The Australian Bureau of Meteorology today issued an extreme weather warning. According to reports, on the evening of the 8th and 9th, there will be strong winds with a maximum wind of 110 kilometers per hour passing through Victoria. Experts remind the public to reduce going out. This means that Melbourne's windy and sunny weather will come to an end.

The Bureau of Meteorology said that the southwestern and central parts of Victoria will usher in a major storm. Melbourne will have a maximum wind of 8 kilometers per hour on the night of the 110th, and there will be thunderstorms and winds on the 9th. It is reported that most of Victoria will usher in a cold wind on the 8th, and the cold front will shift to the central and eastern regions on the 9th. Senior weather forecaster Phil King said: "The wind strengthened on the evening of the 8th, reaching a maximum of 110 kilometers per hour, shifting to the mountainous areas of southern Victoria and reaching eastern Victoria on the 9th." Stuart Coombe) said: "Melbourne began to increase wind from 8 pm on the 3th." In response, the Meteorological Bureau reminded the public to reduce going out and put away the items on the balcony to avoid injury from falling objects. It is also predicted that from the 11th, there will be a second wave of cold fronts affecting Victoria, and the temperature in Melbourne will drop to about 15 to 16 degrees Celsius.

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