New York is said to be big, and it is said that even the police in New York is composed of people from more than one hundred countries; said to be small and extremely small, Manhattan in the central area is a place where you can live mainly on foot. If you walk fast, you can cross in two hours and cross in 40 minutes. This small area is divided into upper city, middle city and lower city. The Upper Town is a traditional wealthy area, guarding the Central Park. The Upper East District often lives by the "old money" families, speaking of identity and style; the adjacent Upper West District lives in similar to them, but later became rich A group of people expanded to the west only because the upper east area was gradually full; the Midtown was more commercial and office buildings, and new fashionable areas appeared in recent years; some areas in the lower city were more artistic and energetic. It is a place where upstarts live, and the housing prices there are currently more expensive. Therefore, when someone in New York asks where you live, they are actually asking where you are in the pyramid. The place with the most distinct class is the place where the address is most important. I know Schaper. D introduced us to each other when I first bought a house in New York. Schaber lives in the Upper East Side and is a member of the "New York". It is often said that Manhattan is a Jewish village, not because of the large number of Jews, but because they are united and firmly control the most important lifeline of American society. Economics, politics, ideology and culture are often defined by them. This series of "controls" on the lifeblood of American society is reflected in Schappor, a first-line real estate developer in Manhattan. What is the specific situation? Probably a few office buildings on Madison Avenue, an industry he developed; a half-story office in Midtown Street, which is his office; a five-story townhouse on the Upper East Side (townhouse), is his residence in the city; a villa on Long Island, a three-hour drive away, is his weekend home... Once, Schappor and I started from his office on 3th Street to the upper city Go, walked to his house on 50th Street to eat. Unexpectedly, almost every street he walked, he would meet acquaintances greeting him, some carrying briefcases, some wearing beautiful dresses, and some pushing strollers. of. I joked, you know half of New Yorkers? Schappor laughed: "So, you know I can't take a girl out at all, everyone here knows me." More than just knowing. Among his friends I know, Heidi, a plastic surgeon named by "Bazaar" as the 2012 most influential women in the United States, is his kindergarten classmate; Maimed, the largest supplier of a famous jewelry brand, is his middle school classmate Brother Brown; the president of the Asia-Pacific region of a well-known investment bank, Brown is the godfather of his son, and Schappor has also been his best man... So there is a saying in Manhattan, don’t offend the Jews. If you offend a Jew, you are offending a group. Jewish. The relationship between the major Jewish families is often not established through a single generation. The social circle they have established since the kindergarten is strong, easy to use, stretchable at any time, and good at adapting to various changes. Circles are the greatest wealth to follow their lives. In fact, Schaber was not born and raised in New York. His family came from Iran. He was born and raised in Italy. But because he was a Jew, when he came to New York, he was not alone in the fight. Under certain conditions, the Jewish circle in New York is moderately open, provided that you are in the same class as him. Class is no problem, and people can be friends if they can talk. Schaber can talk to me quite well. He admires me for the same reason as Lao Ou: "A girl who works so hard is so capable." Hehe, there is another reason they won't say clearly, that is, I associate with them. It's not that purposeful, so there is no need to pretend, and it is straightforward to think about what to say. They will not feel tired just like me. Schappor said that he was most afraid of meetings with the Chinese. He often talked enthusiastically for a long time without any reaction on the other side's face. After getting acquainted with it later, Schappor said that I had a straightforward personality, like his sister. Americans would not easily say that a person is his brother or sister. He once said to me that if I have a daughter or a younger sister, I hope it is like you. He also said that it is a good thing that I never drink and I am healthy. When I met Schaper, I didn’t have many friends in New York except for Old Europe, so I often went to his office to disturb him, rubbed the printer and typed a script, and more importantly, when he was not busy, he would tell me some Manhattan. Knowledge of real estate. It can be said that in terms of understanding Manhattan real estate, Old Ou led me in, and Schaper helped me to advance. He will analyze the pros and cons of each small area very clearly with me, and what are the reasons that affect the price. His company has a special room. One wall is a large bookcase. The other two walls are equipped with iron rods. The iron rods are covered with large clips. Each clip holds a stack of materials. Schaber said that this clip contains all the information of a real estate project. As many clips are linked, as many projects are in progress. In the center of this room, there is a table that occupies almost all of the remaining space. It is tiled with project materials, mails, etc. Just lying on this table, looking at the information on it, watching the progress of their project, can also learn some doorways to do real estate business in New York. At that time, we almost succeeded in a project together. It was a very impressive project. In Tribeca, the most expensive area in Manhattan, it was a renovation project of an old building. This is an old building with a river view. Part of it is planned to be an Aman Hotel, and the rest can be Development of apartment houses. It was February 2 when New York housing prices were just about to rise after falling into a trough. At that time, I especially wanted to make an asset package for domestic investment. The total price of each set of that house is about five million dollars, with a down payment of about two million dollars. Compared with the domestic high-end real estate, this price is not outrageous, not to mention that this will be the best house in New York, and part of it is the Aman Hotel. I tried very hard to communicate with my friends in China, but the response was mediocre. They all think I just came to New York, can I really understand the mainstream market here? After half a year, housing prices in New York began to soar, and friends turned to me again and asked me if I still had such an asset package. Once the time has passed, of course it is gone. If the project is completed, I will be the one who has the project in New York. What a pity. Because he grew up in Italy, Schaber's life is much more elaborate than the average American. Once, I queued for a long time in a famous small shop to buy fried rice for takeout, and brought him a portion by the way, thinking he would like it, but he said, "How can I eat street food? This is absolutely No!" He always eats in a place of sufficient quality. It can be said that he taught me how to order food like a local in a high-end restaurant. I will not close my life in such a delicate cage. I still like to eat skewers on the street with my friends, but I also hope that I know how to elegantly order dishes in the most sophisticated restaurants. This is the life I like. (The article is reproduced from the Internet)