Many people say that Shanghai is already highly developed, reaching the level of a "medium developed country". However, some people have been discussing why there is no BAT (Baidu, Ali, Tencent) in Shanghai, and why there is no large private enterprise in Shanghai. Recently, there was an article in Xici Hutong, "Shanghai to the left, Shenzhen to the right", the article said that many giant companies that wanted to move from Shenzhen to Shanghai were not retained by Shanghai. Not only did Shenzhen’s “plan to move” failed to stay. At that time Jack Ma wanted to move Alibaba to Shanghai. In the end, Shanghai did not stay. Instead, Hangzhou became an e-commerce capital.

In the current Shanghai, in the IT industry, financial industry, real estate industry, home appliance industry, etc., it seems that there is no big brand that can be found. This is not only to be thought-provoking, but who abandoned Shanghai and why are outstanding companies reluctant to stay in Shanghai?

1. Difficulty in obtaining employment

Although Shanghai ranks among the top in the country in terms of job supply, due to the large number of local university graduates, the influx of talents from other provinces and the influx of overseas returnees, on the one hand, the threshold for employers is raised, on the other hand Lead to a reduction in salary. The arrogance of employers in recruiting is rare in any other city. There are many authentic returnees who cannot find a job after returning to Shanghai for half a year. There are not a few who hold two or three thousand RMB "high salary". Many overseas returnees lamented that their investment in overseas study was lost.

2. High prices

The soaring housing prices in Shanghai have become a major concern for Shanghai locals or people from other provinces (except foreigners). Shanghai's housing prices had become the highest in the country at the end of 2003. But now, a random set of about 100 square meters of new house costs more than two million, and the location is relatively poor or the environment is poor.

3. Lack of investment attractiveness

As China's financial and trade center, Shanghai has become increasingly unattractive for investment with the rapid increase in land prices and the resulting increase in a series of commercial costs. In the actual use of foreign direct investment, Suzhou has surpassed Shanghai; Nanjing, with its historical status as the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, beautiful scenery by the mountains and rivers, and abundant human resources in universities, is rapidly growing into a hot spot for investment.

4. Traffic jam

How bad is the traffic situation in Shanghai? A netizen said that I live in Xuhui District and go to work at an office in Zhabei District. If you take the company shuttle bus, you will usually be late for 5 out of 2 days. If you change to the subway and add two buses, you can still arrive in about an hour. People's Square, the intersection of Metro Line 1 and Line 2, can't be described as crowded during peak hours. The section from People’s Square to Lujiazui of Metro Line 2 is good if it can be crowded during peak hours.

5. Law and order may deteriorate

The local population in Shanghai is the cornerstone of social stability. However, the recent surge in real estate has led to an extremely widening of the wealth gap between those who own and those without. The result of robbing the poor and helping the rich will inevitably lead to the intensification of social contradictions. A doubling of house prices is tantamount to a reduction in wealth and income by half or even worse for those without real estate. You can imagine how you feel in this situation. With the influx of more and more migrant workers and the arrival of the proletariat of college graduates, when they find that the rich are so rich but they don't even have a decent nest, we will wait and see the consequences.

The following article is excerpted from the Tianya Forum (Special reminder: the content of the article only represents the views of the author of the article)

Shanghai, why are you?

When Lenovo started from a small collective enterprise into a Fortune Global 500; when Haier started from a refrigerator factory and used its own products to start the world; when Huawei danced with wolves, Lucent Cisco was afraid At that time, Shanghai, where is your own industry? Where is your own brand? Where is your own economic focus?

Don't say what financial center you are. Shanghai is not now. In the foreseeable future, it still won't be. What is finance? It is nothing more than banking, insurance, and securities. The four major banks in China have their four headquarters in Beijing. Speaking of Shanghai's own Pudong Development Bank, Shenzhen's China Merchants Bank smiled. The well-known Ping An Insurance is also in Shenzhen. Perhaps the only one that Shanghai can get is the Shanghai Stock Exchange. However, in front of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in China, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, what do you dare to say about yourself that is comparable to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange?

Yes, Beijing has finance; Yes, Shenzhen has finance; Yes, Hong Kong has finance too. When it comes to Shanghai's finance, the only thing people can think of is the Shanghai Stock Exchange. However, in an era when the renminbi cannot be freely exchanged, in a land where the rule of law is not perfect and the information is not smooth, Shanghai, what do you dare to say to surpass Hong Kong's finance? What can you come up with to get companies from all over the world to list with you?

