The author of this article, Chai Qi, lives in New York and currently holds a middle-level position in a bank in the United States. The author has lived in the United States for a full year and started to work at the end of May, so as to get closer to American society and more Americans.

The author of this article also went through the process of finding a job for the first time during the period. He also heard about the hardships of finding and changing jobs with friends around him. He also often read about the life of immigrants in local Chinese newspapers, and seemed to know who is suitable to come to the United States. A more objective and specific view (Note: The group who came to the United States to study and work at a young age is not in the scope of the author's writing discussion).

The overall degree of wealth in the United States, social fairness, democracy, tolerance (relative), social orderliness, national quality, education quality, and living environment are still not comparable in China.

Take the little things in life as an example. I take the train to work every day (in fact, it is more than ten minutes). There are many people during the rush hour. But the order is in order. Men always let women get on the train first, and the flight attendants always ask when they get off the train. Say a word or two of blessings. When not busy, they will come over and chat with passengers.

It takes 4 or 5 minutes to get off the bus to where I go to work. I have to cross the road several times (there are no traffic lights), but the drivers always stop and let me go first (this is required by American law, and vehicles must let pedestrians First).

There are many vehicles on the road, but I can’t hear the sound of crazy honking, nor can I see the rampant vehicles, let alone anyone who almost hits someone and shouts to the crowd of onlookers, "Do you know who my man is? Rampant remarks of "you die."

Although these are trivial things in life, they do make people feel very warm and safe. Reading the domestic news, the children of the rich or the families of officials always bump into people brutally, and they can make major and trivial matters. Now I feel more and more that in China, if you are not rich and have no rights, you seem to have no dignity to be a human being.

Of course, the United States is not a paradise, and living in the United States will have a lot of hardships or unaccustomedness. The following is the author's summary of people who are not suitable for living in the United States, or at least need to carefully consider and weigh before immigration:

1. Domestic career successful people (The author refers to those groups who are successful in their careers but are not so rich that they do not need to work in the United States; successful people and official relatives who are rich enough to live without worrying about money are another matter).

The United States can indeed provide a relatively fair social environment and opportunities for competition, but most immigrants come to the United States through very difficult years, even a lifetime.

UPWARDLY in New York is a non-profit organization that specializes in helping professional new immigrants find their major and previous background in the United States. To obtain their help, the prerequisite is that they must have a bachelor degree or above and have achieved certain results in their own country. Professional talents, and fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English is required.

The author has also contacted them and saw the experiences of many people: most of them have been very successful in their own countries, such as professors, lawyers, doctors, company executives, etc., but most of them have been in the United States in the first few years. Working in restaurants, supermarkets, warehouses and factories, while studying English, while entering school to get a degree in the United States (undergraduate generally takes five years, and education is recognized in the evening) or obtain a professional license, many people have just given up their majors and worked for life Work without any technical content.

Good English is far from enough to find a good job. The reason is simple. Except for new immigrants, almost everyone around you speaks better English than you. After all, they are native Americans, and their language is English since childhood. To find a good job, you must study a major or obtain an industry license, but it is very difficult. New immigrants must first solve the problem of survival. Therefore, most people go to work during the day and go to classes at night. It is hard for people who need to support their families and struggle for the future.

Unsatisfactory work can cause a great psychological gap. Last time I saw an immigration story that was similar to my experience. She used to work in a bank and was responsible for credit business. After immigrating to the United States, she did not understand English. She couldn't find a decent job at all. She told reporters that when I was in China, everyone else took care of food and drink and gave gifts. I knew it would be like this in the United States.

The author occasionally has this frustration. I also want to do such a job at a young age in China. What would happen if I didn't leave, or switched to another bank, or even taught at a university.

And now I’m doing the bottom job in banks in the United States, and in the United States, bank employees (except for senior management and technical personnel) are very ordinary jobs, and no one envy-I’m not professional discrimination, I just think I got a master’s degree. With so much experience, I also have the ability to do more complex and fulfilling tasks.

On the contrary, people who are already doing low-level technical or manual labor in the country will have an improved quality of life in the United States, and they will not have the humble feelings of powerlessness and money in the country. They used to work in factories or work in China. Restaurant washing dishes; doing the same job in the United States, and will not be discriminated against, there will not be those powerful and powerful in front of you, if you come to the United States legally, low income, you can still enjoy a lot of government Subsidies.

2. People who regard eating, drinking and having fun as the greatest enjoyment of life

If you love Chinese cuisine and often wander around well-known local restaurants, and are excited about a new dish, you will definitely be disappointed in the United States.

There are also Chinese restaurants in the United States, some with moderate prices, and some with high prices. However, even in a Chinese restaurant that claims to be run by a certain domestic super chef, the taste and variety of dishes are far inferior to that of China, and it can't even be a small street restaurant. .

