Victorian Planning Minister Matthew Guy has approved the construction of 11 skyscraper-style apartment houses at Fishermans Bend between Southbank and South Melbourne, and more than 2800 apartments are expected to be on the market.
The Victorian government has reserved 240 hectares of land along the Fisherman's Bend Wharf on the south bank of the Yarra River to prepare for the future development of the Melbourne city. "Fisherman's Bay Wharf will become the main driving force for Melbourne to show its charm and livability in the coming decades," Gay said. Of the 11 buildings approved this time, 6 of them will be built on Buckhurst Street, and 4 of them will be 27-30 stories high. There are also 4 buildings planned on Gladstone Street, all of which are above 30 floors. The entire project cost 7.38 million Australian dollars, and the developer will pay 440 million Australian dollars to the Victorian government.
It is reported that the Victorian government will imitate the existing layout of Melbourne's CBD to plan the Fisherman's Bend Wharf area, including redesigning alleys and streets, and planning a railway station underground, which will be connected to the entire Melbourne train network in the future. "Fisherman's Bay Wharf will become a regional high-density urban area with corresponding greening. The future Fisherman's Bay Wharf will become part of the CBD extension and will create 6000 jobs." Guy said.

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