They are mainly not sympathetic to the poor in China, nor hatred of corrupt officials, but they believe that their beautiful homeland, Australia, should not become a place for corrupt officials in China to hide their dirt!

Mysterious mansion. This is the first impression that Australians have of the "mysterious rich" from China. Australia has a short history. The land is privately owned. There is no land reform and forced demolition. Real estate registration and transfer are clear. Almost every big house has a name. This is very different from the legend of a mysterious and important leader living in Beijing's XX Hutong. For example, we all know the address and house number of the house where the “party and state leaders” in Australia live. Even the investment houses he purchased (including those overseas) must be truthfully declared in accordance with the "Sunshine Act" and can be publicly searched. If you want, next time I will take you to take a photo of the prime minister's mansion.

Therefore, in Australia, it is difficult to have a "mysterious mansion" without knowing who the owner is, let alone a mansion. However, as the number of Chinese immigrating businessmen, especially the unidentified "rich people", has increased. There have been more "mysterious houses" that are unnamed and mostly vacant, sometimes on the same street. Australians (especially the neighbors of those big houses) have some opinions on this. The reason why the Chinese mansion is mysterious is of course not because the source of the money is unknown and the owner deliberately kept a low profile. It is also because the names registered by the Chinese in Pinyin are more repeated. If you really want to check, you can’t find out who it is. of.

Compared with Australia's practice of completely publicly registering real estate, the Chinese corrupt officials here have reason to feel uncomfortable. Independent houses in Australia are single-family houses, exposed to broad daylight, and there is no concept of security and community at all. Unlike the luxury apartments in mainland China, which are hidden between high-rise buildings, there are security guards at the gate of the community. I have a very well-known Australian journalist friend who once took a photo on the roadside in Australia's most luxurious area. As a result, a Chinese came out of the mansion and interfered with him, asking him not to photograph the mansion behind him.

You know, real estate in Australia does not have "portrait rights." You are built next to public places and land. Of course, everyone can take pictures with this background. The reporter really didn't come to shoot the house at the time, but just passed by here and took a picture. The Chinese intervened in taking pictures, but it made him more mindful. Then he went to the relevant registration department to check the house, and found that the owner turned out to be...

The second impression that China's corrupt officials lurking here gives Australians is "living elsewhere." The earliest Chinese immigrants to Australia were all too poor, but we were hardworking, brave and ignorant, and sometimes shameless (this "shameless" is not derogatory, which means that they disregarded Australia’s moral standards, white cats and black cats. Crazy catching mice), so basically they can start from nothing, or even start a small business. Later, a lot of Chinese wealthy people suddenly flooded in. Buying luxury houses in the most expensive areas is like going to a vegetable market to buy vegetables. Even the children in Australia were shocked.

At first, they thought that Chinese people got rich because of hard work. They were really envious, jealous and hateful, but soon they came back to their senses: these people who spent huge sums of money to buy luxury houses were not the early Chinese who worked day and night in Australia. International students and immigration. These are two groups, two kinds of Chinese, who work hard, at most able to gain a foothold and support their families, while those who are rich and rich do not have to work at all or do not work at all in Australia. They bought a house and lived there occasionally. Even if they lived there, they would never interact with their neighbors. They often changed their luxury cars, and they were all "Australians" who could not speak English...

My friend who works in the Australian government told me yesterday that Chinese people often think that Australia (and the United States and Canada) will help them hide because of the huge money brought by Chinese corrupt officials, and even welcome them. He said this is a misunderstanding and Australia welcomes them. Those who can come to Australia to create wealth, create employment opportunities, or come here to contribute their knowledge and labor overseas immigrants. Corrupt officials, although they bring money, they neither invest nor do business. In addition to looking for a few nannies from China to serve them, they are casinos and brothels. Although consumption is also a contribution, But it is really not as useful to the Australian economy as China believes.

The official emphasized that the group of corrupt Chinese officials who lived in "mysterious mansions" and spent a lot of time still poses a huge threat to the values ​​of honesty and hard work that Australians believe in. He said that some wealthy Chinese people who came too easily and did not have proper laws and regulations, especially their second generation, sometimes made Australia feel like returning to the era of colonial plunder, where they made money by unscrupulous means and disregarded moral consumption. He personally thinks that it would be a good choice to send these corrupt Chinese officials back to China. However, he also admitted that the judicial process is not simple, especially for corrupt Chinese officials who have obtained Australian passports. Australia’s first consideration is to protect its "citizens."

Unlike officials, some ordinary Australians don't care about politics, but they can certainly feel that more and more Chinese appear around them and become their neighbors. The first Chinese students and immigrants who came to Australia were a “threat” to the lower-level people in Australia: Chinese people worked day and night, which made many Australian workers and individual businessmen feel that their competitiveness was declining (see the sidebar "The Industrious Chinese What is not welcome")). Therefore, at the beginning, they were more welcome to the wealthy in Australia. But then wealthy people like "house buying groups" from mainland China made them overwhelmed.

This is ridiculous, but it may be difficult for the Chinese to understand. The mainland Chinese "housing groups" come to Australia and Canada to buy houses. In the short term, the price of houses in a place can rise sharply. Australians have houses. They should be happy. Why can't it be too much? Because many Australians do not speculate in real estate, they just buy a house to live in according to their own ability. For example, his house is worth 50 (Australian dollars or Canadian dollars), and if you Chinese come over and fire up the surrounding houses, his house will naturally be fired up to 100 million. This Australian's wealth has doubled all of a sudden, why is he still unhappy and can't afford it?

First, he believes that the house should not be worth so much. There must be problems behind the skyrocketing increase; second, his children will buy a house in the future, but the salary has not risen, how can they afford it? What’s more ridiculous is the third. He used to live in a house of only 50 yuan, and he paid less taxes and fees, management fees, etc., but now you have fired his house to 100 million yuan all at once. Regardless of the Australians who are down (almost no savings), what money should they use to pay for this unwarranted increase in fees? Especially for some retired old men and old ladies, you are not forcing them to sell their houses.

There are cultural issues, lifestyle habits and attitudes towards money and wealth, but more importantly, differences in values. When some of my Australian friends learned about the "Chinese corrupt officials in Australia" that has been hot in the media these days, they almost all support the government to cooperate with China to "recover" corrupt officials. The ostensible reason is that there are still so many poor people in China. How can so many corrupt officials be allowed to go unpunished in Australia?

But deep down, they are mainly not sympathetic to the poor in China, nor hatred of corrupt officials (there are almost no corrupt officials in Australia, and no one can hate them), but they believe that their beautiful homeland Australia , Should not become a place for China's corrupt officials to hide dirt!

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