Do you know what is most worth buying at the duty-free shops in major airports when traveling abroad? Before you leave, take a look at the airport duty-free shopping guide summarized by Mr. Bread!

Beijing Capital International Airport


Most worth buying: big-name cosmetics

Perhaps many people have overlooked the benefits at their doorstep because they want to go shopping in duty-free shops abroad. In the daily duty-free shops of the Capital Airport, not only the types of major brands are very complete, but many brands are more expensive than Hong Kong. It is 10% cheaper in the city or at the airport, and the most worth buying is the big-name makeup. Brands such as Clinique and Lancome are almost 5% to 7% off the counters. In addition to the Capital Airport, Rishang Duty Free also has stores in Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

Hongkong International Airport


Most worth buying: big-name bags, sunglasses

Hong Kong can be said to be the nearest shopping paradise to us. Gucci, Hermes, Prada...There are so many luxury brands in the airport that are dazzling. Because there are no tariffs, the prices of these big brands are quite approachable here. The new Burberry bags are over HK$4000. It can be won. Salvatore Ferragamo's sunglasses are only HK$700 after the discount, which is very cost-effective. If you don’t find your favorite products in the duty-free shops in downtown Hong Kong, it’s best to come here to replenish them.

Seoul Incheon Airport


Most worth buying: MCM bag

In recent years, the Korean brand MCM has been very popular in China, and the price of this brand is quite advantageous in Incheon Airport. Generally, it can be bought at one-third of the domestic price of the same model, and a duty-free shop can also be opened in advance. The membership card can be discounted on the basis of the duty-free price.

Tokyo Narita International Airport


Most worth buying: small electrical appliances, digital products

Narita Airport has the most duty-free shops in all airports in Japan, and it is also one of the most cost-effective places to buy Japanese digital products. There are also some small electrical appliances with detailed functions that are also star products of the airport. They are cheaper than in shopping malls and are very cost-effective. .

Don Mueang Airport


Most worth buying: L'oreal, Boots aromatherapy series

Don Mueang Airport’s most attractive thing for girls should be L’oreal cosmetics. The prices here are basically the lowest in the world, and people often see people buying them in large quantities. In addition, the price of the aromatherapy series of the British cosmeceutical brand Boots is also very cost-effective, which is cheaper than in Hong Kong, and there are many promotional activities. Almost everyone who visits here has to buy a few boxes.

Singapore Changi International Airport


Most worth buying: cigarettes, wine

Singapore is one of the most important markets for global wine merchants. Many limited-edition wines will choose to be sold here first. This makes the duty-free tobacco and liquor shops in Changi Airport particularly advantageous. Among the three terminals, there are There are more than 20 duty-free shops specializing in tobacco and alcohol. The second floor of T3 is the most concentrated, and the prices of famous tobacco and alcohol are also the most cost-effective.

Dubai International Airport


Most worth buying: gold jewelry

Local tyrant gold has always been one of Dubai’s most famous "special products". Although it is difficult to find the 24k gold that Chinese people prefer, the price of 18k gold is also quite attractive, and most of the gold jewelry here has many special styles. It is very formal here, with clear prices and guaranteed quality.

Frankfurt Airport


Most worth buying: leather goods

BREE is a German local leather goods brand, famous for its natural and high-quality leather and simple design style. Although there are specialty stores in Shanghai, the price at Frankfurt Airport is much lower. In addition, the Times briefcase, which can be bought in China for nearly 600 yuan, only costs more than 100 euros here, and Punch's women's bags can be bought for less than XNUMX euros.

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport


Most worth buying: French wine

Although many skin care products and make-ups that are very popular among Chinese are made in France, they are not the most worth buying goods at Charles de Gaulle Airport. The most not to be missed here is French wine. It is said that Charles de Gaulle Airport has the most variety of wines in France. And because there are no tariffs, it is much more cost-effective than buying in France. The cheapest is only a dozen euros.

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