Today, the 2014 Hurun Charity List was released. Ma Yun, the richest man in China, became the best benefactor in China in 2014, donating 145 billion yuan. The number of donations in education is the largest, followed by social welfare and disaster relief.

In the latest issue of the Hurun Report, the richest man in China-Alibaba's Jack Ma became the "145 China's most generous philanthropist" with a donation of 2014 billion yuan, and at the same time became the "2014 China's most generous philanthropist", also surpassing the most recent One year Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, America's first best friend (a donation of 70 billion yuan). Hu Run said: "This is the first time that China's richest man has become China's best benefactor at the same time."

Alibaba’s second shareholder, 50-year-old Cai Chongxin, surpassed the recently popular $62 million donation to Harvard University's Chen Qizong, Chen Lezong, and Li Ka-shing with a donation of 3.5 billion US dollars, becoming the new best benefactor in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in 2014.

The 63-year-old Huang Rulun of Century Jinyuan ranked second with a donation of 5.8 million yuan, mainly donating to build three middle schools; 60-year-old Wang Jianlin ranked third with a donation of 4.4 million yuan, mainly donating to cultural and sports and local charities Always.

China’s philanthropy record has reached a record high. The average donation of the top 100 philanthropists on the list has increased by 264% over last year, exceeding 2 million yuan. If the top philanthropist Jack Ma’s 145 billion yuan is excluded, the average donation of the remaining philanthropists on the list has increased compared with last year 8.6%, which is 6,078 million yuan. The entry threshold has risen by 100 million yuan from last year to 1,200 million yuan.

The philanthropist has changed dramatically. There are 71 new philanthropists on the list, the most over the years. From the headquarters point of view, among the top 100 philanthropists on the list, there are 18 new regional leaders; from the place of birth, 13 new local leaders were born.

The number of donations in education is the largest, accounting for 27%; the second is social welfare, accounting for 20%; the third is disaster relief, accounting for 19%; poverty alleviation accounts for 11%. Among them, the amount of donations for disaster relief has greatly increased, mainly due to the Ya'an earthquake in Sichuan last year. The alma mater has the largest number of donations in the education field. The biggest winner of this year’s alma mater’s donation is Chongqing University, last year it was Nanjing University and Renmin University of China.

The establishment of foundations or funds has become a new model for entrepreneurs to participate in charity. The most donated is Alibaba's Jack Ma donating 145 billion Alibaba equity to establish a foundation.

Organizing donation activities has become an effective way for charity federations everywhere to raise funds. Among the most successful ones are Guangdong Poverty Alleviation Day and Guangdong Yanyang Charity Foundation.

Nearly half of the philanthropists on the list are involved in the real estate industry (48), and half of the top ten real estate developers; the manufacturing industry ranks second with 15; the IT industry ranks third with 11.

Cantonese businessmen are still the most generous, with 28 people on the list, 3 more than last year; Fujian businessmen have decreased by 5 compared with last year, with 10 people, but still ranked second; Zhejiang businessmen have increased by 2 people and 10 people compared with last year. Quotient tied for second place. Su businessmen rose rapidly, doubled from last year to 1 people, and their ranking climbed from seventh to fourth. Sichuan merchants and Hui merchants also increased more; Beijing and Hunan merchants decreased more.

Guangdong is still the region with the most philanthropists setting up corporate headquarters, with 29 people on the list; Beijing dropped by 2 places compared with last year, but still ranked second with 10, Jiangsu increased by 3 places and ranked third, with 9 people on the list ; Zhejiang increased by 4 places over last year, with 7 people on the list, ranking fourth. Fujian dropped 8 places compared with last year, with only 5 on the list and missed the top three.

14 female philanthropists made the list, the same as last year, and slightly lower than the 20% of the richest women on the list.

22% of the philanthropists on the list have political identities, higher than the 13.7% of the rich list.


Only 12 and 4 philanthropists in Hong Kong and Taiwan can reach the threshold of this year's Hurun Charity List. There are also 2 overseas Chinese, but Macau does not. In the "2014 Hurun Global Rich List", there are 458 Greater China entrepreneurs, of which 291 live in the mainland, 65 live in Hong Kong, 37 live in Taiwan, 2 live in Macau, and 63 live abroad . Hu Run said: "Mainland philanthropists do charity better than many people think. One of the reasons why Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan look so bad is that they started doing charity early. The donations have already been donated in the early years, not this year. Within the statistical scope of the list, on the other hand, the transparency of charity in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan is not as high as I thought."


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