Some new users of the iPhone 6 Plus find that their new phones will bend when placed in their pockets.

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MacRumors (the first user to report this problem) said that "the number of reports of this problem is very small, but it keeps rising." More and more iPhone 6 Plus users have reported on the forum that their phones are in their pockets. Bend. In one example, the user bends a new iPhone 6 Plus because of attending a dance catering event and driving to a wedding.

Some users find that they can bend the iPhone with little force. The reporter said he also found this problem. "Shortly after these reports, I checked my iPhone 6 Plus and found a similar problem, but the bending was not obvious." He said. "As these reports say, my phone has been in my trouser pocket and I have been driving for too long."


A MacRumors forum user, PD13, said that the display of his phone would bend because someone touched his pocket. "That time I just touched it very lightly, and didn't even buckle it hard." "My previous 4S couldn't bend it with any force, and it never had any type of fracture or bending problems." PD13 said he Will buy a harder mobile phone case.


Another blog user Cult of Mac pointed out that the problem of mobile phone bending has existed for many years, and that Apple mobile phones are not the only company with problems. "Any mobile phone made of metal is bound by the laws of physics. This issue is not exclusive to iPhone 6." He pointed out that Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5s, Sony Xperia Z1, iPhone 5, BlackBerry Q10, HTC EVO, Oppo and iPhone 4s There is a bending problem.

Apple has been contacted for comment.

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