A Hong Kong citizen's "Occupy Central" diary

Monday, February 9

I got up early in the morning and first received an email from the COO saying, "Because of the'Occupy Central', this morning will be cancelled. As public transportation may be blocked, colleagues should consider transportation issues based on their own judgment and cautious principles when returning to work. If you consider working from home, Please inform the company."

After breakfast, I received an email from a trader who was on the morning shift, saying, "Central is already a dead city! At present, all the roads to the Central Exchange Square are blocked. If you want to come to work, you can only go through the mountain road and go around the mountain. Come down." I wondered if it was such an exaggeration. I checked the internet and found that the bus 590 service to Central is still available. I was relieved.

At 8 o'clock in the morning, Haiyi Peninsula, after waiting for ten minutes, a 590 arrived. The window reads "Due to an emergency, this car temporarily diverted to Central via the mountain road." There is no subway in this ghost place in the southern district of Hong Kong. There is only a tunnel to Causeway Bay or the coastal mountain road along Pokfulam to reach Central.

Swinging, swaying, I don’t know how long the car stopped suddenly. Isn't this only Sheung Wan? Why are everyone down? The driver opened his hand and said, "There is no way, I can only help you get here, and I won't be able to drive in front." He asked, "Where should I get on the bus at night?" He replied, "It's my place for the time being. I know, no cars returned." Fainted. What do you mean? Do you want me to spend the night in the office?

Wearing a pair of high heels, my feet cramped, and I finally got to the office. It took half an hour to work. Sit down and take a look, Hong Kong stocks plummeted!

I made a quick call to Teacher H of Phoenix TV, asking him about his views on "Occupy Central". Teacher H believes that it will be a climax here. Occupation can never last for a long time. At the same time, he is worried that the governance crisis is a long-term problem. What about investing in the Hong Kong stock market? Alas, let's just wait and see the changes!

For all Hong Kong people, this National Day is destined to be extraordinary.

Tuesday, September 9
Today, I will open the Hong Kong Interactive News Channel to see how the road conditions are. Oh my god, there are more people than yesterday! Not only Central and Admiralty, but also Causeway Bay! The government announced the suspension of classes in all primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Wan Chai and Central District. It seems that this is out of work.
Imagine that the next two days will be holidays. I quickly wrote an email back to the company and said, "Work from home today, and take annual leave on Friday!"
Friday, February 10
Today is another tragedy. In the morning itchy to go to the office, two more minutes back and forth.

After thinking about it carefully, I felt that this situation was a bit wrong. I called the former boss of Hong Kong Wen Wei Po for advice. He said that the current situation is not very optimistic and he needs to consider long-term battles. I called another member of the Diet to ask for advice. He felt that bloodshed might not be necessary, but it is inevitable that Hong Kong society will be further torn apart after the campaign.

I cut my hair after get off work. The hair stylist is a 40-year-old single Hong Kong girl. Asked if she supports Occupy Central, she hesitated and said, how to say? It's good for these young people to come out and do (read hang) for their ideals, it's better than playing (games) every day! From this perspective, I support them to go out. But I do not support their request, it is impossible!

Later, I went to a familiar Chinese medicine doctor to see cervical spondylosis. He was a 60-year-old father with 3 sons. I asked him if he supported Occupy Central. He said without hesitation, of course he did not support it. But both of my sons went and couldn't stop them.
Monday, February 10
"Occupy Central" continues. Regardless of which way to go to Central, everyone is stuck on the road. For a while, the WeChat chats are very lively and there is only one topic-"How long have you been stuck today?" At this time, whether you are a big coffee or a small analyst, just There is no subway near your home to Central, the ending is the same!

A beauty sales from CLSA said that in order to catch up with the morning meeting in the morning, an analyst from her company wore a pair of running shoes and ran all the way to the company. When he entered the meeting room, the steam on his face could steam buns. It was fun for me, laughing wildly on the bus.

After getting off the bus, walk to Central. Today I learned how to behave, put on a pair of running shoes early, and walked forward with great vigor.

Iron horses were rampant along the way, the walls were full of flyers, and the tents were everywhere. The traffic lights have long been a display, and the roads are full of people rushing to go to work, but few people in the middle are seen. Thinking that they were tired after a night of tossing, they should all go home to wash and rest.
Wednesday, October 10
After several days of groping, I concluded that I would leave the house at 7 in the morning and go home at 10 in the evening, and take a taxi back and forth. It is still possible to control the time on the return route to about one hour. Husband smiled and said that the cost is too high, 250 back and forth.
Thursday, October 10
It was blocked in the last few hundred meters close to Central. Originally, there was a phone conference with an analyst in New York at 8:15, so I had to send an email to the secretary and ask her to help another appointment.

When do I go to work or leave work every day, and what car to take to avoid traffic jams, it is almost catching up with the changes in the stock market. To analyze this subject, we must not only use Soros's reflexivity theory, but also Nash's game theory! Really annoying!


In addition to the determined Occupy and Anti-Occupy, more Hong Kong people just stick to their lives.

Friday, February 10
At eight o'clock in the evening, work overtime in Office.

Suddenly the phone rang, and the daughter's heartbreaking cry came from that end, "I want you back. I want to pick you up. I haven't picked you up these days."

Only then did I realize that these days, I went out early and returned late. When she got home, she was asleep, and when she left, she was still asleep. This rhythm is too cruel for a child less than three years old.

I immediately dropped my job, put on my running shoes, and ran out. When I went out to see, from the Yangtze River Center to the Exchange Square, all the taxi stands along the way were full of people, and the minibus stands were full of people, which was desperate. All the way to the bus terminal, no 590! No 90B! How to do it? I just got on a bus heading to Aberdeen and wanted to leave Central as soon as possible!

The mountain roads on the west side of Hong Kong Island are winding and winding, and the road from Central to Wan Chai is almost completely closed, forcing people and vehicles from Central to the southern district to flock to the mountain roads on the west side of Hong Kong Island, so there is no gap in the road. In the long dark night, my ears were all sobbing from my daughter, but the bus could only move forward slowly step by step.

At this moment, I have no interest in any doctrine, any theory, or any market. I just want to get home earlier and earlier. At this moment, my heart is full of anxiety and anger.
Sunday, February 10
After dinner, I watched the weather forecast after the news broadcast with my daughter as usual. Sometimes the child is amazing, and you don’t know when she memorized all the city names in the weather forecast in order.

After reading the weather forecast, I asked her casually, "Where is my mother's hometown?" I replied, "Hefei."

Ask again, "Where is Dad's hometown?" "Hangzhou."
Asked again, "Where is Xiaobao?" She replied crisply, "Here!"

Where is this place? Isn't this Hong Kong! During the two weeks of "Occupy Central", her father and I have been observing and analyzing from an outsider's perspective. It turns out that there is a Hong Konger in my family.It turns out that no one can escape this Hong Kong problem!


This girl who hid on the sky bridge reading quietly seemed to be attending a party that had nothing to do with her.