Don't say what economic center you are. Perhaps you can say how many Fortune 500 companies have settled in Shanghai, but this proves that Shanghai has a comprador economy. Shanghai, what are your famous brands? What is your own self-proclaimed self-made business? Looking at the network industry, Beijing has Baidu, Shenzhen has Tencent, Huawei, and Hangzhou has Alibaba. NetEase was born in Guangzhou, and Sina Sohu was born and raised in Beijing. Looking at traditional industries, Qingdao has Haier, and Guangdong has TCL, Midea, Skyworth, Galanz, and other famous electrical appliances brands. Even for home appliance chain companies, Beijing has Gome and Nanjing has Suning. Looking at China's most profitable real estate industry, Guangdong has Vanke, Poly, and Country Garden. Beijing has Pan Shiyi's SOHO. Shanghai, where are you? Shanghai, where is your brand?

What can nurture a city is not high-rise buildings, but enterprises, brands, technologies, and talents. Rather than melatonin, not the petty bourgeoisie. The United States is the United States not because of its high-rise buildings, but because of its technology and its brand. The United States has Microsoft, Intel, Coca-Cola, IBM, GE, Hollywood, Disney, Boeing, and the three major auto giants that are on the verge of bankruptcy. The United States is an inclusive country, a country that respects talents, and a country that values ​​brands and industries. Perhaps, you don’t need to drink Coca-Cola, or you don’t need to buy GE appliances, but you must use Microsoft’s operating system, you must choose Intel or AMD CPUs, and you must watch Hollywood movies. This is the American influence and control in the world. Shanghai, where is your influence in China? Our lives today are inseparable from Baidu, QQ, and Sina Sohu. But, Shanghai, can you tell me why China can't live without you?

Be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue. The United States has tolerated talents from all over the world, so it has made the United States today. People in Shanghai also take this sentence as their motto. Therefore, when Shanghai embraced overseas with a more enthusiastic attitude, Shanghainese really thought that they had once again become inclusive.

However, is this really the case?

When Shanghai girls are very honored to marry Japanese or Americans, when Shanghai people treat those outsiders with contemptuous eyes; when Shanghai shop assistants treat those casually dressed people with indifference, when Shanghai When people and new Shanghainese rushed into the subway and only asked for one, I learned that what Shanghai can accommodate is not talent, but money.

When I saw many seats on the bus in the United States, but there were still many people standing (Shanghainese would call this kind of people gang du); when I saw Americans treating us foreigners with courtesy time. When I, a foreigner with ordinary clothes and plain English, encountered difficulties in the United States and received enthusiastic help from many Americans. I just know why America can be America.

Shanghai, what do you use to accommodate talents from the whole country and the world? Just relying on your enthusiasm for Europeans and Americans, and the phrase "villa" for foreigners?

When the Shanghainese boasted that their house prices are 50% higher than Beijing, when the Shanghai government regards such high house prices as their glory and source of income, when the Shanghainese think that they are the only paradise, and regard Beijing and Guangzhou as a paradise. At the time of P, Shanghainese forget that in heaven, no one cannot afford a house; in heaven, no one cannot afford a house.

When talents from all over the country poured into Shanghai, Shanghai really thought it had become a metropolis full of rivers. However, when the Chinese elites are in this city, they have paid a lifetime debt for a house; when Shanghai, a high-cost metropolis, smoothed out the ambitions and ambitions of those passionate young people, Shanghai, you should understand why you That one acre three-quarters of land will not be able to produce the famous enterprise or the famous brand.

There are lovers, and then there are thousands of miles. When the Maxima came to this so-called big city full of rivers and rivers, ready to ride thousands of miles, they vomited the last drop of blood in order to build a shelter, and became dying old horses. Shanghai, do you really think you are Bole? Shanghai, do you really think you are Meng Changjun?

People, geniuses and stupid ones, only the husband can talk about development. When the abundant talents in Shanghai consume all their money and energy in order to survive in this place and for a house where they can settle down, there is probably nothing left for a talented and intelligent youth. Of the money and energy to develop his career. People live and work in peace and contentment. I can't talk about living in peace, so how can I be happy? In order to survive here, their talents and abilities can only be contributed to those foreign compradors. Even if a wealthy, free, and capable foreign investor comes to Shanghai, facing your high office rents and having to hire a higher salary than a foreign company to hire the same talent, you think they are successful How big might it be?

I often hear about how many of the world's top 500 have settled in Shanghai. Shanghainese, do you really take them as your pride?

Yes, foreign companies can solve employment, and foreign companies can also solve the source of income for talents. However, foreign companies will never be able to create the characters of this great era. In this information age, when the Internet upstarts in Beijing and Shenzhen are energetic and pointing the world, Shanghainese, are you really proud of your global financial center?

