1. "I pulled the curtains and thought I was blind."

2. Don't go out! Nowadays, Beijing gives people a big mouth.

3. The farthest distance in the world is not the distance between life and death, but I am holding your hand at the intersection of Beijing, but I can't see your face.

4. A guy in Beijing said that it was foggy in the previous period, and he couldn't see Chairman Mao's photos when he stood beside Tiananmen Square. Now he said: I can't see Chairman Mao even if I spend a hundred dollars.

5. After several hours of non-stop breathing by the people of Beijing, the air quality finally improved slightly. The spirit of the new Beijinger was born: "Honesty is in the fog, self-improvement does not suck, hard work, and then gray and yellow!" Facts once again prove: Fog is more expensive to suck!

6. The current state of Beijing: I walk the dog without seeing the dog, hold the dog leash in hand, see the leash without seeing my hand, and the dog calls me.

7. I ride an eDonkey car and feel like driving a plane, with clouds on both sides!

8. Wukong asked: Master, did the clouds and mist in front reach the Da Leiyin Temple? The master said: You splash monkey, the monks do not speak idioms, that is Beijing, where people live in a fairyland, it is said that the happiness index is the first in the country, or you can stay. Wukong said: No, I will not stay, I want to go to Xitian. The master said: You splash monkey, staying in Beijing is the fastest way to go to Xitian.

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