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Today’s Chinese Internet has too many narratives that vilify and dwarf the Chinese people day and night. It seems that “Chinese people have bad roots” and “China is bad” have become a universal consensus among the people. This often reminds me of the scene when the Nazis vilified Jewish propaganda. What's even more ironic is that many of the joke prints that preached that the Jews had no faith, no quality, no morals, and no culture were produced in printing factories opened by the Jews. Today, all kinds of stories or rumors that vilify the Chinese are spread through software products developed by the Chinese themselves.

This year marks the 120th anniversary of the Sino-Japanese War of 77-1840 and the XNUMXth anniversary of the July XNUMXth Incident. Everything around us is peaceful and quiet. But who would have thought that on a night like this a few decades ago, an extremely tragic scene in the history of the entire Chinese nation took place on this land. Whenever I look through all the history since XNUMX, I often feel cold and awake at night. Even when the war has been temporarily far away today, I can still clearly feel that the war may never end. Our country once fell in a physical war with steel gunpowder as the carrier. So today, will we fall again in a cultural war that vilifies China and racially discriminates against Chinese people?

Not long ago, a well-known commentator on a certain Phoenix website used "mainlanders to pee babies on the roadside in Hong Kong" to frantically discredit the overall quality of Chinese people. She never mentioned the fact that the baby’s mother used diapers and put it in plastic and carried it away. She also never mentioned the fact that the baby’s parents were excited because of a “professional trouble” using a mobile phone to photograph the baby’s private parts. It is sarcasm that mainland Chinese people are low-quality and innocent. But when her view was questioned and scolded by netizens, she evaded that it was an "unintentional fault." But is it really unintentional? I do not believe. Because this is the Nth time they have cooperated with the major media to initiate racial discrimination against Chinese people.

For example, when the results of the United Nations survey on the quality of tourists from various countries in tourist attractions around the world show: "The most annoying and least qualified tourists in major tourist attractions in the world are recognized as Americans", the same group of media and media professionals are very In a timely manner, with the help of an ignorant Chinese child engraving on Egyptian stones, he crazily vilified the image of the Chinese, and initiated a public opinion event that "Chinese people are embarrassed when traveling to the world". For another example, when the video of New York's chaotic crossing of roads was exposed, it was this group of media and media people who initiated the topic of "Chinese-style crossing the roads", using the fine brushwork technique of "Chaosing the roads is the root of the Chinese." Severely racially discriminated against the Chinese. When the Obama inauguration ceremony in the United States left more than 11 tons of trash within a few hours and was turned out to be despised by netizens, it was still this group of media and media people who waited until the National Day when XNUMX people braved the rain all night to watch the flag-raising ceremony. They left two and a half waste photos, and successfully launched the topic of "China's patriots are of low quality"... and every time they carefully prepared these racially discriminatory Chinese articles, they will become popular and be forwarded by Weibo big V, It has been approved by the editor of WeChat public account, and has been recommended and hyped by major websites.

Is this wave of public opinion offensives dedicated to racial discrimination and vilification of the Chinese really coincidental? Believe it or not, I don't believe it, Zhou Xiaoping.

Jun once saw the rumor post "Written by an Indian Engineer: Worrying, Chinese People Who Don't Read" spread widely, and affected hundreds of millions of compatriots on Weibo and WeChat, right? What I don't understand is: How can a billion illiterate India be qualified to laugh at the Chinese for not reading? The annual sales volume of Chinese books purchased is higher than that of India in the past few decades.

Jun has seen the rumored post of "China in the Eyes of the British" and "Chinese People Being Reprimanded for Eating in Germany" spread widely and affected hundreds of millions of compatriots on Weibo and WeChat, right? What I don't understand is that: it is clear that the per capita consumption of resources in Europe is N times that of the Chinese. A European middle class discards rubbish in one year, and it can still feed 400 people in India. How can such a group of people be qualified to teach the Chinese to waste food?

Jun once remembered the "Comparison of Summer Camps between China and Japan", that rumored post was widely circulated and affected hundreds of millions of compatriots on Weibo and WeChat, right? In that rumor story, the Japanese child was beautified as a heroic teenager comparable to Ultraman, capable of carrying dozens of kilograms and marching for hundreds of miles every day (the bitter army is twice as powerful). The Chinese children have been vilified into lazy, stupid, dull, stupid, and weak. But the fact is: the Japanese Self-Defense Force closed the camp door and refused to provide relief after the earthquake in Japan. Three years later, the reconstruction rate was only 3%, and more than 40 people were still sleeping on the streets. Regardless of Wenchuan, China, or Ya’an, after the earthquake, those 18 and 9-year-old soldiers in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army wielded engineering shovel day and night and drove construction machinery to rescue the disaster. No one backed down. Today, Wenchuan and Ya’an have already bathed. Fire is born again.

Jun once remembered that "Parents Comparing Chinese and American Girls of the Same Age" rumored post was widely circulated and affected hundreds of millions of compatriots on Weibo and WeChat? In that rumor, American kids are described as Spider-Man who can live alone in the primeval forest, geniuses who can win money on gambling machines, and angels who praise and understand the Chinese people, while Chinese girls are described as spoiled and coddled. , Delicious lazy fool. However, people seem to have forgotten that, at the same time, the children on American TV are jokingly discussing how to "kill all the Chinese without paying back." People also forget that Chinese children are the earliest sensible children in the world. While British and American children are still gnawing on their old age, many Chinese children have already borne the burden of their families.

