What is the Chinese man in the eyes of a foreign girl? Except for the foreign girls who have deep and close contact with Chinese men, almost all other foreign girls' impressions of Chinese men generally come from Chinatown (including Chinatown), campuses and companies, and some Chinese film and television works.

Chinatown (including Chinatown) is synonymous with early Chinese immigrants overseas. Most of these predecessors come from the coastal areas of Guangdong and Fujian. Because many people do not understand foreign languages ​​and do not care about the local culture, they cannot integrate into the mainstream society and prefer to live by themselves behind closed doors. Over time, Chinatown or Chinatown was formed.

Most of these people are from southern China. They give the impression of short stature, sharp faces, thick lips, deep eye sockets, loud voices, heavy accents in foreign languages, and a hard-working culture. Most of them work in service industries such as restaurants and laundry. He values ​​his family and family, emphasizes loyalty, has a strong sense of feudalism, most people are superstitious, and act cautiously. Some people have a habit of gambling.

The impression that Chinese men give when they are studying is: hardworking, good at exams, serious but lack of creativity, like to eat and drink together, but not united, mature and vigorous, but lack of vigor, they rarely interact with foreign students.

The impression of Chinese men working in foreign companies is: mature ideas, highly educated, skilled in professionalism, wise to protect themselves in case of trouble, not going out, focus on personal career, not accustomed to cooperating with others, and suspicion and rejection of compatriots in the company , Do not care about public welfare.

Of course, the Chinese men in some film and television works give a good impression to foreign women, such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. They represent the essence of Chinese men.

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The Chinese men that foreign girls admire are mostly successful people with considerable social status in the field, or professional men with rich income and high social status, such as lawyers, professors, doctors, engineers, and artists.

There is also the Chinese men who grew up in the country. Because there is no ideological and conceptual barrier between them and foreign women, they live in harmony. There is also a foreign woman who likes Chinese culture. This is more prominent in France, which has a rich cultural heritage. Many foreign women have a special liking for Chinese men because they like or study Chinese culture. Most of them are willing to get married with Chinese men. Even.

In the eyes of foreign women, the positive evaluation of Chinese men is:

1. Chinese men pay attention to family, have a sense of responsibility, and are relatively loyal.

2. Be considerate to women, speak credibility to friends, and pay attention to interpersonal relationships.

3. Strong-willed, hard-working, with the perseverance of going with the situation.

4. Serious and responsible, good at mastering technical skills.

5. Respect for the elderly and relatives of the woman's side, and have a good character of respecting the elderly and loving the young.

And the negative comments of foreign girls on Chinese men are:

1. Chinese men have strong ideas about big men and do not pay attention to good self-cultivation and hygiene habits.

2. The diet only pays attention to taste, not to match.

3. The inner expression of appearance and emotion is not valued.

4. Don't like to exercise, especially lack of interest in adventure and intense sports.

5. The legal concept is not strong, and the relationship can be dredged in case of trouble.

5. Not enthusiastic about public welfare and not paying much attention to social ethics.

The above information shows that although the Chinese men in the eyes of foreign women have different looks and attitudes, they may have regional prejudices and cultural differences, but they cannot be said to be unreasonable.

When you get here, you may wish to think about why most Chinese boys who study or work abroad can't make foreign girls? The answer is actually:

1. No substantial action has been taken

Always staring at Chinese girls, only lusting for ghost girls, never taking the first substantial step. Ghost sister has said that it is rare for Chinese men to chase me, I actually like their culture. In addition, thinking is still in a state of political hostility, thinking that white people have invaded us, so in fact we, in fact, are the opposite. History has passed long ago, and white ghost girls don’t think so. They actually treat you as a normal person. You are not confident. How can others look down on you. So before taking the first step, don't imply that you are being discriminated against, inferior to others.

2. Language differences.

In fact, it only needs enough communication, no matter if two people speak English or Chinese. (Spoken English IELTS score of 6 or above is almost the same, you don't need to reach the level of a local.

3. Dress and fashion taste.

This is a very important link, but it has been ignored by many people. The younger generation of China is deeply influenced by Japanese and Korean cultures. Many people follow their so-called trendy clothing. They are dressed in colorful and even thick pink.

But Western countries do not respect this kind of culture. In the eyes of the ghost girl, this so-called trend is somewhat earthy, childish, and even gay. So if you really want to increase the chance of successfully making a ghost girl, discard it when dressing. Those sportswear, basketball shoes.

You can learn from the local boys' dressing method, but remember that Chinese boys are generally slim, so don't wear pencil pants that are too tight (except for models). This will not make you look gay, and secondly, it won't look like a pole!

Finally, the skin of Chinese boys is wheat-colored, not yellow, and some colors should be avoided when wearing clothes (if not, use dark colors).

4. Cultural and character differences.

The environment in which ghost girls live is about democracy and freedom, so they are generally independent. So don’t take out the TV dramas in Korean dramas that keep inviting guests to spend money. This can sometimes be counterproductive.

Foreign girls like people who are neither humble nor overbearing, not "bribery." Remember that Korean culture is not popular, so you can watch foreign TV shows for inspiration.

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