After being threatened, Melbourne's local train manufacturer has quietly eliminated the list of 25 new Melbourne trains. Two giant Asian train manufacturers are bidding to build trains and are expected to invest about 70 jobs. The two companies bidding for the construction of the new railway are estimated to be worth 3.76 million yuan, and they are both connected to the parent company, Hong Kong MTR. MTR is now a partner in upgrading to the Dandenong Railway Corridor project, providing a value of 20 billion to 25 billion yuan, including 25 "next generation" trains, each carrying 1100 passengers.

Two companies are bidding for the construction of new railways, one is the North China Railway, which is owned by the Chinese government and has built trains for the MTR (which is also mostly owned by the Chinese government), and the other is the Korean manufacturer Rotem Company, this is also one of the companies supplying Hong Kong steam trains.

CapitalNews from: The Age

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