According to a statistical report, in Victoria, excessive drinking will cause 3 deaths a day and cause 18 attacks. In addition, 81 people are admitted to hospital for excessive drinking every day.

Domestic violence incidents caused by drinking have also increased by 10% in 85 years. The rising data requires the major political parties in the state to make relevant commitments as soon as possible to limit drinking time and strengthen the control of alcohol sales.
The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education) called on the government to issue relevant laws requiring that alcoholic beverages be banned after 3 a.m., and shops selling alcohol must be closed by 10 p.m. The foundation also hopes that the government will not issue new liquor licenses.
Michael Thorn of the Alcohol Research and Education Foundation said that “the harm caused by alcoholism is on the rise in Victoria. The only reason is the lack of control measures. Both major parties lack the willingness to do this. The current policies are weak.”
The Prohibition ban after 2 a.m., which was piloted in the Melbourne CBD area, was not popular. The Brumby government had given up on extending the ban. According to the report, in Victoria, in the past year, the number of deaths related to drinking has reached more than 1, and nearly 1200 people have been hospitalized.
According to data from the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research, the number of ambulance visits to rescue drunk Melbourne citizens has increased by 146%, and the number of hospitalizations due to excessive drinking has also risen by 53%.
In the past 10 years, the prices of alcoholic beverages have fallen by 10%, and purchases have become more convenient. The number of liquor licenses also increased by one-fifth, reaching as many as 5. This also means that on average, one out of 2 Victorian residents has a license to sell alcohol.
Michael Livingston of the Center for Alcohol Policy Research said, "Research data shows that as purchases become more convenient, the harm caused by excessive drinking will increase. Unfortunately, Victoria is fulfilling the results of this type of research. ."
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