The difference between Chongqing and Chengdu, don’t say much, just go to the picture!

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Speaking of the differences and grievances between Chengyu and Yu, it is estimated that I can't finish it in a few days or nights, and some netizens have launched a debate about this:

Cultural battle
Many people believe that Chengdu has a more humanistic atmosphere and a stronger atmosphere of urban life, which implies that Chongqing has no culture. The Chongqing people immediately fought back: "Chengdu people always say that everyone is literate, don't Chongqing have a culture?" Take the examples of Chen Kun and Li Yundi, for example, these two temperament men were made in Chongqing. "The character of Chongqing people is made of granite, which is very hard and straight; the character of Chengdu people is made of rubber, which is soft." Shiguo believes that in terms of urban character, Chengdu leisure is a "very fake". City; Chongqing is busy and a "very engaged" city.

Beauty Controversy
Which Cheng Yu beauty is more fierce? Which is better? "The overall standard of Chongqing girls’ appearance is very high. Even if they are ugly, they are not ugly. Naturally, not to mention beautiful women. But most of Chongqing’s beauties don’t look at them, and many of them wear clothes and other external facilities. ', did not bring out their own beauty, some even covered it up.” This is a Chengdu girl’s evaluation of Chongqing beauties, and also mentioned that most Chongqing beauties are hot-tempered and too fierce, while Chengdu beauties are relatively demanding. Much more tactfully. But a Chongqing boy immediately retorted: "Chongqing women speak fast, but they do not mean fierceness. If you speak fiercely, look outside, the women in Chongqing and Chengdu are hey (very) fierce."

Men's fight
Which Chongqing man is better than Chengdu man? Chongqing men feel that Chengdu men are "mothers"---speaking voices are crooked, procrastinating and going around like women when doing things; Chengdu men feel that Chongqing people are "barbaric"---they just say "× "Mom", "Gui'er" and "Lao Tzu" also said that this was heroic and vulgar. A Chengdu male representative of "Away Fighting" has counted the personal experience of almost working with the antelope driver for the invoice, but the Chongqing girl at the scene returned with a sentence: "You guys in Chengdu are so fake!" The Chengdu representative Cha Open the topic, saying that Chengdu men have delicate emotions and are gentle and considerate to girls; Chongqing men clarified on the spot that we are famous "ears" and never hit women.

Dialect dispute
Is Chongqing dialect better or Chengdu dialect better? Dialects are also the most tangled point between Chengdu and Chongqing. Although from outsiders, the Chengdu dialect and Chongqing dialect are not much different. But to the people of the two places, the difference is big. Chengdu dialect is tactful, has many er-shaped sounds, and has a lot of rap sounds; Chongqing dialect has a lot of flat-tongue sounds, which is not muddy. People in Chengdu and Chongqing like to imitate each other's accent and say a few ridicules.

Food dispute
Chengdu cuisine Chongqing cuisine which is better? When it comes to Sichuan cuisine, people think of lots of pepper and chili. When it comes to which food in the two places is more delicious, it is actually a very tangled question. The representative of Chongqing believed that the main dishes are certainly Chongqing Jianghu dishes, with spicy and delicious flavors. Chengdu has done a better job in snacks and has a more comprehensive taste. The Chengdu representative thinks that Chongqing cuisine is hot and spicy, and “chopping firewood randomly.” Take a piece of twice-cooked pork as an example. Chongqing people can use onions, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower and other ingredients, while Chengdu people only use garlic sprouts.

Shiguo believes that since ancient times, the Sichuan-Chongqing family has never been superior or inferior. Don't worry about it anymore. Just like Chongqing Hot Pot and Chengdu Chuanchuan, I have already been in you, and you in me. The same applies to the two cities of Chengdu and Chongqing.

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