The recent Hong Kong newspapers have been hotly discussing the "English Group Meeting Minutes" incident. The reason is that the Hong Kong Civic Party, which has always advertised "peaceful occupation of Central", is not as "the same as the outside" as they promoted, but privately discussed inciting violence. , Brewing terrorist radical means to achieve their own political goals.

Heavyweights attend the mysterious meeting

Some sources pointed out that the English group of the Civic Party often invites foreigners to discuss political issues in Hong Kong. The organization's meetings are very private, only communicate in English and never invite the media to attend. On the evening of September 9th, the English group of the Civic Party invited student representatives to a meeting. The meeting lasted for 5 hours. The participants included a number of student organization representatives, teacher representatives, former government officials, current officials, and the United States who actively participated in the "Peaceful Occupy Central" Intelligence personnel, scholars, etc., the US Consulate General in Hong Kong also sent two officials to attend.

Heavy disclosure of meeting content

What did such a high-level and heavyweight person attend a meeting talking about? According to anonymous sources broke the news to the media, participants at the meeting fully supported student strikes and claimed that the Communist Party is most afraid of violence. Hong Kong must be violent, bloody, and illegal in fighting for democracy. Some people even proposed the establishment of an extreme Islamic organization. Many foreigners stated that they would contribute funds to help student movement and help student movement leaders to study abroad. The content of the meeting minutes that broke out was sensational. The next day anonymous people continued to expose the meeting recordings to prove the content of the meeting again. The evidence is conclusive and undeniable.

The meeting records show that at the meeting, the president of the Hong Kong University Students’ Union, Leung Lai-wai, said that participation in the strike includes not only local students, but also mainland and international students. He also pointed out that “foreign students have rich experience in strikes abroad” and expect them to not only Participating in a class strike and being able to join the "Occupy Central" team, "I think the PLA will treat Chinese and foreign students differently in the event of repression." Liang Liyi also revealed that Next Media has contacted her many times to learn about the strike and "Occupy Central" and promised to provide funds stand by.

Dan Garrett, an official of the U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong and formerly in the U.S. Department of Defense and the Office of the U.S. Director of National Intelligence, said, "This time I return to the United States to report to my immediate superiors on the current situation in Hong Kong and the progress of my work in Hong Kong. Washington requested to continue in Hong Kong. Promote civil and social forces to fight for democracy, especially to promote youth to play a pioneering role in social operations." Dan Garrett also "assured" at the meeting that "the United States will protect student leaders, including studying abroad and settling in foreign countries." In addition to intelligence personnel. In addition to scholars, the US Consulate in Hong Kong also sent two officials to attend the meeting.

"Indigenous Action" member Chen Yunzhong threatened that if Hong Kong wants to fight for democracy, Hong Kong must violently "enforce", violate the law, or even shed blood to force the central government to make concessions on political reform. He also brought an Islamic refugee from the Middle East, who claimed that they would summon political refugees stranded in Hong Kong to assist in the "Occupy Central". If conditions are ripe, an extremist Islamic organization would be established in Hong Kong.

Delicate situation

These so-called "universal suffrage" in Hong Kong finally revealed their true colors, under the guise of democracy, to undermine Hong Kong's reality of splitting China. It can be seen from this incident that the First US is still trying to carry out sabotage activities in Hong Kong through the "color revolution", whether it is to provide people with money or subsidize student movement leaders, or even mobilize Islamic extremists to join the sabotage activities. The CIA is in this regard. There is no bottom line. Secondly, the CIA is a little big, and it directly sent Yang Sudi, a famous Eastern European "color revolution" expert, to direct the Hong Kong "universal suffrage", which greatly stimulated the nerves of the mainland, and the "universal suffrage" they rely on. It’s too stupid. The meeting only relies on English conversations to keep secrets. This is simply a horror of the world. It can deal with other small countries. It is pediatrics to deal with the mainland that is well versed in underground work. Third, the mainland shows that it has a wealth of network intelligence in Hong Kong. Resources and continuous control of relevant intelligence, the US CIA wants to carry out substantive sabotage activities on the territory of Hong Kong, it needs to weigh it.

China and the U.S. fight against Hong Kong

At this stage, the Hong Kong issue is still at a delicate stage. The United States is constantly testing the mainland's bottom line in accordance with the "color revolution" script, while the mainland is showing muscles to deter the United States and colluding with its "universal suffrage" forces. In my opinion, due to the current political stability in the mainland, Hong Kong’s economy has not encountered a major crisis. The political crisis of "universal suffrage" is actually the result of a small number of politicians. Therefore, Hong Kong lacks the internal and external soil for the "color revolution". The CIA wants to replicate Eastern Europe in Hong Kong. The pattern of XX flowers is just a dream, and their expectations of inciting students to shed blood to demonstrate is also wishful thinking. In the past few days, the radical student organizations in Hong Kong began "strikes and demonstrations". It can be seen that the participation of Hong Kong university students is not high, or even deserted. The reason is that college students realize that they are only a tool for a small number of student leaders to gain political capital. Coupled with the investigation of the funders behind the "universal suffrage", the lack of funds makes the activity naturally dimmed. This is also the reason why someone proposed to "escalate" at the conference on September 9 and encourage violent bloodshed.

In the future, the situation in Hong Kong will still be quite complicated. Just like the name of the movie, "Unknown Wars", several forces are wrestling in Hong Kong secretly, and the story of light or dark will be more exciting.

After all, the Hong Kong issue needs to be resolved by Hong Kong itself. If the situation is out of control, the mainland will never stand idly by. Under such a major premise, you can not worry too much about the deterioration of the situation in Hong Kong, and let us have tea and watch the follow-up.

Finally, I recommend the documentary film "Behind the Color Revolution" filmed by NHK TV in Japan, to learn from the US's ups and downs during the XX Flower Revolution in Eastern Europe, and it is of great reference for the US's future actions in Hong Kong. Please search for "behind the color revolution" on major video sites.

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