is not big or heavy, so it can be moved from China.

2.2 Electric steamer
A small electric steamer is much easier to use than a microwave oven. It is placed in an office or rented house without taking up space. It is very convenient to heat rice and vegetables.

2.3 Yogurt maker
If you are a friend who loves yogurt, or mothers who have a friend who loves yogurt at home, it is very convenient to have a yogurt machine at home. Homemade yogurt is pure and natural. If it is sugar-free yogurt, it can also relieve breath What's better than the yogurt you bought.
Bear Yogurt Machine SNJ-20D

2.4 Noodle maker
I don’t need to say any more about the benefits. There are so many brands with good quality and low price in China. The authentic and delicious noodles are so cool to have no friends!

2.5 Pressure cooker
Essential for making pig's feet stewed ribs!

3. Multi-function socket
If you bring a lot of domestic electrical appliances, you will naturally need suitable multi-function sockets. It is really troublesome to find a way to buy them in Australia.

4. Xiaomi
Those who like millet porridge must not forget to bring some millet to Australia. The taste of Australian millet is weird. It is not as delicious as domestic millet. A must!

5. Shoes
Buying shoes in China is more suitable than in Australia. In addition to the price, there is also the problem of shoe size. After all, domestic shoes are more suitable for Asians. As well as the small leather shoes that children need to wear to school, Australia is unreasonably expensive.

6. Women's underwear
The same is true. The Australian underwear model is called a powerful chest. The domestic D-cup can only wear the B-cup underwear every minute. Please be sure to bring your own underwear for the domestic A-cup!

7. Home Textiles
It is the most comfortable thing brought by the country, and in comparison, it is the domestic benefit.

8. Tea, fungus, shiitake mushrooms, etc.
Many of the teas bought in Australia are not very fresh, so you can bring them with you at ease and taste better. But remember to pack it.

9. Marinated seasoning, etc.
Bring your own according to your taste! A must for food!

Welcome to add, happy landing!

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