1. Beijing representative dish: Beijing roast duck

Beijing roast duck is known as "the world's delicacy". It is famous at home and abroad for its red color, tender meat, mellow taste, and fat but not greasy characteristics.

2. Tianjin representative dish: pot collapsed loin

The wok collapsed tenderloin is made with pork tenderloin as the main ingredient. It has a bright yellow color, a clear and fresh taste, and a salty flavor.

3. Hebei representative dish: donkey meat fire

Donkey meat fire is a famous snack popular in North China, which originated in Baoding City, Hebei Province. That is, the cooked donkey meat is put into the fire and eaten, the fire tastes crispy, the donkey meat is fat but not greasy, and the aftertaste is mellow.

4. Shanxi representative dish: oily pork

At first it was a famous official dish, but it spread to Taiyuan and gradually spread in Shanxi. This dish is characterized by bright golden color, salty taste and vinegar, soft texture on the outside, transparent juice and a little oil.

5. Representative dish of Inner Mongolia: hand-picked lamb

"Hand-picked meat" means hand-caught lamb, which is a kind of red food. The Mongolian people call meat food red food, and Mongolian called "Ulan Yide". According to the habits of herders, hand-picked meat is generally used for dinner.

6. Heilongjiang representative dish: pot wrapped meat

The dish is golden in color, crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, sweet and sour, and not greasy when eaten. It is very suitable for summer consumption, in order to achieve the purpose of appetizing and increasing appetite.
7. Jilin representative dish: steamed white fish

Since ancient times, fishermen on the Songhua River have treated their relatives and friends with white fish boiled in river water. Later, after cooking with great concentration, the famous dish of steamed Songhuajiang white fish was finally created, which was served at the banquet. In the Qing Dynasty, Songhuajiang white fish was once listed as a tribute.

8. Representative dish of Liaoning: pork stewed vermicelli

This dish is Sichuan cuisine and also Northeastern cuisine. It originated in Sichuan. During the Tang Dynasty, Xue Rengui liked Sichuan cuisine very much. After he was distributed to the Northeast, he also brought Sichuan cuisine to the Northeast and developed it according to the local style. Northeast cuisine. (Wonderful emblem signal: lji16888, long press to copy)

9. Shanghai representative dish: braised pork

The raw material of braised pork is pork five-layered three-layered pork. After making it, the deliciousness cannot be described in words. It is fat but not greasy. It can be called a classic Chinese cuisine.

10. Jiangsu representative dish: braised lion head in brown sauce

Braised lion head in brown sauce is a dish often eaten during Chinese New Year holidays. The fat and lean meat is ruddy and oily. It is complemented by emerald green vegetables and has a strong mellow aroma. It is also called Sixi Meatballs, which means it is auspicious.

11. Zhejiang representative dish: Xihucuyu

This dish is made of West Lake mackerel as the raw material. It is usually hungry for a day or two in a fish cage before cooking to excrete intestinal debris and remove the earthy flavor. The cooked dishes are tender and sweet, with a crab flavor.

12. Anhui representative dish: Huangshan smelly mandarin fish

Back then, a certain Hui merchant took a boat home to visit relatives. Because the road was so hot, the mandarin fish he carried was unpreserved and stinky. His wife was reluctant to throw it away, and treated it with thick oil and red sauce. Hui merchants took this to promote, and this dish has become a classic of Hui cuisine.

13. Representative dishes of Fujian: Buddha jumps over the wall

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, also known as "Man Altar Fragrant" and "Fu Shou Quan", is the chief famous dish of Fuzhou. There are 18 kinds of raw materials: sea cucumber, abalone, shark fin, scallop, fish lips, flower maw, razor razor, ham, pork belly, Sheep elbow, hoof tip, tendon, chicken breast, duck breast, chicken gizzards, duck gizzards, mushrooms, winter bamboo shoots, etc., have the effects of nourishing qi and blood, clearing lungs and intestines, preventing deficiency and cold.

14. Jiangxi representative dish: steamed pork

It is made with the main ingredient skinless pork belly, rice noodles and other seasonings. Steamed pork with rice flour is waxy and fragrant, fat and thin, rice noodles are oily and rich in five flavors. Boss must-have WeChat ▶▶ Merchant Wisdom: srzh163

15. Shandong representative dish: Nine-turn large intestine

Formerly known as "braised large intestine". The pig intestines are blanched in water and deep-fried, then filled with more than ten kinds of ingredients, and made with slight heat. It has five flavors including sour, sweet, fragrant, spicy and salty, with ruddy color and soft texture.

