According to RACV data, nearly a thousand cars were vandalized in Melbourne last year, and the total amount of claims exceeded 300 million.

The City Council area has the highest number of claims, 109. Monash came second with 49 cases.

Parking is the safest in Moorabool Shire, with only one claim recorded throughout the year.

Common cases of vandalism include vandalizing vehicles for theft, smashing windows, deliberately scratching, and destroying bumpers and roofs.

The report shows that 6 am to noon is the time period for the highest occurrence of sabotage incidents.

Areas with the highest number of cases:

1. Melbourne: 109 ($308,746)

2. Monash: 49 ($138,878)

3. Banyule: 44 ($118,698)

4. Hume: 42 ($199,576)

5. Darebin: 42 ($147,121)