If I spend a lot of time, let me choose a city to die, this city must be rich.

Life is too short, and the most meaningless thing is reluctant repetition, so the first thing in life is not to be happy every day, but not to be annoying every day. Feelings, anger, sorrow, sorrow, terror, ups and downs, salty and numb, are all life experiences, and those who laugh all day are stupid and strong. The professor of biology said that the most important thing to measure an ecological environment is species diversity.

If there is only one kind of rice in the world, as soon as the natural enemy of this kind of rice appears, all mankind will have no food to eat; if all the girls in the world are Su Xiaoxiao, it turns out that the female generals of Yangmen are super beautiful women, and all mankind will be extinct. .

The richness of a city can be measured from four perspectives.

The first is time,The richness in time refers to the historical span of the building. In the same city, within a radius of more than a dozen li, there are the sixth Dalai Lama sitting in the tavern where the beauty is like a cloud hundreds of years ago, and there are the railway station and toilets built for the Qinghai-Tibet line only yesterday.

The second is space,The abundance of space refers to the polymorphism of architecture. In a city, in terms of form, ancient and modern, both at home and abroad, don’t have all large roof buildings, plaster vases on the exterior walls, and postmodern minimalism, one door, one window and one wall. Functionally, don’t just boil fish in the water on the street, and don’t just take a sauna in the heaven and earth.

The third is the concentration of space in time,There must be a fine urban road network, so that people can reach the richest space in the shortest time. Send a love card, buy pig head meat, walk for ten minutes or ride a bike for up to half an hour.

The fourth is people,The abundance of people refers to the five hustle and bustles, Wanbang came to the dynasty, Tsinghua science students and subway singers, Liu Hulan and Liu Yifei, Liu Xiang and Liu Luoguo, a hundred flowers bloom in full bloom.

If you select cities based on such criteria, Shanghai is not ideal.

Although the road network is dense, the life is exquisite and convenient, and the new buildings are considered tasteful, the Jinmao Hyatt is like a pagoda, the Shanghai Museum is like a bronze mirror, and the Bund center is like a lotus flower, but the year is too short, and the Bund is like half of the hundreds of streets in New York. Bars are basically things from the beginning of the last century.

People are too the same, the same as working diligently at work for the boss, and the same as being with his wife after work. The value system is complete and stable. Sister Furong and the like will be classified by all Shanghainese as a broken brain in 3 seconds. No longer mentioning it, but still the hairy crab rice cake and Wutong cheongsam.

Hong Kong is not ideal. The students downstairs eat "durian and forget to return", and the sportsmen and women dancing upstairs can smell it. Westport City 15 meters west, China Merchants Huatai restaurant, every Thursday, dumplings, thin and big fillings, No. 50 in South China; 30 meters east, Hong Kong and Macau Ferry, one-hour fast boat to Macau, casinos are better than Las Vegas; 2 minutes To the airport, fly to Angkor Wat in less than XNUMX hours. I didn’t know Wang Jing, Zhou Xingchi, Huang Qiusheng, Li Bihua...

New York is good and old enough. There are so many good museums, so I no longer have to worry about the loss of cultural relics. There are definitely five huts in New York. Except for the black people in Harlem, who are locals, the others are all foreigners. The morality is broad, and people do not mess with fish or seaweed, it is not news. However, eating too badly, a "Wuliangye" Sichuan restaurant, a fish that is not spicy or spicy is considered the top brand in New York.

Cuba is good and old enough. It was a pirate den at the beginning of the 16th century, and by the middle of the 20th century it was the long-term location of the annual work conference of the American gangs. After liberation, the Cuban Revolutionary Party was pure in heart, without evil energy. The old city of more than ten square kilometers, from east to west, 30 years have passed in 500 minutes. Around the island is the deep blue Caribbean Sea, wandering around the island, there are beautiful girls with long legs and thin waists everywhere. However, land is publicly owned, and housing is publicly owned. If you want to buy a house, no one will sell it to you.

Still Beijing. I have been back to Beijing three times recently and never saw the blue sky.

In the sandstorm, I asked an older brother, will he move his capital? The old brother said that we are not likely to be in our lifetime. I asked, will Beijing become a desert? He said that the possibility is unlikely in our lifetime. So, I went back to Beijing.

The entire courtyard near Houhai is not realistic, and the brick and wood structure, the wall of the two children collapsed after urinating, and the heavy cover was smoothed, and twenty or thirty old men and old ladies around were asking you for trouble.

I still find a farmer’s homestead at the junction of urban and rural areas, design it by myself, work as a foreman, paint and fill the wall by myself, and live by myself. I asked, what if we only rent for 20 years? The old brother said, I know one thing after living so big, something beyond 20 years, I don't want to.

Although Beijing is no longer suitable for me to live in, it is still suitable for me to think, and it can also allow me to eat and wait for death, and my soul is not too bored.

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