Since the reform and opening up, China has produced more billionaires than the United States, accounting for almost a quarter of the world's billionaires. The emergence of these rich people not only carries a bloody original sin, but after becoming rich, they are generally rich and unkind, and rich and unkind. How can the common people not have a "hatred of the rich" towards these rich people, and the profound class contradictions that appear in this "hatred of the rich" social atmosphere have also brought great changes to China's direction!

XNUMX. "Mentality of hatred of the rich" has become a widespread social stereotype.

Phoenix Finance "Chinese Wealth Outlook Survey": What do you think of wealth? As many as 65% of people believe that “wealth is the original sin, and only people with corrupted morals can become very rich”. From the investigation of Phoenix Finance, combined with the current social hatred of the rich, the current social hatred of the rich has formed in China. The rich in China are generally excluded from the people’s psychology, and the rich in China have not gained huge amounts of money. Wealth is respected by society, and they are not only the most insignificant in the hearts of the people, but they are even despised by the people. Even the Taiwanese Li Ao, who is known as the "democracy fighter", believes that 99% of the rich in China are criminals! .

Regarding the widespread "hatred of the rich" in this kind of society, some "big mouth" experts, some experts and scholars who specialize in learning tongues for the rich said: It is the common people who are suffering from "red eye." This is simply looking down upon others. Since ancient times: people's heart is God's will. The fundamental reason for the people’s "hate the rich" is that they hate some rich people for their unscrupulous, fearless, fearless greed and plunder. It is the hatred of some rich people who dare to trample all the laws of the world, and the wealth obtained by taking risks is profound. The original sin. This psychological antagonism between the rich and the poor directly reflects a profound class contradiction and is also a class antagonism.

XNUMX. The formation of the rich in China is closely linked to bloody crimes.

Let me ask: Since China's reform and opening up, how many billionaires have been created by these crimes?

One is the nourishment of corruption. In particular, China’s first generation to become rich and wealthy is almost always colluding with officials, even relatives of high-ranking officials, making huge fortunes in power-for-money transactions, using illegal means to seize ill-gotten wealth from the state and the collective. A report published by the National Bureau of Statistics: Private, foreign-funded enterprises and other economic types of practitioners, those who use state monopoly to control social and natural resources, power and money traders, tax evaders and other various improper income earners, get rich first Get up ("Twenty years of reform and opening up-who got rich first" Xinhua News Agency special article, October 20, 1998). Shanxi’s richest man Xing Libin purchased 10 million tons of state-owned mines for 12 million yuan, which is equivalent to 8000 yuan per ton of coal, which can be called the "cabbage price", and became the richest man in Shanxi. His current assets exceed 1.5 billion yuan. So, why does he get the price of cabbage? Ding Shumiao, a woman from Shanxi Village, came to Liu Zhijun, Minister of Railways. She has been looking for beautiful women for a long time, and she has invested in a new version of "Dream of Red Mansions" in a creative way. With the benefit fee, she grabbed 0.57 billion and her assets surged by 24 billion. However, are the wealthy people created in this way only an isolated phenomenon?

Under the guise of attracting business and investment, local governments have taken the initiative to provide these rich people with free land and mines, and how much tax did they evade? What's more, the wealthy who have risen, as their economic status improves, they also demand the regime, and use money to infiltrate all levels of power, find agents, or directly buy officials to join the regime. Using the power agents they seek, or directly bribing the election rights, they will seek greater benefits. Nowadays, almost all the rich and powerful have entered the CPPCC and people's congresses at all levels. This is an indisputable fact! After plundering the people and then representing the people, can they speak for the people? Who heard what they said for the people? What a great irony!

As for the rich among the officials, it can be said that all of them depend on the proceeds of crime. Wang Qishan pointed out angrily at a recent high-level meeting of financial institutions: "Financial institutions, especially the upper level, are not all but almost 1% are already multi-millionaires. They borrow 2000 million yuan to receive 5000 million (RMB) private rebates, with a monthly salary of 4. Yuan, a bonus of 5 to XNUMX, which company made this agreement, it is dark enough, too dark! And a billionaire like Liu Zhijun is not a corrupt person, and that is not based on vicious crime to make money?

