The Southern Girl in the Eyes of the North Girl

As a northern woman who was born and raised in the north, she had never seen a southerner before going to university. However, since I left my hometown, unknowingly, my life was slowly surrounded by a group of southerners. Once upon a time, classmates, friends, neighbors, all were southern girls.

Before I met them, my impression of southern girls was limited to the Shanghai women in Zhang Ailing's novels: shrewd and snobbish. However, when I really came into contact with it, I discovered that the southern girls are not what they imagined.

Southern girls pay special attention to the quality of life. Growing in the land of fish and rice in the south of the Yangtze River, they are extremely sensitive in terms of smell and taste. They can taste whether the braised fish is dead or alive before cooking. They can also smell the filling of the wonton when they are salty or salty using just their nose. Light, no need to add salt. I remember when I was in college, I bought milk powder for breakfast with my classmates in Shanghai. She told me: There is a brand that is best to drink. In order to find the mysterious formula she said, we ran three supermarkets in one go. For me, a careless northerner: all milk powders actually taste the same. But when she asked me intoxicatedly as she drank it, I nodded and cooperated frequently, thinking: "The cow chews the peony" in Jin Yong's novels, does it refer to someone like me?

Yes, southern girls are also good at budgeting. What impressed me the most was that once I made milk powder and hurriedly sprinkled a large piece on the table. I didn't care at all at the time, so I just wiped it clean with a rag. Next, the Shanghai classmates came out. She opened the milk powder bag with a very small mouth, and then shook it a little bit. The milk powder particles fell into her cup without any problems. Although it took a little longer, the tabletop was clean and tidy. , There is no waste. This is also the first time I have experienced the delicacy of southern girls. Later, I saw a Zhejiang girl with my own eyes and bought a lipstick brush for myself. When the lipstick is used on the last part that can't be applied again, I carefully brush it twice with the brush, and then I can use it for a long time. As a student, the lipstick brand she used at the time was already "Dior". Southern girls, in terms of money, when they encounter something they like, they can spend money and save money, but they are really careful.

Southern girls are particularly fond of being beautiful, and they pay attention to dressing. Speaking of it, everyone has a love of beauty, but for southern girls, they seem to have a better appreciation of beauty. When they have money, they have to buy thousands of shoes and bags; when they don’t have money, they also use the cheapest “baby cream” to apply the whole body after taking a shower. It is precisely because of this that, regardless of rich or poor, southern girls stretch out their hands, always soft and white. Because they always remember to wear plastic gloves when cleaning the dishes, and they always keep hand cream in their bags. Every summer, southern girls always have an umbrella in their bag, and they take the trouble.

I have observed that in a university where "beauties are like clouds", there are a lot of girls from the south. In fact, there are not many people who are really born with beauty. Plastic surgery was not popular at that time, but southern girls have this ability. Even if they are not beautiful, she will use hairstyle, decoration, and dress to match her existing beauty. Play to the extreme and conceal all natural defects. Behind the concise and fresh appearance of southern girls, there is actually a deep aesthetic skill. Once shopping with a well-recognized southern beauty, I enthusiastically recommended a dress to her, and thought she would look good in that color. Clinker smiled and shook her head again and again, saying that I couldn't wear this style. Under my ignorant persistence, the girl came out after trying on it. I was surprised to find that there are times when beauty is not beautiful, but they are really good at dressing and know how to use their strengths and avoid weaknesses.

Before I knew it, I made friends with southern girls. They are considerate and polite, they can always arrange their lives in an orderly manner, and take care of others in their spare time. Once, I was chatting happily with the girl in the same dormitory. Suddenly she stopped, flipped through her drawer, and then greeted me: "Honey, come here." I walked in confusion. After the past, a needle and thread appeared in her hand, and she said, "I'll help you sew it. Your cuffs have been opened for several days. I really can't stand it anymore!" — In short, she When you are particularly cold, I will put on your clothes thoughtfully. When you are particularly thirsty, after watching you with a cow drink with a smile, I will distribute my untouched drink to you quietly. . She will never say that you are fat, she will only tell you in disguise: "You have to eat more vegetables, there are a lot of hormones in chicken!" One day, I sadly said that I have gained a lot of weight again. The roommate said categorically: "You are not fat, you are not fat at all!" The tone was very comforting. When the clinker came the next day, I saw her also categorically saying the same to a senior lady who was already fat like an elephant. From then on, I realized that sometimes the words of the southern girls cannot be completely believed. However, she was definitely not deliberately trying to lie to you, but she was too polite, too polite to say anything that might hurt others.

Southern girls are diligent and clean. They can wash their underwear as bright as new every day, even a common face towel, under their care, will always be clean and very decent. The clothes of southern girls never give up because of unwashable stains on them, only because they are washed too much and become thinner and loose.

