The door of a thousand-year-old country opened, and the Chinese came. What happened later can only be described by these four words as "invincible." Netizens concluded: After the wave of Chinese immigrants arrived in foreign countries, the tragic experience of immigrants from other local countries...

The yellow-skinned Chinese came down from the sky in an airplane like the water of the Yellow River. How do you sing in the Internationale? By the way, the old world has fallen into disarray.

The early immigrants from various countries look fresh to the Chinese: they are not tall and have small eyes, but they are particularly shiny. It is said that they never rub sand. Regardless of any business, as long as those small eyes take aim, people from other countries don't want to do it anymore. Unfortunately, when foreigners discovered this truth, it was too late.

A Filipino immigrant with a deep hatred said: I was frugal, and finally saved enough money to buy a house. As a result, when the Chinese came, the American housing prices went up. They were too cheap to buy two sets. I It will take another fifteen years to relive my American dream. I hired me, this is what you Chinese often say "cheating", right?

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An honest Mexican immigrant said: I have been installing floors for XNUMX years, and I charge XNUMX per room, XNUMX less than the white. When the Chinese came, they paid XNUMX for work and materials, and they did it quickly and well. Customers are also invited to eat Chinese food. Where can we South Americans fight against Chinese who understand Sun Tzu's art of war? If we accept it, we should work for the Chinese.

A hard-working Japanese immigrant said: I have been driving Asian fast food for almost ten years, and each lunch sells for six to eight dollars. The business is okay. The Chinese came and opened a restaurant opposite my restaurant with the signature "One Dollar Chinese Restaurant."

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Yes, it's a dollar, a scoop of a dollar. If she wants to eat half full, she has to put eleven spoons of vegetables on the plate (just how small this spoon is), and add a spring roll, which is equivalent to a meal of 20 dollars. Americans who are not good at math always say, "Have you ever been to that one-dollar Chinese restaurant? It's so cheap!" I think about it with all my heart.

A good-feeling Indian immigrant said: Among Asian immigrants, we Indians are smart, hardworking, and good in English. We should be considered second-class whites. When the Chinese came, they were smarter than us, hardworking, and able to endure hardships. Stop by our side, whiter than any of us. Do you know what it's like to be sad and angry? I understand it anyway.

Don't say anything, everything is because: the Chinese are here.

In 2012, it was the complete end of the world for immigrants from all over the world. The tricks, shortcuts, and sidetracks they had accumulated in the United States over the past few decades have all collapsed with the intervention of the Chinese.

First, fake marriage. Immigrants from other countries are relatively low-key, and the immigration bureau turns a blind eye. As soon as the Chinese came, five thousand official holiday marriages occurred a year.

The couples fake a divorce first, and then each find someone else to fake the marriage, and each marriage costs US$XNUMX. Seeing that no one was in charge, I immediately blatantly advertised in the newspapers, looking for homes at home and looking for homes abroad. The industry chain was soon formed, and many companies started to chain globally.

The Immigration Bureau really couldn't bear it, cracking down, searching, and deporting, and soon closed the loopholes, and thus pronounced the "doomsday of fake marriage." The immigrants from various countries looked at each other in tears, and, let's say nothing, the Chinese are here.

Second, go to the United States to have children. Not only take nationality, but also eat relief, but also the whole family can immigrate. This path was originally stepped on by the Mexicans. Every year thousands of pregnant women point to this opportunity.

Yes, the Chinese are here. First, I bought a three-story apartment building in a luxury residential area, separated by more than one hundred suites, each of which lived a Chinese pregnant woman who came to the United States at a high price. The Americans in this county suddenly discovered that hundreds of Chinese pregnant women with big bellies were walking on the street.

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The American people were angry and reported them to the Immigration Bureau, the Health Bureau, the Fire Bureau, and the Tax Bureau. After a thorough crackdown and rectification, the confinement building was sealed. Today, even if pregnant women have visas to come to the United States, they may be denied entry at the port. The Chinese also blocked the road of "giving birth".

A Romanian immigrant asked me: Why are you Chinese doing everything so evil? You can't stop doing this? I asked him to give a few examples, and he said excitedly:

"You see, all countries put additives in food, including the United States. But you Chinese put them in all foods at the beginning. You put additives in all foods, and then you put chemical drugs directly. Let people die. Listen. Listen. It is safer to say that your domestic food is full of poisons, and it is safer to eat people directly."

An Egyptian immigrant said: "You Chinese seek the best in the world in everything you do. You must build the tallest buildings in the world, and you must give birth to the most people in the world. If it rains, you must be able to drown people. The high-speed rail must be the fastest in the world. And you have to be able to catch up. You play table tennis, you must include all the medals, not leave a piece for other countries, until the Olympic Games have to cancel this item; you go abroad to account for the largest number of foreign students, exports accounted for the world's largest Bit, why can't you guys be in the middle?

A Canadian immigrant said: "It is not practical for China to conquer the United States by fighting the United States. You only need to fill the newly built aircraft carrier with people and transport a few people to the United States, and the United States is completely finished."

Wherever the Yellow River-like Chinese rush to, the beauty of the "end of the world" will appear. . .

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