The second is to rely on the underworld to rob. The underworld refers to a set of organized criminal groups that are contrary to the legal order in order to obtain illegal benefits. Some wealthy people in China colluded with the underworld or directly organized the underworld to get rich by bullying the market and grabbing mining resources. Is this still a secret? The black boss in Heilongjiang, Qiao Si, gathered gangsters to help developers violently demolition and monopolize the entire Harbin demolition and construction market. Occupy many entertainment venues and use money to buy government officials; Liaoning black boss Liu Yong, former chairman of the Shenyang Jiayang Group, colluded with the former Shenyang City Chief and Deputy Mayor and other senior officials to obtain Shenyang Middle Street for free—"the No. A piece of land in "Jin Street" is worth hundreds of millions; Zhao Yuanliang, the boss of the "Qinglong Gang" in Guizhou, has been beating, smashing, robbing, raping, and killing people in the downtown area of ​​Liupanshui for a long time, relying on violence to monopolize the ore market. As a result, there was a popular saying in Shenyang: Graduates from Peking University are not as good as those from Dabei (prison). In some cities, the common people once said this: There is only the underworld here, there is no Communist Party! How many criminal organizations are there in China? In the Mao Zedong era, not only did the old underworld organizations that had existed for hundreds of years disappeared, but there was no underworld organization!

The third is to make a fortune from pornography, gambling and drugs. Among China's billionaires, a considerable number of people have made windfall wealth by organizing prostitution, gambling, drug trafficking, and smuggling. Otherwise, how could China exist for a while and maintain the existence of more than 1000 million prostitutes for a long time? Look at the rich people in Shenyang who made their fortunes from opening bathing centers. Almost all of them made their fortunes from organizing prostitution! Liu Junyong, the boss of the "First Gang in Central Hunan", has a complete "underground economy" in the local area, from organizing prostitution to setting up casinos, loan sharking, drug trafficking, collusion of bids, engineering extortion, and counterfeiting of coins. It is no exaggeration to say that there are quite a number of rich people in China, who were formerly social scum, and now they are also hooliganism! How many rich people like Lai Changxing have made their fortunes by bribing officials to smuggle and make their fortunes? As a result, Premier Zhu Rongji once said harshly to the inspection department: As long as the smuggling ship can be destroyed, I will build it for you if you want a cruiser!

The fourth is to cut corners and suck blood. In recent years, all kinds of extremely serious safety accidents in China have all sought the reasons from the lack of security measures, but forgot to find the root cause from the nature of the exploitation of private ownership, and find the reason from the rich people cutting corners! China's construction industry is a region with high levels of corruption. From the beginning of bidding to the final acceptance, there is no corruption in any link. As China's supervision department and the supervision industry, the whole is dead! And almost no rich man who has made a fortune in construction does not cut corners, and almost no project does not cut corners. China’s building collapses, bridge collapses, road breaks, mine subsidences, dike collapses, etc. are almost commonplace. This not only caused the country’s economic losses, but also how many innocent lives were eaten up? Development is the last word, but what is development for? The fundamental purpose of development is the happiness of the people. The "tofu dregs project" created by the wealthy people cut corners and made the people's lives without protection. How can the people's happiness begin? Xinhua Net News: Behind the continuous occurrence of production safety accidents: the existence of power for personal gain and corruption (June 2013, 6). But it is very annoying that there have been so many construction quality accidents, so many people have died, and almost all are gone. How many builders have been investigated? How many times have you given the people a transparent and satisfactory account?

