David Gonski, chairman of ANZ Bank, warned that Australia’s booming real estate prices cannot last forever and that the market will eventually undergo a correction.

The chairman of the Mirae Fund said that ANZ and all major banks "know history very well" when history comes back to the residential mortgage market for financial loans. "There will be a callback when it comes," he told the British Chamber of Commerce in Australia. "the fact is,AssociationPeople who believe that housing prices will always rise, I think, are a fool. "

Gonski有這樣的言论因為房地产市场就像弹簧不断升温。根据RP Data周一公布的数字,首都城市的市场在金融危机前會有最强的冬天。

直至8月底,悉尼和墨尔本的房价三个月內分别提升5%和6.4%。 去年一年在悉尼的增长超过16%,在墨尔本接近12%。


储备银行警告说,在其提交给金融系统加入了动作以提高在住房贷款领域的竞争,可能会在金融体系增加风险。Regional banks, credit unions and mutual housing associations urge the federal government to change regulations that allow big banks to have a significant cost advantage when making loans for home purchases.

Gonski先生也支持澳新银行的亚洲战略,质疑为什么一些在市场的人认为澳新银行比同行「风险较高」是因为它在亚洲。"I believe this is very strange. I have to say that we are all considered high-risk investments because we have invested outside Australia." "I probably think that a good investor has a certain amount of capital in Australia. And some money overseas, which is exactly what ANZ Bank did.”

CapitalNews from: The Age

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