With Australian real estate in the countrymarketWith the increasing popularity, more and more people in China have begun to join the buying force of Australian real estate, and even some professional investors have purchased several properties at once. But when buying property in Australia, is it better to buy an apartment or a villa?

Aoye Real Estate ALGExpertSaid that from the perspective of Australian housing appreciation, both apartments and villas have appreciated in value, but the magnitude is slightly different. According to the officialdataIt shows that over the past 40 years, depending on the region, the average annual growth rate of apartment houses in Australia is 6%~8%, while the growth rate of garden villas has reached 10%~12%. Of course, Chinese people like to be "landlords" in their bones, and those with land are "boss." Under the influence of traditional thinking, most people think that buying a house is to buy a large area. The area of ​​a villa is usually much larger than that of an apartment.landAll belong to their own. However, buying a house does not only depend on the land area. Whether it is an apartment or a villa, the location is as important as the future development space. The surrounding environment of the house, transportation, schools, hospitals, shopping and other supporting facilities are all improved房地产An important component of value.

Here, I want to share an example for everyone. ALG experts from Aoye Real Estate said that recently a middle-aged couple came to our company to consult about buying a house in Australia. The couple want to buy a house in Sydney, Australia, but the problem is that the husband wants to buy a garden villa, but the wife wants to buy a high-end apartment. The husband said: "It is good to buy a villa. It occupies a large area and can be a real landlord." But my wife said: "You old-fashioned, you go abroad to buy a house, and you have to go to the suburbs. Isn't it possible to go to Australia to be a farmer? It must be the style and convenience of living in a central apartment." Due to their persistence, they were unable to persuade each other, and only consulted our company. The properties that the husband and wife fancy are all houses that are under construction and not yet completed, which is what we often call first-hand properties. The price of one set is more than 70 Australian dollars. It is a high-end apartment house located in the CBD (Central Business District). The usable area is more than 60 square meters. It has two bedrooms and one living room. The apartment is downstairs and is a shopping mall. Shopping and travel are very convenient. The price of another suite is more than 90 Australian dollars. It is a garden villa about 20 kilometers away from the city center. It has a construction area of ​​more than 200 square meters and a land area of ​​more than 400 square meters. Although it is a "suburban", in fact, it only takes half a car to work in the city center. About hours.

First, let's compare the location and convenience of these two houses. The apartment is located in the city center, and there is a supermarket downstairs. Not only is it convenient to go to work, it is full of commercial facilities, and it is bustling. Even if it is used for investment, it is easy to rent out. The city center is usually a gathering place for commerce, education, finance, shopping and entertainment. The transportation is also very convenient, whether it is school or work, it is very convenient and fast. However, with the CBD as the center, the area within 30 kilometers is usually called the urban area, and the drive can take up to 30 minutes. Australian locals actually like to live 5-30 kilometers away from the city center. Moreover, every community, usuallyplanningWell, complete and thoughtful supporting facilities (commercial, medical, education, transportation, etc.), whether it is CBD or other areas, the degree of convenience of life is almost the same. It can be seen that both urban apartments and suburban villas have their own advantages.

Second, you can compare property management fees. Buying a 2-bedroom apartment in Sydney, Australia requires a property management fee of more than 3000 Australian dollars per year, but you can enjoy the free swimming pool and other fitness facilities in the apartment; if you buy a garden villa, you do not need to pay the property management fee, but The owner of each household has the responsibility to manage their own gardens. They need to regularly weed and repair the fence, or hire professionals, or do it themselves. In this comparison, the cost is actually similar, each with its pros and cons.

Furthermore, let's analyze these two houses from the perspective of bank loans. If it is an existing house or an apartment, the bank’s loan policy is relatively strict, and the down payment must be 10%; if it is to buy a villa, the bank loan will be relatively loose, because the land is there, which reduces the risk of lending, so the minimum down payment may be only two. to make. But if you are buying an off-plan property (off-plan), whether it is a villa or an apartment, the down payment is only 8%, and the loan amount can usually reach 10%. There is no difference, so buying a villa and buying an apartment are the same, but because of the total amount of the villa The value is higher, and the XNUMX% down payment will naturally be higher.

Finally, from the perspective of investment, the occupancy rate of urban apartments is high, the demand is high, and the vacancy rate is low; the suburban houses have large areas, high rents and are relatively stable. In Australia, the main people who rent houses usually include: international students, new immigrants, and single white-collar workers. Therefore, apartments in urban areas are usually convenient for shopping. Commercial areas with well-developed transportation or near schools, and villas in the suburbs can also be considered. Try to buy it near well-known universities and places with convenient transportation to ensure the demand for rental. ALG experts from Aoye Real Estate said that as an initial investor, in the case of limited funds, you can consider investing in an apartment first. The cost is lower and the return is quite generous. In such a comparison, buying an apartment and buying a villa are actually good. Different people have different opinions.