"Corrupt officials came from the masses; after Shuanggui, they became the masses again.
It can be seen that this sentence is too far-sighted to come from and go to the masses. "
—– Quoted from the latest quotations by Cui Ge in North America.
The masses of any country are quite insidious. They bribe and corrode the people who are the officials, and they have abolished countless good cadres with big eyebrows and big eyes. You must know that it is not easy for the country to train a cadre.
Whenever I think of this, I hate me of North American Cui Ge, because I am a sinister mass. It was my flattery that nurtured corrupt officials, and it was my sugar-coated cannonball that hit unprepared corrupt officials. In the end, it is the masses who benefit, and it is indeed a corrupt official who was beheaded in his career. In fact, it is the masses who really deserve double regulation!
The corrupt officials fleeing overseas, from the plane, looked down on the land that once made them so cool, and vowed never to return. They are looking forward to a new life in the United States: blue sky, white clouds, freedom, democracy, and integrity. The whites are all Bethune, and the blacks are all living Lei Feng.
But once in the United States, at most half a year, the corrupt officials exclaimed: Damn, you have been fooled.
First of all, the masses in the United States are also bribing and corrupting leaders. For example, Lewinsky pulled Clinton in the White House, and the maid pulled Schwarzenegger in the governor's office. This must be double-regulated in China. But in the United States, witnesses are recruited, and these two worms are still serving the people in leadership positions. Is this the breaking of the law in the United States? It's really not as sound as China.
Second, it is hard to imagine that in a country as strong as the United States, being an official would have lived so frustrated. There are no full-time drivers, no beauty assistants, no gangway welcome, and no red envelope rebates. No mistress, no unspoken rules, no Chinese passports for children, no savings of even a billion. Because the choice is too small, for decades I can only have sex with my wife of the same age. How can this be called happiness?
Third, China’s corrupt officials never expected that once they arrived overseas, their value would be completely lost. If you don't speak English, you become dumb; if you don't understand English, you become deaf; if you don't understand road signs, you become blind; if you can't drive a car, you become lame; others tell jokes and don't laugh, and become seriously insecure fools.
A few corrupt officials donated the money they brought with them to the casino, and then went to work in the restaurant; the first day of work was burnt with oil, the boss immediately called 911 in the United States, and the corrupt official said that he should call 110 in China. Let the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection rescue yourself from the fire pit in the United States, and don't suffer here.
In the domestic jail, at least every day I eat Chinese food, dry and light, much better than American hot dogs. In domestic prisons, you can watch TV, speak Chinese, meet with family members and old men, listen to other inmates telling stories about the blood and tears of abduction, and enjoy the nutrition of the mother tongue culture. In the U.S., where everyone can speak in circles with one mouth, it is better to live than a dog.
The silly X people in this land have never eaten pancakes, soy milk, tofu brains and pancakes, never sang karaoke, and never played mahjong. A whole bunch of uncivilized barbarians!
Finally one day, the tour guide came to the sea with corrupt officials and pointed at the boundless sea and said: This is the Pacific Ocean, and the ocean is China.
When the corrupt official heard the word "China", tears came down. For half a year of loneliness and depression, drifting away from home, the pain of missing relatives suddenly took hold. At this time, looking at the sea, as if seeing home, seeing his mother, seeing the child, seeing his wife with a haircut, the nose of the corrupt official was sour, and there was only one voice in his heart—the motherland, the foreign official missed you!
Brother Cui from North America often toured in major cities in the United States. After the performance, the Chinese in the audience often sang the song "Five-star red flag fluttering in the wind." I later noticed that the ones who sang the most emotionally each time, and the tears filled their eyes are actually corrupt officials.
When chatting abroad, anyone who dares to say that China is not good will be anxious to you and fight you hard. I felt that corrupt officials are the true patriots, and they are the backbone of China.
Motherland, please listen to my suggestion from North American Brother Cui. Whoever talks about the country is not good in the future, don't talk nonsense with Ya, and send it to the United States. . . . . .

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