From weddings to wedding photos as small as wedding photos, Chinese weddings are almost completely Westernized. The wedding photo studios with the name "Paris" on the streets can explain the problem. But don't think this is authentic French style. In fact, French people never take wedding photos when they get married, and there is no wedding photo studio in Paris. Not only France, but also other European countries such as Russia, the United Kingdom, and Italy, do not have this tradition.

Take pictures on the day of your wedding

A Russian friend has been to China many times and was surprised to see many people taking wedding photos. In Europe, people do not take wedding photos before the wedding. This is because they are full of a sense of sacredness to the wedding dress, thinking that only the day of the wedding is the "right day" to wear the wedding dress. It is incredible to put on the wedding dress in advance for taking pictures. In addition, there has always been a saying in the West that if the man sees his fiancee’s wedding dress before marriage, it will bring misfortune to the marriage. Naturally, the bride can only put on the wedding dress on this day and give the groom a bright surprise.

Of course, on the wedding day, taking pictures is indispensable. If conditions permit, newlyweds will spend a lot of money to hire photographers who shoot large-scale celebrations. If you have money constraints, there is no harm in asking family or friends to do it. The photographer will try to capture the happy look at the corners of the eyes of the couple, or the sweet moments of eyebrows, and will not let people put on contrived gestures. In addition, after registration and before the wedding banquet, the couple and their elders will go to the garden of the city government to take some close-up photos of the young couple and family portraits with their families. If there is plenty of time, a group of people will also take photos at some famous scenic spots or important places.

Photos often press on the bottom of the box

Chinese wedding photos are usually made into a photo album after they are taken, and then a few enlarged ones are carefully selected and hung upright in the most conspicuous part of the new house. Europeans will simply wash out the photos taken on the day of their wedding, and share them with friends and relatives when gatherings. It is another joy to think of funny jokes at the time. After viewing them two or three times, these photos were put into the album and pressed to the bottom of the closet box.

In addition, Europeans do not have the habit of magnifying their wedding photos and hanging them in the house. In France, the photo frames on the corners of the bedside tables are generally photos of the lives of close relatives and friends. Some of the Russian paintings displayed in their homes are paintings by themselves or their relatives and friends. It is understood that the French marriage certificate is called the "family book". There is no photo on it, and it actually functions more like a Chinese household registration book. A marriage means the establishment of a new family, and every member added to the family in the future will be included in the "family book" that the couple received when they got married.

"Chinese taking pictures is so complicated"

A friend of the reporter married a French guy not long ago, and the two had a simple wedding in Paris. The bridegroom's father volunteered to take on the role of a photographer. An old, unprofessional camera KaKa took a lot of moving moments. The woman's parents were in China, and regretted that they had not been able to attend the wedding of their only daughter, nor could they tolerate such a hasty lifelong event. So it took nearly a year to prepare a grand ceremony in China again. Before the affair, he deliberately called his daughter and son-in-law back, selected a very high-end local wedding photo studio, and took a set of wedding photos seriously.

Later, when I asked about the foreign husband’s feelings about taking pictures, he blurted out, "It’s been cold and tired to take pictures all day. I really didn’t expect the Chinese to take pictures so complicated!" My friend said that taking wedding pictures is not For my own sake, but respecting the meaning of my parents, I photographed it and showed it to others. When asked which wedding was more impressive, the two said in unison that the registration ceremony in Paris and the small party afterwards were more real and moving.

The wedding photos took everyone like a star. I suddenly remembered something a friend told me after returning from Vancouver:

When an old Canadian lady was trying on a wedding dress with her daughter in a Vancouver photo studio, she saw a huge wedding photo in the window and asked the clerk: Oh, are they all stars? Why is it so good-looking?

When the clerk told her that it was just an ordinary person, she was even more surprised, with wide-eyed eyes, shaking her head and saying: unbelievable! (Unbelievable!)

But when the clerk suggested that her daughter could also take such pictures, she just shook her head with a smile.

Everyone knows that Vancouver is known as a paradise for Chinese. There are naturally many photo studios opened by Chinese, and the services provided are the same as those in China. Only the Chinese would require such a service, which is to take wedding photos before marriage. They also do business with locals, but those foreigners just try on wedding dresses, order wedding dresses, and arrange photography and photography on the wedding day.

For Chinese people who like to take good poses and wedding photos before marriage, most foreigners understand that they can understand that this may represent a country's customs, but they will not do it. They also have wedding photos, which are all tracked and taken by the photographer on the day of the wedding, and the best ones are selected and hung at home. Maybe the effect will be worse than the one placed in the photo studio, but it is the most real, because that is their happiest moment, facing the person who blessed them with the happiest expression.

Moreover, more people will go to bridal shops to order wedding dresses. In their hearts, getting married is the most important moment in a person’s life. They cannot accept wearing wedding dresses or dresses worn by others, let alone patching a piece of cloth behind the wedding dress. Up.

Imagine that when they saw the wedding photos on the wall, they all recalled the happy scene on the wedding day, and when we recalled, it could only be the small studio, the mechanical command of the photographer, and the people around you. His (her) happy and resentful eyes.

Having said that, I am not asking everyone to break the tradition, but to introduce to you some better things I know. We are all allowed to love freely, why can't we choose the way we like?

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