I have seen many crooked nuts who are unwilling to do just one job for a lifetime. Some people become doctors and social activists, some are scientists and actors, and some are the mayor of London and writers. After a year of sculpting by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, the new book "The Churchill Factor" was officially released in the UK on October 10. This is his biography of Churchill, the former British Prime Minister.

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This time Boris seemed to have really decided to be a...writer. It coincides with the 50th anniversary of Churchill's death, but Boris may be able to do things like writing books to politicians. However, Londoners are not surprised that their mayor goes to cosplay a role as a god horse twice a day. No one thinks that he is not doing his job properly (or is too lazy to complain).

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Boris was born in New York, USA in 1964, and moved to London with his family at the age of 5. Johnson, who was born in a Turkish nobleman, said he had French, Turkish and German descent. He has studied at the famous British aristocratic school Eton College and the famous university Oxford University successively, and is a member of the Blington Club with the current British Prime Minister David Cameron.

In fact, the author was his last job. After graduating from university, Johnson started his journalist career as an intern at The Times, having served as a reporter for the Daily Telegraph and as the editor-in-chief of The Bystander magazine. He also published seven monographs including personal essays "Lend Your Ears to Me", historical work "Roman Dream", autobiography "Friends, Voters and Compatriots" and political comedy novel "72 Virgins".

Boris appeared in the British media almost every day. Before becoming the mayor of London, he also guest-hosted a funny talk show on the BBC "Do I Have News for You". His jokes and funny images made him a household name.

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In 2007, Boris decided to run for the mayor of London. At that time, Londoners thought he wasn't serious...Perhaps he is still "playing as a mayor."

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Every time a new public facility or service is added to London, Boris always rushes to the forefront to "birth and die" for all Londoners.But he seems to enjoy it, it seems he is just playing around as the mayor of London, or experiencing life in order to be a better writer...

I tried the new sling on the Thames, but I couldn’t get down when I was hung in the air...

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tennis Prince.

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Go to China to show off your talents...this is the rhythm!Screen Shot at 2014 10-31-04.08.23

go to Hong Kong? Fall from the sky like a savior!

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Take advantage of the London Olympics to build a London Eiffel Tower, and show off the (weird) aesthetic!

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London covers the subway? Boris is the home of subway bricks! Brick house!

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Sometimes he also participates in some social lectures, the ticket is 50 pounds, just like a concert. As the mayor of London, is there a lack of money or wanting more attention...

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Selling an art on the subway can also subsidize the family...Screen Shot at 2014 10-31-04.08.50

My name is Bao Sledgehammer, and I never expected...I'm still the mayor of London.

"A man desperate to be taken seriously and, surprisingly, more often than not succeeding (a man desperate to be taken seriously and, surprisingly, more often than not succeeding)" may be the most objective evaluation given to Boris by the British media. You can't tell if he is really bohemian or doing a political show, because his eclectic expression and hairstyle give him a straightforward appearance, and his curiosity and spirit of experimentation give him a soul as a senior teaser.

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He is often hacked by Londoners and the media, often hacking himself, and often creating opportunities to be hacked. As a political role that is as well-known as British Prime Minister Cameron, Boris never seems to care about the eyes of others, but to his own career. And life management is vivid and colorful. The 2012 re-election was the greatest affirmation from Londoners to the deviant mayor.Screen Shot at 2014 10-31-04.09.13

In 2004, he was dismissed from the position of vice chairman of the Conservative Party due to a sex scandal, but this was obviously just an episode of his political career, but it added to the profile image of Boris. (What the hell with the picture!)

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Now the British people are most concerned about the problem... One day London gets bored with Boris, will he run for British Prime Minister or something? After all, the whole of Britain is waiting coldly for this pair of good friends to stage a big drama, and the ratings will definitely surpass any British drama.

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A reporter who does not want to be prime minister is not a good mayor. The mayor of London Boris has always appeared in the public with a bright and rich character. He is a politician, but undoubtedly he is unique.

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