November 2014 holiday arrangements

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On the 1st, watching high-speed traffic jams across the country at home,

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On the 2nd, watching the scenic spots at home, line up,

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On the 3rd, look at hotel prices nationwide at home

On the 4th, visitors were slaughtered everywhere at home,

No train ticket can be bought at home on the 5th,

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On the 6th, watching the national highway at home again blocked,

On the 7th, I can't get into the city at home.

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In addition, let the girls go on a blind date on the highway: look at property from the car, look at the character from the attitude, and look at the kidney function from the time of holding urine!

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Make good tea at work on the 8th and listen to your complaints and stories!

Hahaha! I wish you all a happy National Day trip!

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