Hong Kong Junhe Development Group recently wrote to the University of Hong Kong and other colleges and universities, expressing disappointment that colleges and universities failed to prevent students from "accounting for the *," and therefore suspended sponsorship of scholarships. As of the 12th, "Occupy * Central" has lasted for 15 days, which has caused great trouble to normal life in Hong Kong. In addition to spontaneously taking to the streets to "clear the scene" and confront the demonstrators, Hong Kong people began to use other methods to counter the "occupying the center."

Those who "occupy the *center" face huge claims

"Occupy * Central" has caused more than 3500 billion Hong Kong dollars in direct economic losses to Hong Kong, and the businessmen and citizens who are suffering are preparing to counterattack economically.

According to Hong Kong media reports, Peng Yibang, vice chairman of the Chunhe Development Group, stated in a letter to the President of the University of Hong Kong that the scholarship support for several universities such as the University of Hong Kong should be suspended because the universities should guide students to express their ideas in a legal manner. When colleges and universities do not prevent students from "occupying the middle", students will be held criminally liable in the future. "The worst thing is that in the future, some people will take similar illegal actions to fulfill their demands."

The letter mentioned that democracy is the common pursuit of everyone, but Chun Wo Development Group believes that radical "occupying the center" cannot achieve the goal of democracy. It will only damage Hong Kong's economy and people's livelihood, and will also impact Hong Kong's legal system.

The catering, retail and tourism industries are the largest victims of the disaster. The "Eleventh Golden Week", which should have made a lot of money, has become indifferent. In particular, many catering companies have purchased a lot of fresh ingredients for the holiday, and they have lost their money.

According to Hong Kong media reports, travel agencies and restaurants have filed a lawsuit with the Hong Kong Small Claims Tribunal against Dai Yaoting, one of the founders of the "Occupy * Central", for financial compensation. The person in charge of a Japanese restaurant chain in Mong Kok said that since the occurrence of "Occupy * Central", daily business volume has fallen sharply and demanded a compensation of 23 Hong Kong dollars.

HK$23 may be just the tip of the iceberg. Zhang Weiliang, chairman of the Hong Kong Insurance Federation, said recently that if the number and amount of claims are large enough, "the Federation of Students will be filed for bankruptcy at any time." The association has received 6 cases from merchants on the 3th. "Insurance claims leading to losses. The losses caused by the "riots" are not covered by the insurance. These cases have been transferred to legal counsel for handling, and they are preparing to demand civil compensation from the organizers of "Occupy * Central". Zhang Weiliang said, "Accounting for the three ugliness in the *", the Student Union and the "Student Trend of Thought" are the main targets of civil claims. Among them, the Federation of Students has a history of many years. It has been registered as a society and has a meeting place, so it is relatively easy to claim compensation.

Citizens spontaneously clear the field and add tender counsel

The Hong Kong community is increasingly calling for the police to clear the scene. The civilian group "Operation Blue Ribbon" set a deadline on the 11th, requiring the police to clear the streets of Mong Kok and Causeway Bay by "occupied people" before midnight on Tuesday, or they would launch an "anti-siege operation" to retake the roads belonging to the general public.

On the same day, about 20 members of the "Blue Ribbon Operation" set up street stops in the pedestrian zone in Mong Kok, collected signatures from citizens, supported the government's immediate clearance of "Occupy * Central", disbanded the Legislative Council, and kicked out the legislation supporting "Occupy * Central" Conference member. Li Yanyan, the convener of the action, sprayed the word "bitter" on the white cloth, referring to the pain and suffering caused by "occupying *zhong" to Hong Kong society, and led dozens of members and citizens present to shout "support the police, strictly enforce the law" and "return "My Mong Kok" and other slogans.

In Mong Kok, those who "occupy the center" did not sit and protest, but set up a bed to sleep, set up a table to eat hot pot, play table tennis, and play mahjong. Life and entertainment were all correct. Various bad behaviors aroused strong resentment among residents. According to Hong Kong media reports, there were people who drove into the demonstrators. Many onlookers came forward to argue with the demonstrators and questioned that the demonstrators should not tolerate opposition. They are fake citizens, true dictators, and kidnapped nearby residents. Act "shameless".

In the past two weeks, incidents of clashes between citizens and demonstrators erupted in the downtown areas of Hong Kong during the "Occupy * Central" area. Some citizens still hope to persuade college students to turn back with tenderness. On the 10th, dozens of "mothers' group" went to Jinzhong District, holding a placard that read "Don't worry mom, go home!" to persuade the students to go home. Some people cried bitterly.

On the same day, the "mother-in-law group" also appeared in the demonstration area in Mong Kok against "occupying the center." 200 elderly people marched across Nathan Road from Shanghai Street to Shandong Street, chanting the slogan "Support the Police Force for Strict Law Enforcement" along the way. Some elderly people have limited mobility, have to walk with crutches, and walk staggering. Although it is only a short 200-meter distance, which is quite difficult, they are still willing to contribute to the society. They hope that the demonstrators will evacuate as soon as possible. The whole journey lasts about an hour.

Formation faction applied for a comprehensive survey of "Occupy * Central"

To make "Occupy * Central" come to an end as soon as possible, it is necessary to correct the source. The promoters of "Occupy * Central" once advertised "peace", but it turned into out-of-order atrocities in downtown Hong Kong. Various signs show that "Occupy * Central" is the same as the "color revolutions" that have occurred in some countries and regions, with foreign forces intervening behind it. Members of the Hong Kong establishment have submitted a petition to the Legislative Council, requesting the use of the Privilege Law to fully investigate the "Occupy * Central" movement.

The DAB Chairman Tam Yiu-chung said on the 9th that he submitted a petition to the President of the Legislative Council, Jasper Tsang, requesting the establishment of an independent investigation committee to investigate the cause, process evolution, sources of funding and support for the "Occupy * Central" operation, as well as the government's handling methods and the cause. Social issues. At the same time, the Pakatan Harapan Member Lin Jianfeng also wrote to the House Committee of the Legislative Council, requesting that the Privilege Law be used to investigate the occupation of protesters.

New Democrat Party member Tian Beichen believes that the "Occupy * Central" incident involves a wide range of issues, is too complicated, and has too much impact. It is worthwhile to apply the Privilege Law to conduct a comprehensive investigation. The results of the investigation may change the public's view of "Occupy * Central."

Fan Xu Litai, a member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, said on the 11th that although there is no sufficient evidence, there is reason to believe that there are people with ulterior motives, including foreign forces, who are providing resources and financial resources behind the scenes to encourage young people to stay behind. She believes that some people in the world hope that China will not develop too fast and use Hong Kong as a gap to influence China's development.

On the 9th, dozens of citizens spontaneously protested at the U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong, blaming the U.S. for intervening in Hong Kong affairs through different channels. They allege that they learned from the media that the U.S. has invested a large amount of funds and planned to "occupy the country" by the chairman of Next Media Group Li Zhiying. Undermining the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and the spirit of the rule of law, it has seriously affected the daily lives of the people and brought disaster to Hong Kong.

These citizens held high banners such as "Against US interference in Hong Kong affairs" and "No color revolution." They stated that Hong Kong’s democratic development was implemented in an orderly manner by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in accordance with the Basic Law and the decisions of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress. Any radical plan that is eager for success and does not conform to Hong Kong’s conditions will not succeed. They strongly urge the US government not to interfere in Hong Kong’s political affairs. Stop funding "Occupy * Central" activities.

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