As one of Melbourne's most common cultural traditions, almost every district has such a market for citizens and tourists to shop and relax. Fairs are opened at different times. They are open every week and only once a month. There are also unfixed BT fairs that make you bother to copy the schedule on its official website. I sighed once again that living in Mocun is a technical job, and I have to take care of everything. But not this time! The editor made a special trip to Bingzhu to sort out the top ten must-visit weekend markets for everyone, all at once! (It’s a well-known place like Wei Ma, don’t bother me!)

1. Camberwell Rotary Sunday Market

Compared to the Victoria Market in the urban area, this place is closer to the living atmosphere of the locals. Come here to visit the market. Just a dazzling array of old goods, antiques and crafts is already a different visual feast! The only thing that makes it difficult for me to choose is that the business hours are too short! As a shopping mall, I need a whole day to visit!

Features: second-hand goods can be bargained, so... hehe...

Address: Station Street, Camberwell

Opening time: Sunday before 12:30pm

Official website:

2. St Kilda Market (St Kilda Esplanade Market)

This weekend market with a history of more than 40 years is located next to Luna Park in St Kilda Beach. Under the blue sky and white clouds by the sea, you can visit the market with the cool sea breeze. Just looking around is also a pleasure. The geographical advantage makes it here. Every weekend it is very popular. If you see something you like here, don't hesitate, because you can't find a similar design anywhere else.

Features: original handicrafts, tourist souvenirs, etc.

Address: Upper Esplanade, Between Cavell & Fitzroy Streets, St Kilda


Official website:

3. South Melbourne Market

A market highly respected by the locals. If you want to buy the freshest food at the lowest price, don't miss it! In addition, the dimsim shop opened by the Chinese is highly praised by the locals, recommending spring rolls, seafood rolls, and various types of dumplings and other snacks.

Features: Every Thursday after 5:30pm there is a Night Market (depending on the season)

Address: 322-326 Coventry Street, South Melbourne 3205

Opening time: Wed & Sat-Sun 8am-4pm; Fri 8am-5pm

Official website:

4. Prahran Market

It is said that this bazaar is the oldest food market in Australia, and its opening dates back to 1864. The market has been given the title of "food lovers' paradise". There are Melbourne’s highest quality agricultural products, such as fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, poultry and cooked food. Want to buy fresh Perigord truffle (Perigord truffle) from France, fresh shrimp (not frozen), Joselito ham (Joselito Jamon) from France, or excellent tomatoes and apples? You can't go wrong here!

Features: Melbourne's oldest and most "fresh" market; providing self-contained western food teaching.

Address: 163-185 Commercial Road, Prahran

Opening time: Tue, Thu & Sat dawn to 5pm; Friday dawn to 6pm; Sunday 10am to 3pm.

Official website:

5. Rose Street Artists Market

In a place full of bohemian style like Fitzroy, it has always been a paradise for independent artists and craftsmen. The Rose Street Artists' Fair provides them with a venue to showcase their talents and works. This market is also very famous in the local area. The street walls are full of magical graffiti, which gives travelers a unique feeling and experience the freedom and creativity of the southern hemisphere countries.

Address: 60 Rose Street, Fitzroy

Opening time: Sat & Sun 11am-5pm

Official website:

6. Sunday Market at the Arts Centre

Everyone should be familiar with it. The editor often passes by on weekends to support the old man who pulls the erhu in front of NGV. Every time he plays "The Most Dazzling National Style", I want to go up and shake his head to dance with him.

Features: There is a Tram Bar Café nearby. There is a long line every time you pass by, and most of them are couples, so another dating holy place was born (blushing~applause~)

Address: 100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

Opening time: Sun 10am-4pm

Official website:

7. Shirt and Skirt Market

How can you who love "flower suck" miss it!? Let the new local fashion designers interpret the street trends of the season for you!

Features: men's and women's fashion, household items; there is also a Makers' Market nearby that is also worth visiting, plus the surrounding food courts and art galleries, it will definitely be enough for you to visit for a day!

Address: 1St Heliers Street, Abbotsford

Opening time: 3rdSun of the month 10am-4pm, the latest one will be on September 9

Official website:

8.Federation Square Book Market Federation Square Weekend Book Market

Federation Square Book Markets is one of Melbourne's largest weekend book markets, held every Saturday. Every week, about 15 experienced booksellers in Melbourne bring books covering various topics, including: literature, history, gardening, travel, art and children's books. In addition to booksellers, authors and painters also come to the market to meet with readers.


Address: The Atrium, Federation Square, Melbourne

Time: Saturday 11:00~17:00


9. Lost&Found Market

If you like shopping for baby, you must know the Lost & Found market in Melbourne, which is definitely only known by people who have been in Melbourne for a long time. Anyway, this place is a place for people with good vision.

Address: 511 Lygon St, Brunswick East

Opening time: Saturday&Sunday 10am-6pm

Official website: