The new data shows that when it comes to investing in apartments, larger ones are better. Micro-apartments of 15-20 square meters may be cheaper-but house price growth is also slower compared to larger apartments.
PRD Nationwide数据显示,微型公寓的价值在五年里才增长了10.7%,而两居室公寓的价格上涨了35%。 这份数据分析了从2009年到2014年9月,墨尔本CBD内环区15-20平方米的公寓价值。 其中包括单间公寓和一室一卫没有车位的公寓。
Figures show that from 2009 to September 2014, the average price of a micro apartment increased from A$9 to A$36.5194, while a two-bedroom apartment rose from A$40.4306 to A$40.
Diaswati Mardiasmo, research manager at PRD Nationwide, said these figures show that although micro-apartments are affordable, their prices will not rise for a long time.