The southern girl feels like a little bird and a soft voice. But at the bottom of their hearts, they are all "feminists". Economically, they are clear and accurate, but they never take advantage of anyone. If you go out with boys, someone helps them carry things, someone invites them to eat, they will fidget, say thank you in a series, and insist on the AA system, otherwise, they will be wondering which day will be the favor of the meal. Still on. She can remember every needle and every thread lent to her clearly, and she never owes each other. Sometimes in private chat, they will tease our "men" in the north. According to them, the most unbearable thing was the nonsense that was hung on the northern man after meeting for the first time: "If you have anything to talk about in the future, just ask me!" In the eyes of southern girls, it is only when they are close friends. Will ask for help. At the same time, if they can't do it, they will never make promises. In my opinion as a northerner, this is just a way for us northerners to express friendship. As long as we don’t take it seriously, it’s actually not a big deal.

Southern girls, their weak bodies, underneath their gentle appearance, contain endless energy. They can leave the country alone, carrying a heavy bag, renting a house, and walking at night, but they are never afraid of cowardice and complaining. They start to be charming and tender, but once they do something, they are absolutely irresistible.

The southern girl seems to be silent, but she can always impress you with the subtle details of moisturizing things to express her friendliness and kindness.

So, one day, from the life surrounded by southern girls, I returned to my hometown alone. When a good friend from high school saw me, the first sentence was quite polite: "Hey, Concubine Yang." The second sentence: "Look at you in the United States. It's really like an American aunt!" "But, it seems like you." You’ve never been thinner.” “Seriously, you can’t get fat anymore!” “You put sugar and sugar, can you put so much sugar in a cup of coffee, can you not get fat?!” Finally, before leaving, my friend couldn’t bear it. He punched me again and said, "How come you look like a Japanese now, look at you, nodding and bowing, thank you every bite, I almost bowed, so polite!" Finally, I could not bear to tear After putting on the lady's mask that has been cultivated for many years, she yelled: "Go, go away!" My friend laughed, meaning that this is our native northerner!

Probably, in this life, watching a girl from the south is like admiring a beautiful landscape; however, with a woman from the north, there is a constant and infiltrating blood relationship.

The strongness and tenderness of northern women

For a woman who sits in front of you and does not speak, how can you tell if she is from the south or the north?

Very simple, there are two small details for reference. One is to look at her smile. When I heard funny things, I didn't show my teeth and smiled. She should be a southern girl. And that caring, especially sincere, most likely a northern woman. The second is to watch her drink water. It should be a southern girl who just poured half a glass of water for herself, taking a sip and sips. And the one who hurriedly poured a whole cup of cold white and drank it in one breath, it was probably a northern woman.

After all, northern women often can't think of southern girls so meticulous and thoughtful. When they are happy, they don't care about their beauty. When they are not thirsty, they forget to drink water. When they are eager to drink water, they don't care about their image. For northern women, happiness is more important than anything else. Who cares about so many trivial details?

The North China Plain, the Northeast Plain, and the high slopes of the loess soil have nurtured Northen women who are casual and true temperament, and they also give them a magnificent heart. It is rare to see that a northern woman will make those girls peculiarly careful and tricky. First of all, they are not good at it, and more importantly, they disdain it from the bottom of their hearts. No matter how delicate their appearance is, their hearts are often flat and open. But if you think that northern women are "silly" and "heartless" because of this, you are wrong. The cleverness of northern women is completely different from that kind of pretentious little shrewdness. In many cases, she doesn't care, doesn't mean she doesn't know. Regarding the problem of one pencil and two erasers, they generally don't bother to pay attention to it, and they are too tired.

Therefore, if you ask a northern girl for dinner, she will generally not be polite to you if the relationship is good. It's not that she cares about this meal and wants to be greedy for your petty bargains, but she really feels that pulling and pulling for a meal will desecrate friendship and look very petty. If she goes there willingly, she definitely looks up to you. Conversely, for people who do not like, northern women will not hesitate to refuse.

However, don't think that northern women are just bullying if they don't care. Still the same sentence, the North China Plain, the Northeast Plain, and the high slopes of the loess have created northern women with no ditch in their hearts, giving them a natural optimism and openness, but at the same time, they are also destined to be bloody and honest in their bones. No matter how quiet and introverted northern woman is, deep down in her heart, she will be more or less wild like a "lioness". The enthusiasm of "willing to smash the emperor and daring to pull the emperor off the horse", "the wind is cold and the water is cold, the strong man is gone and never returns" is not limited to the northern men of the "Northwestern Wolf and Siberian Tiger", but also applies to women. . Have you watched "Qiuju's Lawsuit"? Once the northern woman gets anxious and compares strength with you, that momentum is enough to make men run away.

