According to the latest report, at 7:40 pm on Tuesday, two Victorian police officers were stabbed by a man in front of the Endeavour Hills police station in southeast Melbourne. One was from the Victorian Police and the other was from the Australian Federal Police (Australian Federal Police). Police), the man was killed on the spot by the Victorian counter-terrorism police.

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According to reports, the man was a suspected terrorist targeted by the police and had been monitored before the incident.
Witnesses at the scene said that the man verbally insulted and threatened Australian Prime Minister Albert and the Australian government before he was shot.
In addition, witnesses said that the man has a Muslim appearance, but the police have not confirmed this information.
The two police officers were sent to two hospitals respectively. One was sent to Dandenong hospital, where his life is no longer in danger, and the other was sent to The Alfred hospital in serious but stable condition.
The Australian Federal Police will issue a simple statement later.

Detectives from the homicide group have gone to the scene to collect evidence and investigate, and an autopsy will be conducted later.

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