Recently, a piece of "Police insults Chinese in New York queuing to buy iPhone 6: You are so stinking" has caused a lot of controversy among Chinese netizens.
Asia, Australia, Europe, the Americas... Chinese people who did not get the start of the love madness began to line up in front of many Apple stores around the world a few days before last Friday, and were afraid to leave day and night. A video shot by the famous American director Casey Owen Neistat at major Apple stores in New York shows that these Chinese queuing up sleep on the cold ground with garbage. In fact, many places in the United States have regulations. It is illegal to lay the floor on the sidewalk. In addition, the real estate where some shops are privately owned, there will be some special stay regulations, making it easy for people who lined up outside the shop for a few nights to be suspected of violations, and many police officers in front of the shops had to pull up the cordon Ensure that people in line stay in legal areas. The Chinese aunts lined up in the video didn’t speak English. They bought two mobile phones at once, and they all used cash to check out. Then they traded on the spot with the scalpers hidden in the crowd. One of the “scalpers” received a large bag that morning. Crazy. The video also recorded the arrest of a Chinese aunt who violated the rules, and another New York policeman made a ruthless queuing on the spot, "Have you never used soap? It's really stinking."


The line up a few days in advance is mainly Chinese

The environment is said to be "smelly dead"
Trading with scalpers after cash purchase

Some Chinese were arrested, and some Americans complained about the transaction between Chinese and scalpers
Once this remark was amplified by the media, netizens were immediately upset, and many people accused it of racial discrimination against the Chinese. I have to admit that this sounds really insulting, especially because there are many Chinese in the queue. In the United States, which is extremely sensitive to racial issues, it is easy to get caught. However, if you look closely, in addition to the Chinese, there are also a few whites and blacks scattered in the queue, saying that the people in the line are "smelly dead". It cannot be said that they are specifically insulting the Chinese; plus many people have been in line for a few days. It must be unpleasant if you don’t take a bath or change your clothes. Although the police's words are unpleasant, they are probably just telling the truth. He didn’t add the attributive "Chinese" before "Smelly". Freedom of speech is ranked first by the Constitution. In the United States protected by the amendment, it may be difficult to complain or accuse him of racial discrimination.
However, in the following case, I am afraid it is worth paying close attention to the possible suspicion of racial discrimination. When Chinese Song Lijun was working at the University of Utah, he found rumors circulating among fellow white people that he was caught on the spot by masturbating in the workplace. His white boss even commented publicly, “Chinese men don’t like bathing. Chinese men are as dirty as pigs.” After our school’s complaint against fellow whites for "malicious discrimination" was unsuccessful, Song Lijun sued the University of Utah for malicious discrimination against Chinese in Salt Lake City, Utah on April 4 this year. The case is currently under trial. in.

Song Lijun and his daughter
In the United States, "scenting out the door" is a customary culture. In public, not only should you pay attention to your appearance and clothing, but the pleasant taste is extremely important. Therefore, many Americans have to take showers in the morning and evening. For those who go to work, they must take a shower in the morning. Clothes must be changed every day. Most people also use deodorant and perfume on the underarms, and use it in the mouth. Mouthwash suppresses any possible peculiar smell, this is a respectful behavior of others, of course, I am also happy. For the Chinese who are new to the United States, it is difficult for many people to follow the customs at once. The clothes are not changed every day or the shower is not timely, and there is no habit of using mouthwash. This results in a strong smell of sweat or mouth odor, which makes the people around them very uncomfortable. No, it gradually left people saying that Chinese people have bad hygiene habits.
Some time ago, there was a forum on overseas Chinese websites, which was dedicated to the Chinese to complain about the unspeakable sanitary ailments of their friends. One of the cases left a deep impression on me. There are only three Chinese people in the department of a company, all of whom are highly educated and capable of working. One of them has few words and doesn't like to chat with people, but the level of business is not bad, and he graduated from a prestigious university. It’s a pity that this person always has a very unpleasant smell every day, strong and weak. The other two Chinese smelled it and it was unbearable. They also communicated with each other and felt that he should be reminded, because other whites and blacks in the department The Indians can certainly smell everything, but the two of them don't know how to speak, for fear of hurting his self-esteem.
I have also encountered this kind of dilemma. An experiment class I took required two people to complete the experiment. In the middle of the semester, an American student who was in a group with a Chinese student found me and asked to change his partner. I found out that it was because the Chinese student had a serious bad breath, American student. Said that he had to vomit several times, so he could not concentrate on the experiment. I was caught in a dilemma all of a sudden. It was not difficult to change gears. It is rare that whoever was assigned to this group of Chinese students might end up like this in the end. Fortunately, there are various kinds of mouthwashes sold in American shopping malls, which are very effective in suppressing bad breath. I can only abandon the face of the Chinese people and "put my heart to the bottom" with this Chinese child as an elder.
Finally, I went back to the front. The police complained about the "smelly stinking" complaints made by the people who had been shopping for a few days and nights. Although the words were awful, the human body smell of not taking a bath or changing clothes for a few days is inevitably unpleasant. It is a taboo in American culture. You may ask me, don’t locals in the United States line up to buy mobile phones like this? In fact, most Americans don’t. Many people, like me, ordered online on the first day. Although it may be two weeks late, it saves time and energy, and it won’t make yourself "smelly" Point.

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