The door was locked, but it didn't seem to have much effect-no inch of land in this public housing estate in Hornsby seemed to have escaped the "bad hands" of the former tenant.
The doors and walls were smashed and graffiti painted. The floor was full of garbage and discarded personal belongings. The teddy bear is stuck on a toy basketball hoop, a Hemp poster is hung in the hallway, and a Betty Boop towel is on the door. A warning was written on the wall: "Fuck you! F**k you and your corrupt system!"
The NSW Housing Department repeatedly reminded the tenant to repair the house, but they all ended up without problems. In the end, the female tenant was kicked out of the house.
And this female tenant is just one of an indecent group of tenants. In the last fiscal year, their behavior caused taxpayers to pay A$1420 million in repair costs.
In the past three years, cases of deliberate destruction of properties by public housing tenants have soared by 75%, and this cost has made the already stretched community service budget even more overwhelming.
In Hornsby, the waiting time for public housing is as long as 10 years. In the North District alone, 2300 people are waiting for public housing. In NSW, there are more than 5.8 people on the long waiting list.
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