In addition, northern women's hearty character also gives them an innate sense of humor. If the northern woman hurts people, she will be witty in her acrimony, and will make people laugh and laugh, and she will not be anxious. I remember when I was in college, I met with a northeastern girl to withdraw money from the bank. After I wondered which color scarf to wear, the girl impatiently rushed me. She was leaning against the door with her head tilted, and she said with a smile: "You didn't see the security guard at the bank door? If not, just hurry up, don't be silent!"

Another time, in the cafeteria, a big and tall boy blatantly did not follow the order. He stood behind, but taking advantage of his height, he stretched his arms to the window to start the meal. My companion, an authentic Beijing girl, was really angry, and asked the chef politely: "Is there no need to line up now? Whoever has the long arm will serve it first? If that's the case, I will hug an orangutan. Come--"

It is precisely because of this that the charm of northern women is often revealed little by little in the process of communication. The humorous language and vivid and rich expressions make them look neither artificial nor exaggerated. An ordinary-looking northern girl, after chatting with her for a while, you will find that the originally unobtrusive features are actually pretty. Yes, northern women, they are impatient, secretly thinking about their clothes, secretly studying their clothes. If they want to be beautiful, they are beautiful and generous, and they love to love generously.

People will always look at Faye Wong's maverick, aloof and aloof with appreciation. In fact, that is the peculiar trait of Beijing girls. She doesn't say any particularly wordy, polite words, obviously to please anyone, but she is absolutely polite and will not lose the rules. When she was tired, she sat on the stone steps to rest, and didn't care if she would be photographed. Forgot the line at the award ceremony? It doesn't matter, forgetting means forgetting, so let's continue. Even if it's out of tune while singing, it's no big deal. Northern women, especially Beijing girls, always give people a feeling: even if they can’t answer questions in class, they are never short of breath or guilty of heart. What can they do?

In the Korean drama "You from the Star", the heroine Cheon Songyi is usually confused and reckless. She loses a lot of face in front of Professor Du and makes a lot of humor. On many occasions, she is different from the word "lady". Far away. But this didn't stop Du Minjun, an extremely self-disciplined and highly restrained alien, from falling incorrigibly under her pomegranate skirt. I don’t know if there is a difference in personality between South Korea and North Korea. Somehow, I saw the girl who likes to eat fried chicken and beer, and openly declares that she wants to eat a large stall at a luxurious dinner, I always think about it. A woman from the north of China. Compared with the elegance of southern girls, the true temperament of northern women also makes them unstoppable.

The North China Plain, the Northeast Plain, and the high slopes of the loess soil have nurtured northern women who are wise and humorous. They have created the strongness and majesty of northern women, but they can’t blow away their feminine tenderness and kindness. A northern woman, once you regard you as a confidant, it will be an incomparably heavy and dense friendship without a little bit of moisture; it will be a heroic loyalty who exudes heroic spirit and courage from time to time.

Regarding marriage, the idea of ​​"men dominating the outside and women dominating the inside" tends to be more recognized in the hearts of northern women. It is precisely because of this that there are a group of northern masters who don't like to do housework and are especially machismo. Compared with the self-reliance and self-reliance of southern girls, which are soft on the outside and strong on the inside, northern women are typical "knife mouths and tofu hearts". They are often "used" to men in trivial matters, and their "family concept" is stronger than anyone else. Married, they treat their husbands wholeheartedly, have a child, and focus on the child again. The kind of abandonment of children for their own career and personal happiness rarely happens to northern women. Even though they often yell five and six to their husbands after marriage, they look tougher than anyone else. In fact, they may do more work at home than anyone else.

Compared with the southern girl Jiao Didi's ability to turn her husband around, northern women often act as a "pleasant and thankless" role at home, often doing everything, but still chattering. other people. I can’t remember a man who once described a Beijing girl like this: "When you are with her, you always feel at ease that what she does for you is justified, and you will realize that she is good after you break up. I want to say thank you and sorry to her. At that time, she was already far away—"Actually, not only the Beijing girls, but also the blood of many northern women flowed in the blood, it was the unstoppable maternal tenderness and Chinese tradition. .

For a person who grew up in the north before the age of 19 and was surrounded by girls from the south after the age of 19, after experiencing the gentleness of the south, I returned to my hometown again many years later, patted and beaten after the women in the north met. Under the sarcasm of the run, it was like drinking the long-lost spirits of the hometown, and it was very hearty and hearty.

No matter how many years of wandering outside, no matter how the personality and appearance changes, the strongness and tenderness of northern women are genetic inheritance that permeates their bones, and no wind blows away.

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