As a blast of cold air swept across Victoria, relevant departments issued warnings to remind the public to pay attention to the arrival of severe windy weather. The squally wind weather is expected to begin on Monday afternoon and form in western Victoria, with an average wind speed of 50-70 km/h and a maximum wind speed of 100 km/h. The strong wind will cross Victoria on Monday night and gradually weaken in central Victoria and Gippsland around dawn on Tuesday.

Scott Williams said the cold air is expected to hit Melbourne at around 90pm on Monday night, and the strongest wind can last for several hours. The Bayside area and MorningtonPeninsula will experience strong winds of XNUMX km/h before XNUMX am. Williams said, "Especially at night, the wind around PortPhillip Bay will be very strong."

The cold air is expected to arrive at the western border of Victoria at around 4pm, Mildura at around 6pm and Warrnambool at around 7pm. The Victorian Emergency Services Centre reminded people to drive their cars away from trees, look for shelter, and stay away from fallen wires.

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