Australian youth Ben McMahon (Ben McMahon) woke up from a coma in a car accident. He forgot English and only spoke Chinese.

Australian man Ben McMahon was in a major car accident two years ago. He was in a coma for more than a week and almost died. When he woke up later, he didn't expect to speak Chinese only when he opened his mouth and closed his mouth, which shocked his parents and the hospital.

Meng Jieming, now 22, recalled that he woke up in the hospital and saw a nurse who looked like an Asian by the bed. Before thinking about it, he said in Chinese: "Hello, nurse, it hurts me." Later, I asked the nurse for paper and pen to write in Chinese: "I love my mother, I love my father, and I will be healed."


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Meng Jieming's parents said that neither of them could speak Chinese, and they could not understand what his son said, so they could only nod their heads violently. Fortunately, his English ability slowly recovered after two or three days, and he stopped talking between parents and children.


Meng Jieming had studied Chinese and French in high school, and went to Beijing for a few months, but before the car accident, he could not speak fluent Mandarin. He didn't expect to wake up from a coma and seemed to be a different person. He said: "I didn't realize that I was speaking Chinese at the time. Anyway, I felt that speaking Chinese was natural, so I just said it."

Due to a blessing in disguise, Meng Jieming worked as a tour guide for a Chinese tour group in Melbourne after he was discharged from the hospital, and even hosted a Chinese program. He is currently studying business at a university in Shanghai, and his fluency in Chinese has made many Shanghai people sigh: "You speak Mandarin better than us."

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