As for the crimes committed by taking risks in order to grab high profits, they are even more diverse: such as arresting laborers to work in mines, imprisoning disabled people for hard labor, deducting migrant workers’ wages, tax evasion, manufacturing counterfeit and shoddy products, and grabbing farmers’ land. Even killing and surrendering. How many miners were killed in the mines opened by coal bosses alone? While the coal boss plundered resources, he also created what a hell on earth! It is no exaggeration to say that among the primitive accumulation of Chinese capital, coal bosses are the bloodiest, the most shameless, the most greedy, and the most hateful! Many rich people who broke out were even Huang Shiren than Huang Shiren. The greed, shamelessness and bloody of capital are vividly reflected in them!

Even the "People's Daily" published an article on August 8 this year: "Too many people in China get rich through the nepotism of'feudal capitalism' (for example, many private mines come from illegally acquiring national resources at low prices),'barbaric capital The capital appreciation of “ism” (for example, many real estate companies are hoping to rise). These problems have caused great social unfairness. They are the intolerable part of the gap between the rich and the poor, and the darkest parts of feudalism and capitalism. "

Let me ask: Are there any billionaires who dare to kneel in front of Chairman Mao's portrait and point the sky: There is no illegal or criminal record to make a fortune. I believe there will be a few, but there will never be more!

XNUMX. I didn't see "get rich first and help rich later", but saw the desire for extravagance.

National People's Congress representative Zhong Nanshan criticized the fallacy of letting a few people get rich first: the rich can be trusted, and the sow will definitely climb the tree! There are now 2013 million poor children in China, two meals a day, and steamed buns are lunch (Ban Yue Tan, June 06, 17); but after China’s billionaires became rich first, a few people became rich first. After the rich, how many people really did something good? On the one hand, it is rich or bad, and there is no accumulation of yin and virtue; on the other hand, it is extravagant and desperate, like a piece of rotten meat.

One is to be rich or unkind, and not to lose money! Some wealthy people in the old society still knew how to accumulate yin virtues to conceal their children. Now the rich people in China recognize money and believe nothing, and even use up the yin virtues of their children and grandchildren! The number of billionaires in China ranks first in the world, but China’s charitable donations have nothing to do with the number of rich people. Few rich people participate in China’s philanthropy, and Chinese rich people are stingy and “world famous”. There are more than 1000 million companies registered in China’s industry and commerce, but no more than 10 have donated records. 99% of the companies have never participated in donations and never do any good deeds. In the donation records of more than 8000 enterprises registered in Mianyang and charity associations, the local wealthy people donated zero. How many cities like China where the rich have zero donations? There are more rich people in China than in the United States, why donations only go to XNUMX% of the money donated by the rich in the United States.

The only sign of the top rich in China is money, and the sign of the top rich in the United States is charity. Bill Gates announced a naked donation and successfully persuaded 40 billionaires to pledge to donate half of their wealth (at least $1500 billion). Buffett and Gates initiated the "donate half of their wealth to charity", which is expected to attract 6000 this year. Billion dollars in donations. The 200 top richest Americans took the initiative to write to Obama: Please tax me more! China's rich will only do everything possible to evade taxes! Even Mr. Bill Gates couldn’t look down on the stinginess of the Chinese rich. He came to China to advise donations. Almost no one attended the donation dinner (fortunately, Chen Guangbiao announced the naked donation, which is also China’s first naked donation). Why is it still not aroused the attention of many rich people when foreigners come to persuade donations? However, local governments only create rich people, and officials at all levels only "hook shoulders" with the rich. Why don't they guide the rich to donate?

The second is the extreme desire for extravagance, shocking the world. Chinese billionaires do not donate money or do good deeds, but they spend a lot of money on luxury goods, and they are more cruel and cruel to fight for the rich.

China's luxury goods consumption ranks first in the world. At the end of 2011, the total annual consumption of China’s luxury goods market reached US$126 billion (excluding private jets, yachts and luxury cars), accounting for 28% of the global share. In 2012, China’s luxury goods consumption totaled 3060 billion yuan, and China’s luxury goods consumption Already accounted for one-third of the world, the total consumption of luxury goods in mainland China ranks first in the world, and China's wealthy people have helped China's luxury goods sales enter the "motor car era" with an annual growth rate of 15%.

