Speedo, the international swimwear brand Speedo, welcomes the Olympics. The sports product retail market continues to evolve, and operators have endless tricks to attract consumers. Speedo, an international swimwear brand, took advantage of the Athens Olympics and took advantage of the second-generation shark suit of high-tech products to gain a worldwide reputation.


Red earth

Red Earth is a brand originating from Australia. Based on people's strong appeal for advocating nature and returning to the basics, as well as a strong desire for a pollution-free environment, it uses all-natural raw materials and does not require animal experiments, and is quickly sought after. The current product line focuses on make-up, ranging from natural brown, youthful pink to easy-to-color series.



Ugg, a brand with a legendary color, will be incomprehensible by this ugly and cumbersome shape at first sight, and it is this kind of boot that has swept the Eurasian land and is now in the world. There was a gust of fashion, and the mainstream of this gust was brought by European and American stars.



Holden has a century-old history and is the pride of Oceania's automotive industry. This brand has been used in Australia since 1856, when Holden was mainly engaged in the manufacture of transportation and metallurgical supplies. Holden has been involved in the bodybuilding industry since 1914. In 1931, Holden and GM Australia jointly formed GM Australia.



In 1972, Jeanswest opened a clothing chain store in Australia, specializing in casual clothing. In 1990, the Hong Kong Rising Sun Group cooperated with local importers to acquire the Australian apparel retail brand "Jeanswest". After continuous efforts, the distribution area has expanded to the world.


必 和 必 拓

BHP Billiton was formed by the merger of two giant mining companies and is now the world's largest mining company. Among them, BHP was established in 1885 and headquartered in Melbourne. It is one of Australia's oldest and largest companies. Billy Deng is a pioneer in the international mining industry and was once known for continuous innovation and intensive operation.



Rio Tinto Mining Company was founded in Spain in 1873. Rio Tinto is Spanish, meaning yellow river. In 1954, the company sold most of its Spanish operations. From 1962 to 1997, the company merged several influential mining companies around the world.


Hao Lina

HR Helena is the world's first international makeup brand established by the elegant and legendary lady Helena Rubinstein at the beginning of this century, and is known as the "science pioneer in the beauty industry." Ms. HR Helena was born in Poland in 1872 and went to Australia when she was 18.


Julie Kou

A natural skin care brand created by biochemist Jurgen Klein and his wife Ulrike Knew in 1985, it may be the only natural skin care product manufacturer in the world that integrates plant cultivation to product development and production. 95 of its products More than% of the raw materials come from plants grown at Mylor Live Machine Farm in the Adelaide Hills of southern Australia, and are known as the most pure skin care products on earth.



In a short span of ten years, Aesop has grown from a small company to today's global beauty industry. It is an absolute myth for the already competitive beauty industry! What's even more incredible is that Aesop never does any advertising promotion, relying on mutual recommendation among customers. Popular magazines around the world, from Wallpaper to Bazzar, ID to The Style, all spontaneously and comprehensively introduce them one by one. This is the power of real materials. However, what is even more beneficial is that Aesop products never advocate large-scale production (even though many large beauty product companies advocate acquisition and cooperation), Aesop is still dominated by small and medium-sized production models. Among them, only stores around the world that have the same correlation with each other are selected for sale. Hong Kong and Taiwan have Joyce, which we know well; in London, there is a well-known cosmetics store Space NK, and in the United States there are Barneys New York and Los Angeles life. Fashion shop Fred Segal. It may be more appropriate to say that Aesop reflects the modern and popular attitude towards life than skin care products. The response of famous shops around the world can predict the new power of Australia's skin care industry, whether you are a foresight or just a trend follower, sooner or later. You will also know Aesop. By the way, the price of Aesop products in Australia is about XNUMX% cheaper than that of famous overseas stores.