16. Henan representative dish: braised noodles

It is a traditional snack of meat, vegetable, soup, vegetables and rice. It is famous in Central Plains for its delicious taste and economic benefits.

17. Hubei representative dish: Mianyang three steamed

The so-called three steaming, that is, steaming livestock and poultry, steaming aquatic products, steaming vegetables (you can choose dozens of vegetables, amaranth, taro, beans, pumpkin, radish, chrysanthemum, lotus root, etc.), which is quite in line with the balanced nutrition of meat and vegetables. The dishes are wrapped in finely pounded rice noodles, and the original fragrance of the dishes is accompanied by the delicate fragrance of rice, with a deep aftertaste.

18. Hunan representative dish: chopped pepper fish head

Combining the "flavor" of fish head and the "spicy" of chopped pepper, the flavor is unique. The color of the dishes is bright red, the meat is tender, spicy and delicious.

19. Guangdong representative dish: white sliced ​​chicken

The white-cut chicken is easy to make, just cooked and not rotten, without ingredients and maintaining the original flavor. It is made by Qingping Hotel, Qingping Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou, so it is also called "Qingping Chicken".

20. Guangxi representative dish: snail noodles

Snail noodles are Liuzhou's most famous and popular snack rice noodles. It has a unique flavor of sour, spicy, fresh, refreshing and hot.

21. Hainan representative dish: Wenchang Chicken

Wenchang Chicken is known as the top of the "Four Famous Dishes" in Hainan. The meat is smooth and tender, the skin is thin and the bones are crisp, the fragrance is very strong, and it is fat but not greasy.

22. Sichuan representative dish: Mapo Tofu

The main raw material consists of tofu, which is characterized by the eight characters of "spicy, spicy, hot, fragrant, crisp, tender, fresh and live", which is called the eight-character motto. (Wonderful emblem signal: lji16888, long press to copy)

23. Chongqing representative dish: spicy chicken

The chili is mixed with dried chicken pieces, topped with sesame seeds, which looks very appetizing. The chicken is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, as well as the fragrance of sesame, which is spicy and spicy.

24. Guizhou representative dish: sour soup fish

Sour soup fish, a unique food of the Miao nationality, has a delicious sour taste and full of spicy flavor, which makes people appetite.

25. Yunnan representative dish: Crossing the bridge rice noodles

Guoqiao Rice Noodle Soup is a kind of broth made from big bones, old hen, and Yunnan Xuanwei ham for a long time.

26. Shaanxi representative dish: mutton steamed bun

It is cooked fine, the ingredients are heavy, the taste is mellow, the meat is thick, the nutrient is rich, the aroma is overflowing, and the appetite is attractive, and the aftertaste is endless after eating.

27. Tibet's representative dish: deep-fried filling the lungs

The Tibetan voice "Locha". More common in Lhasa and other places. The dish is light brown in color, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and delicious.

28. Xinjiang representative dish: roasted whole lamb

Roasted whole lamb has bright color, crispy skin and tender meat, rich and delicious. When eating, cut the meat into slices, dip in salt and eat.

29. Qinghai representative dish: fried noodles with lamb

The taste is delicious, smooth and delicious, rich in nutrients, easy to digest, suitable for all ages.

30. Gansu representative dish: Hexi lamb

Hexi lamb is big, tender, plump but not mutated, and has excellent nourishing effects.

31. Ningxia representative dish: steamed lamb

The meat is tender and fragrant.

32. Hong Kong representative dish: beef balls

Hong Kong beef balls are famous for their cheeks and succulents, and they are full of bite. Beef balls are usually cooked with rice noodles. They can also be cooked with shrimp, cashew nuts and other ingredients, or fried together with quail eggs and hibiscus balls. They are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, sweet and delicious.

33. Macau representative dish: Ma Jiexiu

It is cod, a kind of salted fish, which can be cooked in different ways such as frying, roasting, roasting, and boiling, and it tastes endless aftertaste.

34. Representative Taiwanese Cuisine: Three Cups of Chicken

The fragrant and tender chicken, the heavy seasoning, and the fragrant nine-story pagoda are all mouthwatering, more suitable for the tastes of northerners.