Kangaroo Island is a well-known ecological nature reserve and holiday resort in Australia. It is one of the must-visit places in South Australia. The capital city of Adelaide is 113 km away. The island is 150 kilometers long and 40 kilometers wide, making it the third largest island in Australia. As the sun is shining in all seasons, the days are long and the climate is warm, it is an ideal holiday destination suitable throughout the year. In South Australia, there is a saying, "If you travel to South Australia, if you have not been to Kangaroo Island, you are not really here."

Kangaroo Island's itinerary is very rich. You will find that it is completely a natural biological comfort zone. There are interesting animals such as kangaroo, platypus, koala, sea lion, echidna, seal, penguin, etc. There are also many kinds of exotic flowers that are eye-opening. The island has secluded beaches, rugged coastlines, wildlife and natural trails. In addition, there are many sunken ships near the sea, and divers can also explore the water. It is safe to swim on the beaches on the north shore of Kangaroo Island, including Emu Bay, Stokes Bay and Snelling Beach, as well as Island Beach on the Dudley Peninsula. Beach). The southern coast is more suitable for strong and experienced swimmers due to the dangerous retreating currents. At the same time, you can also choose to dive along the American River or the Western Bay to watch the coral cliffs and rock reefs under the sea. The island also organizes various sports competitions, including Australian football, cricket, darts, karting, lawn bowls, netball, sailing, softball, squash and tennis.

There are many ways to get to Kangaroo Island. Such as airplanes, bus ferry, self-driving cars. The easiest way is to take a plane, which is a more convenient and convenient choice, and it can save a lot of driving and ferry time. However, coach tours are also popular with those who only have one day to travel to Kangaroo Island. In the morning, board the bus and follow the beautiful mountains and seas along Phil Avenue to Zevis Point Pier, the southernmost section of the Phil Peninsula. Change the ferry to Kangaroo Island. From here, the journey officially kicked off. The entire ferry takes about 45 minutes. The ferry is very stable and reliable most of the time. However, winter is the rainy season in South Australia. If you choose to take a ferry in winter, you will need to prepare some seasickness medicine if the weather is bad.


After crossing the strait to Pennyshaw, Kangaroo Island, you will find that the entire island is a national natural park. Driving along the way, you can see the majestic bushes, open cliffs and huge rocks by the sea. In addition to the natural landscape, you can also see wild animals such as sheep, kangaroos, koalas, wild geese, etc., especially one A beach where you can live up close with groups of sea lions basking in the sun. The culture and wildlife here coexist harmoniously. Animals such as sea lions, penguins, dolphins, koalas and kangaroos all live in harmony in a natural world. Our experienced guide will take you on a stroll in Seal Bay, see the rare wild Australian sea lion habitat, and watch the little sea lions play cute.

Kangaroo Island has 21 national virgin forest parks and animal and plant nature reserves, accounting for 1/3 of the island's area, the largest of which is Flinders Keys National Park. In Flinders Chase National Park (Flinders Chase National Park), there are two major attractions. Including the iconic magical rocks, those seemingly crumbling granite stone forests (Remarkable Rocks) are formed after XNUMX million years of wind, rain and sea erosion. They are very spectacular. Another is "Admiral's Arch" (Admiral's Arch). If you stay in Kangaroo Island for a longer time, you can also visit Clifford's Honey Farm. Kangaroo Island is the home of the world's only purebred Liguria Bee.