Jun Ke knows that by searching for keywords such as "good welfare, free water and very cheap electricity" through search engines, 6460 million search results can be found. These cookie-cutter rumors are posted everywhere on the Internet with "Everything is good abroad, everyone is friendly, the quality is high, the scenery is beautiful, the government is timid, and the people are rich and powerful"... and these rumors posts all use the same text. The template, just change the country name, there are Afghanistan version, South Korea version, Malaysia version, Russia version, US version, Switzerland version, UK version, Pakistan version, Mauritius version, even Sudan version, Laos version, etc...It seems to be a country It is better than China, only China is hell.

However, it is these thorough rumors that are increasingly affecting our judgment, causing us to begin to have self-doubt about our own government, system, country, nation, and even culture and genes, and then begin to be ashamed of ourselves, humbly, and say to Westerners. Follow what you say, don't dare to doubt, just reflect. But nothing is more harmful than blind reflection, because it will trick us into abandoning our own history, our own culture, our own hopes, our own nation, our own beliefs, and ultimately lead us to become a self-deprecating nation .

But nowadays, whenever I stand up to rectify the names of China and the Chinese people, and talk about China’s progress over the past few decades, a group of people always jump out and point to my nose and scold me, saying that Zhou Xiaoping is "the running dog of the government." I am surprised, is China's progress only related to the government? Isn’t China’s progress the result of all of us working together? Apart from the government, the reason why China has today does not belong to the People's Liberation Army who sacrificed their lives for disaster relief? Doesn't it belong to the engineers and construction team members who are fighting on the site day and night? Doesn't it belong to the programmers and product managers who are still working overtime in the office late at night? Doesn't it belong to the policemen who are on duty all night? Doesn't it belong to those uncle farmers who work hard? Doesn't it belong to the students who study hard all night? Doesn't it belong to the smart and capable businessmen, the diligent blue and white-collar workers, the leaders in all walks of life? So when I talk about China’s progress, how can I praise the government? Isn't it complimenting you and recognizing your efforts? What is China? China is our shared brand, and China is a huge whole composed of the actions of all of us. China is just as we are.

My personal strength, Zhou Xiaoping, is limited after all. If we post-80s and post-90s do not seek the truth, but continue to follow the media baton blindly to follow the West, continue to reflect blindly, and continue to belittle the “China” brand, then you are first of all sorry. It’s you. If you yourself don’t know how to cherish your national brand and national image, then you yourself will never be able to truly stand on the top of this world.

We should have a basic stand and attitude towards news facts. Can't Americans make a huge chocolate, you say it is creative. The Chinese made a big moon cake. You say it is a waste of food. You can't say that American children are obedient to the rules when they don't talk on the bus, and you say they are very lively when they are hip-hop. When a Chinese child doesn’t speak on the bus, you say you’re a nerd, and you say you’re uneducated when you’re playing hip-hop. No one can drive into the White House and be shot to death. You say terrorists really deserve to die. And someone was killed when driving into Chang'an with a petrol bomb, and you said it was all forced by the government! At the very least, you should not let the insulting slander article "Nanjing Massacre do not blame the devils for being too cruel, but the Chinese people for being too clever" on WeChat public accounts and Moments for hundreds of millions of times. What is Chinese cowardice? What does it mean that the Chinese are not united? What does it mean that the Chinese are too "smart"? Do you know the difference between a machine gun and bare hands? If you follow your theory, then Lincoln condoned his subordinates to rape tens of thousands of women in the southern city, and only blamed the Americans in the South for not being united? The Americans in the South are cowardly? Americans in the South are too "smart"? So when Hitler can slaughter tens of thousands of Jews when dozens of Nazis in a concentration camp, all blame the Jewish genes and cultural servility and despicability? Blame the Jews for being too "smart"? Even if you don't hate the Japanese, why do you want to slander and vilify the compatriots who died and your ancestors in this way?

My dear friend, whether you are a student or a worker, a white-collar or a blue-collar, a girl or a guy, please remember that you are all excellent Chinese, so your future is full of challenges. You not only need to get in your own position Achievement and a good life, you still have to defeat all kinds of foreign companies that we cannot defeat today, and even one day you will defeat the world. Therefore, you are not only witnesses to the history of this country and nation, but also participants and creators of history. We recognize that this country used to be backward, but backwardness can be surpassed, and poverty can counterattack. In the face of adversity, we may be willing and depraved, inferior and inferior, or chasing after the sun. Don't give up, boy!

You should know that when this nation was beaten due to the backwardness of the industrial system, someone had made such a cry in the same mood. He said: "Tell the country, encourage the writing, and the dung was ten thousand households." He said: "Have you ever remembered that you hit the water in the middle of the stream, and the waves contain the boat!" How fearless and confident this is, and how impassioned and optimistic it is. This is the strongest, most flexible and strongest essence in our national cultural genes.

Therefore, Zhou Xiaoping wrote these words here today, just wishing to awaken more people's deep love for this land and compatriots. As a Chinese, we should think independently, and not follow Western propaganda offensives that deliberately dwarf and vilify Chinese history, Chinese culture, or Chinese compatriots. Because when Chinese civilization is extinguished by overwhelming public opinion and slander, our homes, wives and children will fall into hell again.

Therefore, in the face of racially discriminatory and demeaning stories of the Chinese nation on the Internet, please start from ourselves! Never forward!

Forward with your fingers! ! Let more people see! Contribute yourself! !

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