Recently, international oil prices can be said to have been falling all the way, and mourning is everywhere. Whether it is the once-prosperous Middle East or the country’s heavy industry, Russia is experiencing a long-lasting and powerful suppression, and the support level is constantly refreshing low points. This has given the entire international finance There has been a haze. Although a few happy and sad, China does not want Russia to go back to the old road of division. After all, it is now when the lips are dead and the teeth are cold, a healthy and energetic partner will not become a burden.

Gold is lower, oil is lower, and minerals are lower. . The currency that evaporates here every day can be said to be shocking. Many people say that China can buy bottom oil, but can it really buy bottom oil? Now that the United States has started its domestic oil industry, its output has surpassed that of the Middle East and Russia. Coupled with the United States’ energy pricing power, it can be said that it is a drop-in buy, and it will be locked up at any time. Since the United States has opened an energy dispute Then it will not end easily. As long as their confidant troubles still exist, they will not stop. Where is the bottom of the bargaining oil at this time? Of course, it does not rule out that oil falls to a lower price. It will be a disaster for the entire world. Russia will inevitably stand up and defend, and the Middle East will inevitably be gloomy. At that time, China and Europe as buyers will determine the direction of the entire world.

Of course, for the time being, falling oil prices are still positive. Russia will not die easily. This nation has always been; you have a good life and I have a good life. Everyone is good. If you don’t want me to live well, then everyone should not live well. Therefore, Putin has continued to conduct air dialogues on various occasions; Russia can smooth the United States, and the United States should not go too far. At the same time, it actively repairs relations with the EU, which also includes the lower level of Ukraine; it is like the current natural gas negotiations, although Ukraine said that it could not guarantee the safety of transit pipelines, but neither Europe nor Russia made a clear statement. Even Germany’s XNUMXth Red-Banner Merkel also appealed to Ukraine’s allies to help advance gas costs. This is an attempt to minimize the political impact of the Ukraine incident. , So that the U.S. can't make a fuss about Ukraine, what a pity! Ukraine has changed a lot now. The author mentioned many times in previous articles that Ukraine has embarked on a path of no return.

Oh, right. Vietnam is the most nervous about oil. Because of the confrontation at sea and the violent anti-China, we have fundamentally begun to draw the line, because Vietnam’s economy and people’s livelihood is very sensitive to oil. If it loses the support of oil, the country will be in turmoil. With Vietnam’s Chairman Nguyen Minh Tet’s visit to China, although Prime Minister Li received him, the magic weapon of Vietnam’s sacrifice of comrades and comrades in arms has expired. Once the planting of the island ends and international oil prices continue to fall, Vietnam will not attack. Self-breaking.

But is energy de-dollarization really easy to implement? not easy. . . How many years has the United States been biting the bone of energy? It’s not that no one opposes, Saddam and Gaddafi died under the gun of democracy? If you really want to fight a dog, you need a strong, walking hero. China is now; ten years of sharpening a sword, a thousand miles of speed, the blood of the enemy, the achievement of success, of course, China also has partners echoing each other, Russia and Iran is also fighting the enemy courageously. With the loud voices and red flags fluttering, Europe has also participated. The United States, which has no retreat before, has pursued troops finally! it has started! Most primitive! The most effective! The most stupid! Counterattack; assassination. . .

The CEO of France's Total, the world's fourth largest oil and gas company, crashed and died

A few days ago, a "Falcon-50" light aircraft flying from Moscow to Paris crashed at Moscow Vnukovo Airport. It is predicted that the cause of the crash was a collision with a snowplow on the take-off runway. The three crew members and one passenger and the driver of the snowplow were all killed. The passenger who died was the chairman of the board of directors and CEO of French oil and gas giant Total Group.

The site of the accident was in Russia, and the two sides negotiated on energy. This year, the West and Russia were tense because of the Ukraine crisis. Europe and the United States imposed multiple rounds of sanctions on Russia. However, Ma Zerui firmly opposed sanctions in the Western camp. Said that sanctions against Russia are "no benefit" to the global economy and actively promote de-dollarization of energy,

Therefore, this incident is definitely not as simple as an airplane encountering a snowplow, but a "beheading operation", which made all upcoming possibilities come to an abrupt end, thereby disrupting the unfavorable situation for the United States in the energy war. China and Europe, as major oil importers, are Those who have the conditions to fight against energy hegemony, and Ma Zerui represents the position of the whole of Europe.

Putin deeply mourned the accident of Ma Zerui, in which he pointed out eloquently that Russia will not stop because of the conspiracy. What about Europe? At present, Europe and the United States are basically turning their faces, and there is no retreat. When the United States once again "mistakes" military supplies to ISIS, it has already expressed its position; going to the US dollar will make you turbulent.

It can be said that the current international confrontation has already begun. The blood is dripping with each other except for the last veil. If China wants to sing triumph, the APCK in November will be a strength and The confrontation of perseverance, but I believe that China has made all preparations, even if the black hands of "Occupy Central" have been exposed, even if the Japanese siege begins (Japan goes to Thailand to sell high-speed rail), even if the small South China Sea country is still jumping up and down, but it has been wind and rain. Zhonghua will not be afraid, she is like a reef cliff standing on the sea, despite the high winds and waves, she still points at the sky! !

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