Shanghai is beautiful, Shanghai is magnificent, and Shanghai has built the most magnificent city with the most money in China. For more than a hundred years, Shanghai people naively believed that it was the magnificence that made Tokyo, the majesty that made New York, and the majesty that made London today.

As early as many years ago, everyone said: University is not a building, but a master. Speaking of the building, Dubai smiled. When we look at the world’s tallest Burj Khalifa and the world’s most luxurious seven-star hotel with extremely reverent eyes, do we naively think that Dubai will become tomorrow’s New York?

Looking at the world today, almost all international cities are the political and academic centers of the host country. Tokyo, Paris, and Seoul are all the capitals of the host country, and they all gather the best universities and talents in the host country. London, the political center of the British Commonwealth in the past, still exerts its influence today. Within an hour’s drive from London, there are two world-renowned institutions of higher learning, Cambridge and Oxford. Shanghai, do you have the conditions for these cities? Washington in the United States is the political center of the United States. New York in the United States is the political center of the world. Boston and San Francisco in the United States are the academic centers of the United States and the world. Shanghai, tell me, what do you compare with New York, Washington, San Francisco and Boston? How do you compare with the political resources and human resources of Tokyo and London?

People from Shanghai, when you keep talking about the four slogans of International Economic Center, International Financial Center, International Trade Center, and International Shipping Center all day long, ask yourself, which title can you hold?

While the people of Shanghai warmly received foreigners from Europe, America and Japan, the people of Guangzhou accepted businessmen from the Middle East, Africa, India, and Southeast Asia with an extremely tolerant attitude. People from these countries choose Guangzhou because of the tropical climate similar to their own. On the other hand, it may be the cost of living in Guangzhou that is accessible to people, and the Pearl River Delta as China's most important foreign commodity distribution center. When talking to Indians who have been to China, when talking about their favorite Chinese city, Guangzhou is almost always the first choice, not Shanghai. No one believes that foreign companies in Shanghai will put their core technologies in China. No one believes that foreign companies in Shanghai are here to give money to the Chinese. However, talents from poor countries will undoubtedly contribute their talents and wisdom to the local area. What's more, a poor country today may not be a poor country tomorrow. The United States has tolerated these immigrants and made a developed and diverse America. Guangzhou, because of tolerating these foreigners-whether they are here to do business or just mix a bowl of rice-will make a brilliant Guangzhou.

When Beijing gathers the best educational resources in the country, when Beijing’s Tsinghua University and Peking University is the institution of higher learning for China’s best students, when Beijing is the political center and the final public relations position for all enterprises, Shanghai, what do you follow? Beijing competes for talent? What do you use to make China's best talents go to Shanghai? When Beijing, as the capital, commanded the world. When Guangzhou, as the provincial capital, integrates all the resources of China's strongest province, it is time to order the Pearl River Delta. Shanghai, do you really think that your municipality status is your advantage? Do you really think you can order cities in the Yangtze River Delta? Do you really think that Jiangsu and Zhejiang will only look forward to you and devote your resources to you?

Talents with political and academic ideals will use Beijing as their ultimate goal. Young people with business ambitions will use Shanghai and Guangdong as their path of struggle. However, what Shanghai gave them was not a free business environment, but a high cost of survival. When the ambitions and ambitions of talents are extinguished in this city because of the need for survival, and when talents are no longer talents, don't you understand Shanghai, why can't you make your own company and brand?

Shanghai may be a place suitable for life, but it is by no means a place suitable for entrepreneurship and development. You can only attract talents, but you don't know how to make them contribute to the country and society what they do best. You will only win over talents, but you cannot let them display their creativity and imagination here. You send talents into a high-speed machine, let them become parts of this machine, become the oil in this machine; let their energy be this machine whose owner does not know whether it is a Chinese or a foreigner Operation. Moths fight the fire, and they will continue. In China, some are people and some are talented. The oil of this batch of machines is exhausted. Are we afraid that we can't find the next batch of oil?

I'm afraid I won't eat the food of foreigners for a lifetime. When China's economic strength becomes another United States, Shanghai, are you still holding your foreign companies to speak out? Do you still take the base areas established in Shanghai by those second-tier countries as your pride? Time is easy to grow old, and appearances are easy to pass away. When XNUMX years later, when Shanghai's old high-rise buildings are as dilapidated as New York and Detroit today, what do you use to continue to attract talents from the country and the world? Your superior location? Your world-class university? Do you influence global companies? Your climate is warm all seasons? Or the political resources you control?