There are two tips for buying a property in Australia. One is to maintain a house (buying a house with a loan, and then use the appreciation of the property to cash in to continue to buy a new house), and the other is to maintain a school (using the appreciation of the rent of overseas purchases to offset the child’s tuition). An open secret in the Australian real estate industry.

In fact, whether you want to use these tricks, whether you want to use the house to support school or the house to support the house, the Australian property you buy must meet two words, that is, appreciation.

The property purchased does not appreciate, I believe no one will buy it. But among the many areas in Australia, which property is the most reliable place to invest in? How to determine that a project has growth potential?

Capital appreciation element analysis and investment law puts Australian real estate investment in hand

In the mature overseas real estate investment market, successful investors all judge and analyze through the capital appreciation element analysis investment method:

Capital appreciation element analysis The investment method is to select which market characteristics and factors can promote the increase of the value of the house based on the strong and weak relationship that affects the value of real estate. The following are the elements that are usually considered and judged:

Municipal planning: new railways, bridges, large-scale government-planned projects and projects, satellite cities, etc.

Employment opportunities: knowledge economy zone, new shopping center, hospital, company headquarters, etc.

Housing supply: Long-term shortage of supply.

Demographic factors: high growth rate, steady increase in the number of growth, steady increase in income, etc.

Transportation facilities: highways, railways, tunnels, bridges, docks, etc.

Public facilities: shopping centers, banks, hospitals, entertainment facilities, etc.

Famous schools and famous enterprises: the headquarters of well-known primary and secondary schools, universities, multinational companies or well-known enterprises, etc.

Human landscape: mountains, water, lakes, islands, parks, scenic spots, etc.

Among the eight factors of concern, municipal planning, employment opportunities, population growth, and property supply are at the forefront. These are the first considerations for overseas property buyers. Because any region has the strong backing of municipal administration, the government will inevitably inject fresh capital blood into this region and increase economic energy. The introduction of regional capital will also bring more jobs. There are more jobs and more people, and the ultimate result must be people's demand for residential and rental housing. When there is demand, land prices will rise accordingly.

To judge the future development of a project, we must pay attention to all aspects of it, such as new railways, bridges, new economic development zones, financial and commercial regional centers, government functional service centers, large-scale projects and projects that provide job opportunities, etc. Wait. Other aspects such as transportation facilities, public facilities, famous schools, famous enterprises, and cultural landscapes are also in the scope of judging project development. If the comprehensive score exceeds 100 points, and many plans in the area are areas that are about to start and build, its investment value is the greatest, and the location has the strongest investment advantage.