In Shanxi, which is still in a post-development area, the number of privately owned top luxury cars such as Bentleys, Hummers and Rolls-Royce has exceeded 100. The boss of Shanxi No.XNUMX Coal Group gave his daughter six Ferrari cars in the dowry.

Yang Zi, CEO of China Juli Group, owns the only ultra-long Hummer in Asia with a length of 10.5 meters. The mobile phone used is worth 22 US dollars. He wears an emerald ring that was only produced in 46 billion years. He also collects the world 10 A big watch, like the world's top fashion, Armania fashion is 9 sets when he buys it, each of his business cards is worth 45 dollars, he has a huge horse farm, and one of the six horses raised is a German thoroughbred racehorse, which is worth 1500 before retirement. Ten thousand Hong Kong dollars....... Check Yangzi's personal extravagant consumption, there are heavy ink records on the Internet, but why can't I find the donation record of Juli Group online?

The 7000 million richest man in Shanxi held a luxurious wedding for his daughter. The richest man in Shanxi, Xing Libin, spent 7000 million yuan in a luxurious wedding for his daughter in Sanya. The concert held by the hired star is comparable to CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala. What is a rich country and a rich city? Just let you poor ghosts see and see, the luxury of this coal boss's fight for wealth has made the kings of Spain and other countries sigh, how can they shock the world!

In contrast, a 68-year-old man in Henan pulled a cart to sell wheat straw for 50 yuan. This kind of thing is common in Henan Guangshan and other places; a mother actually forced her four-year primary school daughter into prostitution to make money and pay rent; one in Henan An old mother who was nearly seventy years old in a poor mountainous area had no money to travel. With two steamed buns on her back, she hiked for 11 days, walked 300 kilometers to prison spies and so on. These rich and extravagant consumption, do not consider the feelings of the poor at all? The lack of social conscience in this way is really "God wants you to perish, must first make you crazy"?

Hundreds of thousands of real estate. In the Beiliang shanty town of Baotou City alone, the per capita housing area is less than 15 square meters and the per capita monthly income is less than 500 yuan. There are 12.4 urban poor. In comparison, Yang Guangliang, deputy mayor of Maoming, has 140 real estates and 12 billion in cash; Chuxiong Governor Yang Hongwei has 230 real estates and 17 billion in cash; Hangzhou Deputy Mayor Xu Maiyong has 250 real estates and 14 billion in cash; Shanxi Pu County Coal Director Hao Pengjun 350 sets of real estate, 30 billion in cash; 460 sets of real estate in Huang Sheng, vice governor of Shandong, 90 billion in cash; 840 sets of real estate in Huang Meng, director of Zhejiang Provincial Drug Administration, with 20 billion in cash; Minister of Railway Liu Zhijun only has 374 sets of real estate, these real estate courts The trial is not among the bribery and so on. With such a strong contrast, how can the poor not be "jealous"!

More than 560 billion yuan a year invested in the United States to buy houses. A wealthy Chinese man who came to the United States for her 2-year-old daughter to go to school to have a house to live in. He bought a room in a school district near Columbia University or New York University for 650 million U.S. dollars (over 4000 million yuan), at a price of 23 yuan per square meter. Purchased. In 2012 alone, according to the “Wall Street Journal” report: Chinese buyers spent US$90 billion (over 560 billion yuan) on the US real estate market, second only to Canadians in purchases. Chinese buyers have established themselves in big cities such as New York and are expanding into small and medium-sized cities, which may change the structure of American real estate in the future. Buying a house in the United States can only live in, but not real estate speculation. Where there are complete rules and regulations restricting investors’ real estate speculation, buying a house in the United States also has to pay high taxes and fees.

