The annual BBQ season is here again!

Invite three or five friends (Ma You), bring a car of food, and set out for barbecue in a comfortable and cozy sunny day. Only then can you live up to the beautiful youth and the infinite scenery of Melbourne~

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Melbourne's top 10 BBQ & spring outing attractions:

•Bundoora Park

Location: 1069 Plenty Rd, Bundoora 3083

Phone: 03 8470 8170

Admission: Free

Drive or take tram 86 to Bundoora Park, which is 15 kilometers away from Melbourne City.

In the 180-hectare vast park, in addition to ample outdoor BBQ venues, there are also 4 indoor picnic areas with gas and charcoal fires.

Busy on weekends, try to avoid the peak period (12pm-1.30pm).

In addition to barbecues, you can also visit local folk culture villages, children's farms, and even play a little golf.

•Harmony Park

Location: Near the north of Sydney Road

The park was renovated in 2008 and has the best ice skating rink and amusement park in Coburg, as well as a huge indoor public barbecue area.

The most tempting thing is that the entire park hasFree WIFICovering, refreshing the status on Weibo with one hand, and grilling with one hand is not a problem.

•Princes Park

Location: Princes Park, Parkville 3052

Station: Royal Park

Admission: Free

Princes Park can be described as Melbourne's "New York City Paradise". The surrounding sports and fitness equipment is sufficient, tennis courts and football fields are walking tracks, etc. It is not a dream to meet sports stars by chance.

•Edinburgh Gardens

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Location: St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North 3068

As a popular park for Melbourne tourists, Edinburgh Gardens is usually hard to find on a sunny weekend.

The 24 hectare park has a history of 140 years, 3 independent BBQ venues, and plenty of open space, you can bring your own placemats to find a cool place for picnics. There are also table tennis and basketball courts in the park.

•Catani Gardens

Location: Beaconsfield Pde, St Kilda West 3182

This 6-hectare park is not the largest, but the most charming, right next to St Kilda Beach, with several entrances leading to the beach!

——Slow sea breeze, beautiful palm trees, open-air park BBQ, medieval dome buildings, it’s simply!

•Studley Park Boathouse and Picnic Area

Location: Boathouse Rd, Kew 3101

Time: every day, 9am-5pm

Phone: 03 9853 1828

Studley Park Boathouse is a popular scenic spot for Australians and tourists alike, and it is only a 10-minute drive from the city.

The barbecue area is fully equipped, barbecues along the bank and feeding the ducks, it sounds like a good time.

Rent a canoe or kayak before BBQ. It is a good choice to explore the Yarra River by boat.

•Banksia Park

Location: Near Heidi Museum of Modern Art

This 23-hectare park has a unique history and a strong artistic atmosphere.

As the literary corridor of Heidelberg School, this beautiful and peaceful park inspired many artists.

Such as Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts.

The barbecue area has charcoal fires, open-air dining tables, indoor areas and children’s playgrounds.

•Flagstaff Gardens

Location: William Street, near Flagstaff Tennis Courts

It is suitable for impromptu barbecues, bring some food for a picnic on the spot, and explore the historical sites and art facilities of the park.

•Alexandra Avenue

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Location: St Kilda Rd, Melbourne 3004

Admission: Free

Located on the south bank of the Yarra River, with the outline of Melbourne as the background,

Barbecuing and having fun in such an environment, is it also beautifully drunk?

There are many BBQ places on the south bank of the Yarra River, among which the closest to the city center is Birrarung Marr.

If you are not afraid to go further, there are also many BBQ venues with a strong family atmosphere in the Alexandra Avenue area between Swan Street Bridge and Morell Bridge.

•Westgate Park

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Location: Todd Rd, Port Melbourne 3207

Bus: 237 Fisherman's Bend bus, get off at Lorimer Street

Westgate Park has an excellent wetland landscape,

There is direct access to BBQ and picnic areas via Todd Road,

It’s not difficult to find rare birds that live in the park, such as ibis, spoonbills, pelicans,

Man and nature are exceptionally harmonious.

In addition to wetlands, there are salt lakes and jungle landscapes,

Through the deep path, the beautiful Melbourne city and the bay scenery are unobstructed.

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