The “12308” 24-hour hotline of the Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Call Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China was officially launched on the 2nd.

Xinhua News Agency reported that according to the Emergency Call Center for Consular Protection Services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, the “12308” hotline provides services to overseas Chinese citizens and enterprises. The primary task is “emergency”, while taking into account daily consular protection business consultation. The main function of this hotline is to provide emergency guidance and consultation on consular insurance for help-seekers in emergencies, and coordinate the follow-up and handling of relevant embassies and consulates abroad when necessary; in the event of a major emergency consular insurance case, it will also undertake emergency response." "Hotline" function, accept consultation from all walks of life.

When dialing the hotline overseas, you should generally dial "0086+10+12308". If you encounter emergency situations such as personal safety violations overseas, you can press "0" and then "9" to directly transfer to manual services after dialing the number.


According to the staff of the call center, the call center is divided into two parts: the front desk and the back desk. The front desk has 20 standing seats, which are available 24 hours a day, all year round, and there are 20 spare seats on standby. There are 30 professionals in the back office to handle the cases generated by the front office to meet China's current large-scale demand for overseas personnel.

The call center suggested that Chinese citizens should log on to the China Consulate website for "Voluntary Registration of Chinese Citizens Going Abroad and Overseas" before leaving the country, so that Chinese embassies and consulates abroad can grasp information and provide assistance in emergency situations.

It is understood that the call center plans to further integrate the China Consular Service Network in the future, enhance the official WeChat "Consular Express" function, and will try to introduce online translation services.

(The article is reproduced from the Internet)