And many dishes have been improved, and dishes that should have been spicy turned out to be sweet! The complexity and innovation of the dishes are even more difficult. Peking duck, Dongpo pork shoulder, and pickled fish are even more complicated dishes, and most restaurants do not yet!

The author is very conservative in eating, and I still love Sichuan cuisine the most in some places. Sometimes because of the unsatisfactory Chinese food in the United States or when my sister talks about which restaurant in Chongqing has some special delicious dishes, I will impulsively want to go back!

The price is also expensive, a mid-range restaurant, ordering boiled beef, pickled fish and vegetables will cost more than US$50, without tax and tip!

Another well-known Chinese restaurant (in the New York Times), two people are simple-an appetizer and a main course cost more than 90 US dollars. Last time we went, one person ordered a main course and an appetizer, plus a small It cost more than 140 dollars to get a cake that can be eaten in two bites.

And the dishes are of the kind that looks good, but tastes bad. The chicken nuggets I ordered was too sweet. I have never eaten such bad chicken in China. I was still very childish and angry-so bad The dishes are still so expensive, and then vowed never to go there again!

More importantly, all consumption in the United States is paid for by myself. I worked at Bank of America for two months and a colleague had his birthday. Everyone pooled more than ten dollars to buy a cake to eat together. The other day was because of the second quarter of the business. Profits are good. In order to reward employees, each branch gave a little money to celebrate. As a result, the money was only enough to buy one or two ice cream for each employee!

I don't know if it's because there is no public money to spend, it is rare to see a group of people ordering a large table of dishes and eating and drinking lively in the restaurants here. In terms of play, the United States is more like rural life in China, where everyone goes home after get off work (there may be more activities for singles in big cities), and you can't see the feasting life.

Karaoke, massage, and bathing are also available, but they are far from mainstream entertainment, and people who go there are far less popular than those in China; most Americans have never been to those places in their lives.

3. Powerful officials or people with family background.

The author has written before that unless the powerful and powerful come to the United States to live with a large amount of wealth, they will feel a greater gap. The officials here have received too much supervision, and no matter whether they are true or false, at least many people have shown that they are from the voters and are willing to serve them. I never see where officials are rampant and domineering, and they say ridiculous quotations. I rarely hear about public money for eating and drinking, public vehicles for private use, and public money for tourism.

Americans do not have much awe of officials, and they will not please in every way. In China, the powerful and powerful can enjoy the life of being "superior", they can do whatever they want, even beyond the law.

In the United States, you can live very richly, but there are too many things you can't go beyond, such as legal and rights restrictions.

There are also people in the U.S. who use their family background, but the overall level is much lighter. There are very few stories about the father being the chief and the children get good jobs because of this. Of course, this is mainly because the rights in the U.S. are far from exhausted as much as possible. There are too many restrictions on the right to be used.

4. Other categories: The author has also written before that those who like to lively, yearn to get rich overnight, and rely on youth and beauty for nothing, are not suitable for American life.

The life of Americans is absolutely family-oriented. It is the way of life for most Americans to go home after work. There are also friends gatherings, but they are not several times a year, and they are limited to a simple meal. AA system, usually only occasionally make a phone call.

Of course, this is also because of the difference in culture. Chinese culture has regarded brothers as brothers and feet, and wives as clothes since ancient times. The story of Wu Qi killing his wife and asking generals in the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period is unreasonable to Westerners.

Appearance is far less important in the United States than in China. There are no requirements for "good facial features", "good temperament" and "height" in job advertisements; even marriage advertisements are limited to descriptions of hobbies and personality, as well as age requirements. , Usually five years older than him.

Being beautiful will enjoy many preferential treatments in China. From employment to marriage to daily life, women who are accustomed to being petted because of their young appearance will probably be disappointed in the United States, because many Americans prefer mature and content women.

If you come to the United States to study seriously at a young age, you will have a good future in a good major; or although you are older (more than XNUMX) with a good foundation in English, you are willing and able to re-read a major or obtain a professional license. The United States is still a very good choice, and your offspring can receive free but good quality education from elementary school to high school in the United States, and they can also learn the spirit of independence (in the United States even children from wealthy families start from middle school Part-time job).

Or, as the author mentioned earlier, it is a good choice to come to the United States (of course if you can) if you are doing basic or unskilled or even physical work in China.

The U.S. government favors low-income groups, and at least their children can receive U.S. education and enjoy a lot of subsidies. Many Chinese who have made outstanding achievements in the U.S. government and well-known companies, their parents came to the U.S. to work. Working in restaurants, factories and even physically.

There are also many Chinese with poor English proficiency (it is said that there are tens of thousands of Chinese in Las Vegas) working in casinos. I heard that the salary is good, and there is no requirement for academic English proficiency (of course, these authors also read the newspaper and learned that there is no real To reach such a group).

Finally, I want to say that the facts mentioned above are equally applicable to Canadian society, another major country in North America.

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