Ready to play with 1500 women. The extravagance of rich officials shocked the world even more. The private lives of corrupt officials who made their fortunes almost by corruption are extremely corrupt. Wu Zhiming, who was worth 5000 million yuan in bribery alone, had to play 2015 women before 1500, and at least one-third of "good family women". When he was arrested last year, he was fighting fiercely in bed with two women. The "Happy Testimony" and "Happy Diary" written by him were also found afterwards. Engaging in the "Hundred Talent Project" and "Thousand Talent Project" has become a fashion for the rich. Gu Junshan, the former deputy head of the People’s Liberation Army, involved more than 200 billion yuan in the case and spent 1200 million on supporting a lover. Rich and corrupt officials like this are almost common problems, and there is no need to list them. Compared with many poor wives who can't afford to marry, how can these rich people not let the poor "spoil blood" so corrupt!

He spent 200 million dollars on bail for his son. In November 2012, Xu Yichun, a Chinese student studying at South Bhuj Strait Community College in Seattle, drove a Mercedes-Benz C11 that he had just bought and killed one person and injured 350 people. He was taken into custody by the police. Xu Yichun's mother made a special trip from China and brought her son to court at the bail hearing on March 3. U.S. prosecutors were stunned: "It is rare to see anyone who can pay such a high amount of bail."

These kinds of things are everywhere, too numerous to mention. These billionaires are so extravagant, how can they not make the people angry! And what will this atmosphere of resentment bring to China's future?

XNUMX. The root cause of the "rich immigrants" tide is to escape crime!

Just as the world is experiencing a climax of immigration to China (including returnees), the number of international students to China is growing at a rate of 11%. The immigration team led by the Mayor of New York City released a report on May 5: After the implementation of China’s “talent development” plan As many as 29% of Chinese in the United States return from the United States. In such a big situation, a wave of wealthy people (including 55 million naked officials) immigrating abroad is extremely abnormal in China.

In April this year, China Merchants Bank and Bain jointly released the "4 China Private Wealth Report": Among high-net-worth individuals with personal investable assets of RMB 2011 million, 1000% of respondents have completed or are considering investment immigration. Among the wealthy with investment assets of more than 60 million yuan, 27% have completed immigration and 47% said they are considering it. The official website of the USCIS: Chinese accounted for 2011/3 of the immigrants in the United States for investment immigration in 4. A total of 2969 Chinese citizens applied for EB-5 visas for investment immigration, of which 934 were approved; nearly 6.8 were in China last year. Those who were born became permanent residents of the United States, ranking second in the world after Mexico. Last year, the number of investment immigration from mainland China to Canada accounted for 62.6% of all investment immigration that year, reaching 2020. Chen Zuofu, vice president of China Construction Bank, revealed in an interview with the media that in 2009 alone, 3000 people from the mainland had immigrated to the United States and Canada with investment, with a total investment of more than 80 billion yuan.

The wealth of these tycoons benefited from reform and opening up, but they did not take on the responsibility of "getting rich first and helping rich later." Setting off such a large-scale overseas immigration wave of wealthy people has not only caused China's wealth loss, brain drain, tax drain, and consumption loss, but also has a profound impact on China's "olive society". Then, why do these wealthy tycoons rush away to help the "post-rich" abroad? There are a lot of high-sounding reasons, but the most fundamental reason, the most shameful reason, and the hardest reason to utter the unspoken reason, is that the wealth they grab is not well-founded and full of blood and violence. , Fraud, corruption, the root cause of "rich immigrants" is to escape crime, to escape the sanctions of the people in the future!

For China to truly fight corruption and anti-corruption, it must be combined with the strict investigation of the rich and criminal. Because every rich man who rises by crime is a piece of soil that hides dirt and breeds corruption. Every time a corrupt high-ranking official is arrested, several rich men are involved behind the scenes; every time a rich man is involved in Dongchuang incidents, several officials must be selected. But now there are many departments in charge of the people, and the people are more than an iron fist. But for the rich who rely on crime to accumulate wealth, not only lacks supervision power, but also lacks supervision laws. It has almost become a blank area for supervision, and even supervision departments and the rich. Stunned. For this reason, while the state restricts public servants from going abroad, while arresting corrupt officials fleeing, it should also have a statement about rich immigrants (many people are closely connected with corrupt officials and crimes), and you can't just watch them sweep away their wealth! "When you come out, you always have to pay it back!"