The members of the special forces are the elites of the elite. They all have their own expertise and are experts in a specific field. And each special force has its own uniqueness. "Top Ten Special Forces in the World" compares the selection process, training, skills, weapons and equipment, and battle examples of special forces that have emerged since World War II. It selects ten outstanding special forces and introduces their information in detail so that readers can update Get a good understanding of the history and reality of special forces.
U.S. Delta Special Forces

It is currently the world's largest, most fully equipped, and most well-funded special force. Established in April 1978, with a staff of 4, weapons, equipment, and training facilities are beyond the reach of special forces of other countries, but they have continuously failed in anti-terrorism operations. They are described as "only worthy of being a bridesmaid and never being a bride."

Russian "sorrel beret"

The elite of the special forces! Its birth is closely related to the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games. At that time, in order to ensure the safety of the Olympics, the Soviet government ordered the formation of a special training company in the Dzerzhinsky Division of the internal guard in 1978. Since then, the famous "Warrior" special forces have been selected and formed.

Russian Alpha Rangers

The Alpha Ranger currently has 250 members and is affiliated with the Federal Security Administration. Its predecessor was the famous "A" team established in July 1974. Alpha has participated in dozens of battles and made great achievements in Russia's anti-terrorist struggle. It has become a world-renowned anti-terrorist pioneer team.

U.S. Seals Sixth Special Forces

It is the most famous and largest underwater special force in the world. It was established on January 1962, 1. During the Gulf War, the "Sea Leopards" contributed to the smooth progress of the "Desert Storm" operation, and has successfully participated in dozens of anti-terrorist operations.

Royal Marines

Known as the "green beret". The predecessor was the famous Red Devils paratrooper commando of World War II. Founded in February 1942. From 2 to 1990, the assault brigade captured dozens of terrorists without any casualties, which greatly attacked the terrorist activities of the Irish Republican Army.

British Navy Special Boat Team

Referred to as SAS, it is classified as an absolute secret by the British Ministry of Defense. Founded in 1950. There are three teams, C, S, and M. Team C is good at water tactics, swimming and rowing skills, and is responsible for coastal reconnaissance and infiltration and destruction. Team S is good at underwater and long-range infiltration vehicle operations, and is responsible for underwater blasting and blocking. Mission: The M squad is specifically responsible for counter-terrorism operations.

German Ninth Border Guard

Founded in 1972, it has 350 members. The first mission was in October 1977 when a Boeing 10 of German Airlines was hijacked by terrorists. The rescue operation was completed in an instant. All four terrorists were killed and 737 hostages were rescued.

Israeli Wild Boy Special Forces

Desert "Wild Boy" was formally established in 1957. This unit is directly under the leadership of the General Staff and is known as the "son of the General Staff." Its main mission is to engage in tactical reconnaissance, intelligence collection, and rescue personnel.

French National Gendarmerie Intervention Team

The French anti-terrorist commando team came into being under the frenzy of international terrorism. The wave of international terrorism in the 70s and the terrorist massacre at the Munich Olympics in 1972 shocked the countries of Western Europe. In 1973, the Saudi Arabian ambassador to France was attacked by terrorists, which made France feel disgraced. In order to deal with increasingly rampant terrorists, France formally established a force specializing in counter-terrorism in 1974: the French National Gendarmerie Intervention Team (GIGN).

Italian "Leather Headgear" Special Forces

The Italian "Leather Headgear" anti-terrorist commando team was formed in 1978 after the then Italian Prime Minister Moro was killed by the terrorist organization "Red Brigade". It belongs to the Central Office of Reconnaissance and Special Operations of the Italian Ministry of the Interior. In order to prevent retaliation by terrorist organizations, the team members always wear jackets, tight military pants decorated with camouflage camouflage underneath, and special hoods on their heads. They appear in the public with mysterious faces, which the outside world calls them. "Leather Headgear" Commando.

China Urban Management

Invincible. See God kill God. See the Buddha and kill the Buddha. Punch European princes. Kick the North American Citigroup. You can fly on board. Down can second tank. Destroy the aircraft carrier in the sea. Flying to hit satellites.

China Urban Management is a secretly developed militarized organization in my country, which manages the city in peacetime, exercises guerrilla tactics, and returns to special forces in wartime.

.China City Management is a team that can charge, detect, guerrilla, endure hardship, endure, and fight special forces. The personal quality is thousands of times that of the SEALs. The investigative capacity is thousands of times that of the CIA. (The Pentagon reported secretly)

The Chinese urban management team is a terrifying special force that has great potential and can fight around the clock with just a broken van or pickup (my country solemnly promises not to use urban management first)

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