Melbourne, Australia has begun to implement walking and playing mobile phones will be fined

澳洲「低头族」注意! !澳洲墨尔本已从9月1日开始,由于交通安全事关人命,警察将在墨尔本市区的商业中心区(Central Business District, CBD)「盯梢」,执行「Don’t Do Your Dash」的计画方案,也就是说只要你在墨尔本CBD走路玩手机,或乱穿马路和过马路时玩手机将被处以74澳元的罚款。
According to Transport Accident Commission data, the number of pedestrian deaths has soared by 30% so far this year. The police will mainly supervise people who cross the road badly, especially pedestrians at traffic lights and tram stations. Pedestrians caught who violate traffic rules or who do not walk well will be fined A$74. Police Detective Mark Rose said: "We don't want pedestrians to be injured or killed when they cross the road because of some unnecessary small things."
I hope that backpackers, international students, and new immigrant friends must remember to abide by the rules. Do not walk through yellow and red lights in Melbourne city. Do not cross the road within 20 meters of the zebra crossing. Do not use your mobile phone to send text messages or play WeChat or Weibo while walking. Otherwise, a fine of 74 Australian dollars will be accepted, and at the same time, don't bring the Chinese custom of crossing the road to Australia, otherwise you will complain about it.

The following behaviors are "pedestrian violations":

  • Cross against an amber or red traffic light
  • Cross against an amber or red pedestrian light
  • Cross the road within 20 metres of a pedestrian crossing
  • Fail to cross to the nearest edge of the road after getting off a tram
  • Fail to obey a traffic instruction from a police officer
  • Fail to use the shortest or most direct route across a road
  • Get out of from a moving vehicle
  • Walk along or fail to give way when crossing a bicycle path
  • Walk improperly on a road (by not keeping to the far side facing oncoming traffic when walking along a road where it is not practicable to use the footpath or nature strip)
  • Cross a level crossing when not permitted
  • 不遵守「行人莫入」标志disobey a ‘no pedestrian’ sign.
  • Cause a traffic hazard by moving into the path of a driver

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